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Get An Apartment in Fifth Square Starting From 245m²

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Properties For Sale in Fifth Square 195m²

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Buy Your Apartment Starting From 160m² in Fifth Square New Cairo

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115 Meters Apartments For Sale in Fifth Square

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In New Cairo Book Your Apartment in Fifth Square Compound Starting From 144 Meters

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3 Bedrooms Properties For Sale in Fifth Square

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Book Your Unit Quickly in Marasem Fifth Square Starting From 143m²

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3 Bedrooms Apartments For Sale in Fifth Square 138m²

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Hurry Up To Buy a 195m² Apartment in Fifth Square Compound

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Properties For Sale in Fifth Square

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For Sale With Installment An Apartment 144m Ground Floor in 5th Square New Cairo

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About Fifth Square New Cairo Compound

Realize the Dream of Luxurious Living with Fifth Square New Cairo

Fifth Square is not just a traditional residential project that mimics its predecessors, it retains its distinctive character through its geographical location in the Fifth Settlement and its international designs.

Fifth Square, New Cairo is one of the main projects launched by Al Marasem Development, which prepared it with various residential units, recreational facilities and integrated services to be the perfect choice at all for those seeking excellence.

Compound Location

The project is located in a quiet, well-serviced, dynamic, sophisticated, and completely safe location. It is in the Golden Square in the Fifth Settlement, which is known for its elegance and distance from the hustle and bustle of the cities of Cairo, overlooking Teseen St., one of the most important streets in the area. In addition to this, it’s also close to many services such as:

  • The Downtown area is 20 minutes away
  • A number of famous Cairo malls and sports clubs.
  • The American University is only 5 minutes away.
  • New Cairo is only 10 minutes away.

Despite being very quiet and serene, the area is populated with a number of upscale projects, so that residents don’t feel isolated from the world around them. These projects include:

  • Galleria Moon Valley by Arabia Holding

  • SODIC compound.

  • Mividia Emaar compound.

  • Sabbour compound.

  • Lake View compound.

  • PK2 Palm Hills.

Deep Dive into the Development Stages of the Latest Real Estate Projects: Fifth Square.

Moon Residence Compound, Fifth Settlement

A distinctive launch by the renowned Ceremonies company within Fifth Settlement, as it is known as Moon Residence Compound, one of the distinctive stages of Fifth Square Compound. It has an important strategic location in New Cairo that connects the most important roads and axes, and the distance between you and the vital areas is only minutes. Moon Residence is built on a vast area that includes the largest amount of services and facilities.

80% of the area consists of beautiful natural landscapes and unique water bodies that give it an elegant appearance. As for the units announced within it, they are different types including "apartments and villas", each with varying areas and unmatched architectural designs. Additionally, unparalleled prices have been announced and flexible payment methods have been offered to pay the total amount over many long years, which are:

  • Residential apartments: its area starts from 186 square meters, and a 41 square meter garden.
  • There are apartments inside Moon Residence Compound: its area starts from 170 square meters, and a garden starting from 93 square meters.
  • Apartments in New Cairo inside Moon Residence New Cairo: its area starts from 126 square meters.
  • Villas inside Moon Residence: its area starts from 245 square meters.
  • Investment units inside Moon Residence New Cairo: its area starts from 205 square meters, and a garden of 95 square meters.

As for the prices announced within Moon Residence New Cairo, they are distinctive, and flexible payment methods have been offered to pay the total amount in installments over years without interest, which are:

  • The price of units inside Moon Residence New Cairo starts from 4,046,000 Egyptian pounds up to 6,199,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • You can pay a 5% down payment of the unit price inside Moon Residence New Cairo, and pay the rest over 8 years.

Lake Residence Fifth Square

Lake Residence Fifth Square is one of the distinctive stages carried out by the Ceremonies real estate company, which was keen to present it in a unique elegant way that suits the level of sophisticated customers. Therefore, it chose the important strategic location in New Cairo, which connects the most important roads and main axes, and the distance between it and elegant areas is only a few minutes. As for the area on which Lake Residence is located, it is vast and includes green spaces, beautiful natural landscapes that occupy 80% of the total area.

As for its units, they vary in size, so you will have the freedom to choose what suits you and your family. The services provided within it are integrated and varied to meet all your requirements. Various units have been provided, including residential apartments starting from 52 square meters up to 143 square meters. The announced prices are competitive, starting from 41,000 Egyptian pounds per meter. You can pay a 5% down payment of the total unit price, and pay the rest over 6 years.

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Unit Types and Sizes

This project covers a 158 acres of well-divided and planned land. The available units are divided as follows:

  • Apartments: between 80 square meters and 270 square meters in size, fully finished (Super Lux and air-conditioned)

  • Villas: 350 square meters, delivered to the customer with half-finishing.

  • Townhouse: Starts at 250 square meters.

