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About Azadir New Cairo Compound

Know the Perks of Living in Azadir Compound, Fifth Settlement

Azadir by Oriental Weavers is like a little oasis in the Fifth Settlement. It’s an open green space, far away from all the major polluted areas. It also includes all the services and recreational facilities you may need on a daily basis, so you’ll have little reason to leave.

Azadir New Cairo Location Benefits

Although it seems very private and isolated, the compound is actually just a walking distance from a few major landmarks in New Cairo, including:

  • Five minutes from the American University
  • Close to Teseen St.
  • About 15 minutes away from the administrative capital
  • Located next to Mountain View and Katameya Dunes
  • Very close to a number of schools and universities

Azadir Fifth Settlement Design

The complex enjoys an outstanding architectural design, combining modernity and classicism. Leading engineers and designers were selected to implement buildings and residential units in a way that provides privacy and beautiful views for all the units.

Available Spaces in Azadir Compound

The compound covers a modest 17 acres, with only about 20% allocated for residential units. There’s a total of 13 residential buildings, each building consisting of a ground floor with a private garden, plus four upper floors.

As you can see, there’s a very small number of units, which adds to the exclusive appeal of the compound. The remaining 80% is divided into two parts, 75% for green areas and facilities, and 5% dedicated to the circular road surrounding the compound.

Residential units vary from standalone duplex apartments, to distinctive penthouses. They are available in a variety of sizes as follows:

  • Standalone apartments ranging from 124 square meters to a maximum of 179 square meters.
  • Duplex units ranging between 279 square meters and 359 square meters.
  • Penthouse units, starting from 102 square meters.

Have a look at our Fifth Settlement Compound Map

Services and Amenities in Azadir New Cairo

Despite its small size, the compound offers all the necessary facilities and services you’d expect from such an upscale compound

  • A dedicated parking lot for each residence
  • A basement with storage rooms for all the units
  • Low pollution rates and a healthy atmosphere
  • Vast expanses of landscapes and greenery
  • Dedicated trails for all kinds of sports
  • Residential structures within the compound include three entrances, the first is underground, the second directly facing the green spaces, and the third entrance overlooks the ring road.
  • All the entrances to the buildings are designed with the double height system of the major hotels, which is about seven meters high.
  • There is a large entrance that serves as a reception hall that allows families and friends to gather or host visitors in Azadir New Cairo.
  • Each building has 2 elevators.
  • Some units use Smart Home technology, while others use Infinity Garden
  • There is a large club with a number of swimming pools with varying sizes and designs for all age groups, as well as a number of playgrounds that allow for various activities.
  • For shopping and shopping enthusiasts, inside Azadir is an all-inclusive mall with famous brands.
  • Several meeting points and social venues
  • Luxurious restaurants and cafés
  • Children's entertainment venues
  • There is a modern security system with electronic gates, as well as security personnel working around the clock.

Unit Prices in Azadir

Despite the integrated services and many advantages, the prices of the Azadir compound are very affordable, making it a great investment opportunity. They’re divided into three tiers based on the total space:

  • For units less than 200 square meters: prices start at 13,850 EGP per square meter
  • For units between 200 and 300 square meters: the price starts at 12,125 EGP per square meter.
  • For units larger than 300 square meters: prices per square meter starts at 10,420 EGP per square meter.

Basically the larger the unit, the less you have to pay per square meter.

Azadir Payment Systems

The owning company offers 4 flexible payment systems as follows:

  • 1% down payment with monthly installments over 4 years.
  • 5% down payment with monthly installments over 5 years.
  • 10% down payment with monthly installments over 6 years.
  • 15% down payment with monthly installments over 7 years.

The installments don’t include any interest rate, and the first installment is paid 3 months after the day the contract was made.

Disadvantages of Azadir Compound, Fifth Settlement

The Azadir Compound in the New Settlement has its advantages over any potential disadvantages. Despite the lack of villas within the project, the compound offers penthouse and duplex units with gardens, providing features similar to villas, such as gardens and spacious space.

Owner Company Portfolio

Oriental Weavers is the developer of Azadir New Cairo, an Egyptian joint stock company established in 1994, and is one of the leading real estate developers in Egypt, with an investment of about $3.5 billion.

The company employs some of the most famous engineers and architects in the implementation of its projects.

One of their most successful projects is The Matangi Private Island Resort in Marsa Alam, which includes 463 residential units. It is being implemented in two phases; the first phase has 220 units which is already completed, and the second phase is 243 units that are underway.

It has also carried out a number of other projects, including Jnoub Compound in the heart of the new Administrative Capital, The Royal Residence in New Cairo, Baron Royal Towers in Katameya, and Heliopolis Hills in Obour City.

Azadir is the latest of its residential projects, which was implemented by renowned consultant Engineer Yasser Assem.


The Luxurious Life in New Cairo: Where Simplicity Meets Luxury for a One-of-a-Kind Experience!

New Cairo is considered one of the most important modern and advanced cities in Egypt, where it provides a life of comfort and urban development.