  • Twin Houses: Starts at 300 square meters and can be received half-finished.

  • There are other types of residential units, such as duplexes and penthouses that vary in size as well.

The project’s buildings consist of a ground floor and three upper floors, built with the latest architectural designs that mimic global trends, specifically the G+3 system, so that the compound retains a distinctive design in its various buildings.

Browse all Fifth Settlement Compounds.

Benefits and Services in Compound Fifth Square New Cairo

All Fifth Square compound residents boast of the luxurious services they enjoy in this compound. Whatever they’re looking for is available to them within the confines of the compound. Services are offered in the highest quality, including:

  • A stunning green landscape that reflect a sense of calm and psychological comfort to all the residents.

  • Well- designed swimming pools are both practical and aesthetically-pleasing.

  • Security personnel available 24/7 and equipped with the latest gadgets and technologies.

  • Private parking lots for residents, so that they don’t have to park their cars in front of the units, which leads to traffic jams.

  • Stunning gardens with rare trees and flowers, not to mention the industrial lakes and fountains scattered throughout the premises.

  • A club house dedicated to the wellbeing of the residents, which gives a great opportunity to get to know your neighbors, or simply relax after a long day.

  • A social club where residents can engage in several activities with friends and families, amid a natural picturesque landscape

  • A number of restaurants and cafes, offering a diverse cuisine and excellent service in Fifth Square.

  • A world-class business district showcasing the world’s most renowned brands. Shopping lovers will never get bored here.

  • A children’s play and entertainment area, where kids can have fun with little concern for their safety.

  • Fully-equipped gym to facilitate any kind of exercise or sport.

  • Outdoor gathering areas, ideal for barbecues, concerts, or other open-air activities to suit the residents’ needs.

  • A quiet seating area, ideal for reading or just observing the beautiful scenery.

  • Spacious residential areas with stunning views of the gardens, greenery and water bodies surrounding them.

Fifth Square Unit Prices

Living in al marasem fifth square, Fifth Settlement is not such a distant dream as you may imagine, although it enjoys a myriad of integrated services, it’s actually quite affordable for the value you’ll be getting. The prices are also very competitive for fully-serviced, Fifth Settlement units.

Prices vary by the type of unit and can be estimated as follows:

  • Villas: Prices start at 4,000,000 EGP

  • Apartments: Starting at 2,800,000 EGP

  • Twin House: Starting at 5,000,000 EGP

  • Townhouse: Prices start at 3,400,000 EGP

Payment systems for Al Marasem Fifth Square

Al Marasem development offers flexible payment schemes to help the customers cover the price of the unit at their individual pace.

The payment systems are detailed as follows:

  • No downpayment, with the price divided on monthly installments, paid over 4 years.

  • 5% downpayment, a second payment of 5% after three months, then divide the rest into monthly installments over 6 years.

  • 10% downpayment, a second payment of 10% after three months, then equal monthly installments over 8 years.

Disadvantages of Fifth Square Compound

The Fifth Square project by Al Marasem Company is considered one of the ideal projects, and although some clients may see the location’s distance from the main places as a challenge, the modern road network has made getting there easier. The value of the area is expected to increase significantly with the opening of the New Administrative Capital, which makes investing in Fifth Square an excellent option at the present time.

Developer Portfolio

Fifth Square project exists thanks to the painstaking effort and extensive experience of Al Marasem Development, which is a subsidiary of the long-standing real estate company Bin Laden Group, Saudi Arabia. This developer has already launched several mega-projects in Egypt, such as:

  • Dreamland
  • Heliopolis Club
  • El shorouk and El Rehab (first, second, third phase).
  • Hurghada International Airport.
  • Sharm el-Sheikh Airport.
  • Cairo International Airport.

"Partners, not just customers", is the slogan of the partner system launched by Fifth Square in its project, where it gives customers the opportunity to enter into a partnership with the company by paying 50% of the price of the residential unit only, while the company owns the remaining 50%, with the aim of achieving an unprecedented recovery in the real estate market. This system applies to lodging units only.

Imagine Yourself in the Heart of Modern Egypt... New Cairo!

New Cairo is considered one of the largest urban projects in Egypt, as it provides a set of features that make it an ideal destination to live and invest.

This city is characterized by its modern and well-planned design, as it contains a diverse set of luxurious residential neighborhoods and commercial and entertainment facilities.

One of the most prominent features of New Cairo is the availability of sophisticated infrastructure, as it includes many highways, bridges, and modern means of transportation, which facilitates and simplifies the movement of residents throughout the city.

The city also has high-level electricity, water and sanitation services, which provides a comfortable and safe environment for residents.

New Cairo also includes many parks and beautiful gardens, which are a quiet and refreshing sanctuary away from the city bustle.

Residents can enjoy sports and recreational activities in these green spaces, whether for relaxation or having a good time with family and friends.

New Cairo is also home to many huge shopping malls and commercial centers, where residents can enjoy the shopping and entertainment experience in these areas.

These complexes contain world-class retail stores, as well as restaurants, cafes, cinemas that meet all the needs of visitors.

In addition, New Cairo provides diverse housing options for different tastes and budgets, as residents can find luxurious apartments, independent villas, and shared housing units at various prices.

The city also includes international schools and world-class hospitals, which ensures that residents have access to high quality educational and health services.

There is no doubt that New Cairo is a great place to live and invest, as it combines the present and the past in a modern and luxurious environment.

The city provides diverse opportunities for different ages and interests, which makes it an ideal destination to seek comfort and happiness in daily life.

The Future Awaits You! Fifth Settlement Compounds: Where the Luxurious Life Begins!

  1. La Mirada Compound - Fifth Settlement:
    The dream of luxurious living in a new city becomes a reality in La Mirada Compound. The compound is located in the Fifth Settlement area near the Ring Road and the New Administrative Capital. The compound is distinguished by its unique design and the provision of all means of comfort and services you may need. In addition, the compound is located near vital areas such as Badr City and New Cairo, making it easy for you to access the most important areas in Cairo.

  2. Swan Lake Residence Compound:
    The life of luxury awaits you at its widest doors in Swan Lake Compound, which is distinguished by its vital and strategic location in New Cairo. The compound is located just 5 minutes from the Ring Road, making it easy for you to easily move to the most important areas in Cairo. The compound includes diverse housing units and a range of facilities and services that meet the needs of residents, such as swimming pools, sports clubs and commercial markets. In addition, the natural and green space occupies an important place in the compound, providing a healthy and refreshing environment for residents.

  3. Palm Hills Compound - Fifth Settlement:
    Palm Hills Compound is considered one of the most luxurious residential projects in the Fifth Settlement. The compound is characterized by its vast green spaces and healthy life, and is located in one of the most luxurious new cities in Cairo. The compound includes many facilities and services such as swimming pools, sports clubs, shopping malls, restaurants, cafes and medical centers. The compound also has a 24-hour security system, which provides you with safety and comfort.

  4. Hyde Park:
    If you are looking for a luxurious residential life in the Fifth Settlement, Hyde Park Compound is your ideal choice. The compound is located in Rawda district near the American University and many important facilities. The compound is characterized by its unique architectural design and diverse services such as international schools, recreational activities and sports clubs. In addition, the compound provides vast green spaces and private pedestrian paths away from traffic, providing you with a quiet and comfortable living environment.

All these compounds are characterized by high quality of life and luxury, and provide you with a safe and comfortable residential environment.

Choose the compound that suits your needs and enjoy the luxurious life in the Fifth Settlement.

Make your partner on the journey to find your new home!

Guidelines for purchasing a unit in Fifth Square Compound

The units of Fifth Square Compound are certainly among the best places to invest in real estate in Egypt. If you are looking to purchase a unit in this amazing compound, here is a simple guide that explains the basic steps to follow.

Step 1: Identify the Fifth Settlement area

Fifth Square Compound is located in the Fifth Settlement, a distinctive location close to the main attractions in Cairo, and covers an area of 185 acres. It is also located in the Golden Square area in the Fifth Settlement, specifically on 90th Street North, near major roads.

Step 2: Determine the desired unit type

In Fifth Square Compound, a wide range of residential units are offered, including luxury villas and residential apartments. The residential units in this compound include semi-finished villas (350 sqm area), semi-finished townhouses (250 sqm area), and residential apartments. So you have to determine the appropriate unit type for you according to your needs and budget.

Step 3: Search for available properties

You can search for available units within Fifth Square Compound through many real estate websites. allows you to directly search for residential units in addition to clarifying their data, which allows you to easily compare different properties.

Step 4: Confirm the price

The price of Fifth Square Compound units ranges between 790,000 Egyptian pounds and 15 million Egyptian pounds. It is important to confirm the price offered for the property so you can determine your budget.

Step 5: Deal with the real estate agent

You can contact a real estate agent for any additional information about available residential units. You can also mediate with a real estate agent to arrange an inspection of the apartment and examine the advantages and disadvantages of the specified unit according to your own criteria.

Step 6: Agree on payment

This step is critical when purchasing a unit in Fifth Square Compound. You can determine the appropriate payment method for you and contract with the unit owner or project owner. In addition, you must ensure the transfer and registration procedures related to the property to complete the purchase deal.

When purchasing a unit in Fifth Square Compound, you must follow a set of basic steps outlined in this guide. This will help you get a residential unit that suits your budget and has the features you want. In addition, make sure to deal with a trusted real estate agency and cooperate with it to make the buying process legal and safe.


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  • Retail Outlets
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  • Clubhouse
  • Medical Center
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