It takes advantage of top-of-the-line, luxurious and high-quality housing designs and deals with high-quality facilities and excellent services, so life in New Cairo is truly a one-of-a-kind experience!

Here are some reasons that make life in New Cairo great and luxurious:

  1. Distinguished location:
    New Cairo is located a short distance from downtown Cairo, and also close to Nasr City and New Cairo. This privileged location provides you with easy access to vital areas in Cairo and main roads, making life easier and reducing commute times.

  2. Luxurious facilities:
    New Cairo features a wide range of luxurious, world-class facilities and services. Here you will find many shopping malls, elegant restaurants, chic cafés, in addition to sports clubs, swimming pools and gardens that provide you with a luxurious and fun lifestyle experience.

  3. Stunning natural scenery:
    New Cairo contains many projects that provide breathtaking natural scenery, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of nature and breathe in calm, comfortable atmospheres. You will find lakes, mountains, gardens and vast green spaces here, creating an ideal environment for relaxation and enjoying tranquility and inner peace.

  4. Elegant architectural design:
    New Cairo is known for its elegant, luxurious designs. Homes and compounds in New Cairo are designed with the latest architectural standards, with a focus on quality and fine details that give a touch of luxury to your life.

  5. Safety and privacy:
    New Cairo provides a safe and protected environment. All necessary measures are taken to ensure the safety of residents, such as the 24-hour security and guard system. In addition, New Cairo is keen to provide privacy to residents, where you can enjoy your time in peace without worry.

In the end, life in New Cairo combines simplicity and luxury to provide you with an elegant and enjoyable life experience.

From stunning landmarks to state-of-the-art facilities, you will find everything here that meets your needs and raises your quality of life.

New Cairo: A New Vision for Urban Life!

While the old capital of Cairo may be a hub of hustle and crowded urban life, have you ever explored New Cairo?

It's a new vision for urban living, and here we will explore some of the reasons that make it a unique destination.

  1. Advanced urban planning: New Cairo boasts meticulous, modern urban design. The city has been carefully planned to provide more green spaces and open areas, with fast routes for mobility and easy access to different zones.

  2. Superb infrastructure: New Cairo has been designed to be fully sustainable, featuring modern facilities like well-equipped hospitals, high quality schools, contemporary shopping centers, and luxurious resorts. The city also enjoys high quality electricity and water services.

  3. Diverse housing: In New Cairo there are diverse housing options to suit all needs and budgets. Whether you are looking for a luxury apartment or an independent villa, the city has the right choice for you.

  4. Recreational facilities: The recreational aspect is one of the standout advantages in New Cairo. There are beautiful parks and gardens where you can enjoy the outdoors and practice sports. Additionally, there are theaters, cinemas, and elegant restaurants offering delicious cuisines from different world kitchens.

  5. Job opportunities: New Cairo is home to many large companies and institutions, providing great job opportunities for residents. This means you won't need to move somewhere else to pursue your professional ambitions.

  6. Safety and security: New Cairo is one of the safest areas in Egypt. There are security centers present 24/7 to ensure residents' and guests' safety.

  7. Urbanization and development: New Cairo serves as a great example of urban development and sustainable growth in Egypt. The vision of its political leadership is to increase living space and provide a better standard of living for residents.

In short, if you are looking for a new vision of urban life in Egypt, New Cairo is the ideal place.

Discover its many advantages and decide to be part of this modern, progressive capital!

When location and luxury come together: Top compounds near ZED East!

  1. Mountain View iCity Compound:

Mountain View iCity Compound is strategically located near ZED East. It provides more luxury services, including a kids' swimming pool, tennis and basketball courts, gym and health club. The compound also features high quality residential units suitable for all tastes and budgets.

  1. Hyde Park Compound:

Hyde Park Compound is one of the largest compounds in New Cairo. The compound is strategically located near ZED East and offers a luxurious lifestyle and refined taste. It also includes vast green spaces, swimming pools, playgrounds, and retail outlets.

  1. Palm Hills Compound:

Palm Hills Compound is strategically located near ZED East, and provides beautiful mountainous scenery and a calm, pleasant atmosphere. Other facilities at the compound include golf courses, green gardens, swimming pools, and high security with 24/7 monitoring.

  1. SODIC Eastown Compound:

SODIC East Compound is considered one of the most beautiful compounds in New Cairo, featuring luxurious residential units and vibrant facilities, including a shopping mall, sports clubs. The compound is strategically located near ZED East, and also includes green areas, entertainment and shopping spots.

  1. Mivida Compound:

Mivida offers spacious residential units, green spaces, retail outlets, and high levels of security and luxury services. Mivida Compound is one of the best compounds available near ZED East, with residential units at competitive prices and designs to suit all tastes.

  1. La Nouva Vista Compound:

La Nouva Vista Compound offers a luxurious living experience in the heart of Fifth Settlement, located minutes away from ZED East. The compound features unique residential units, enchanting gardens, vibrant facilities, swimming pools and playgrounds.

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