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Apartment With Immediate Delivery And 158 M In Plam Hills New Cairo

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Properties for sale in Plam Hills New Cairo 142m²

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Apartment For Sale At Plam Hills New Cairo

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Your Unit With 183m² in Plam Hills New Cairo

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Book Your Apartment in Plam Hills Compound Starting From 174 meters

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For Sale In Plam Hills, Apartment 150m With Attractive Price

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Own Your Unit Upon The First Installment in Plam Hills

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Your 170m Apartment in New Cairo Plam Hills Compound

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Own Apartment in Plam Hills New Cairo From 141m²

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The Cheapest 213 M Apartment For Sale In Plam Hills

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Properties for sale in Plam Hills 200m²

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About Palm Hills New Cairo

Everything You Need to Know about Palm Hills Compound New Cairo

It is one of the most exquisite residential buildings located in Fifth Settlement in New Cairo, where it enjoys a high level of tranquility and privacy, and is an excellent opportunity for customers wishing to live a life away from the hustle and bustle of Cairo. Read the article to learn more about the prices and all the services available.

Palm Hills New Cairo Location

This compound has a unique geographical location, close to many vital places in the Fifth Settlement

Major Landmarks Near to Palm Hills Compound:

  • It is very close to the famous Mountain View iCity compound.

  • Located just 15 minutes from the American University.

  • It is only five minutes away from the center of the New Administrative Capital.

  • Five minutes from Madinaty and the Suez Road.

  • El-Rehab city and Teseen St. are also within 10 minutes.

  • About 15 minutes away from Hyde Park compound.

Palm Hills Compound Design

In the design of this project, the E-Compound system was used, where it has all the integrated service facilities that provide more luxury for the residents, as well as the design of residential houses with plenty of space and high-end architectural designs.

Within Palm Hills' residential parts, all the facilities are indispensable for residents, such as a five-star high-end hotel, an international school for various educational levels, an integrated commercial venue, a range of swimming pools of different shapes and designs, sports fields, parks and gardens, and a range of spacious playground-like arenas suitable for all age groups of adults and younger.

All the residential units rely on solar energy for their power needs, resulting in less pollution and more sustainable, environmentally-conscious living.

Cleo Water Residence Phase in Palm Hills New Cairo

The new phase in the Palm Hills project in the Fifth Settlement is announced, which is distinguished by a series of unique features that have become the focus of attention for many customers. This phase is centered in an upscale area connecting the most important roads and axes, and boasts a vast area of about 2.1 million square meters.

The phase pays great attention to the environment, dedicating about 400 acres to green spaces and enchanting natural landscapes, while the remaining areas are reserved for residential units including apartments, standalone villas, townhouses, and twin houses, with starting areas from 96 square meters.

The phase prides itself on the quality of services provided, ensuring that all residents' requirements are met. Offers are available at competitive prices starting from 7,625,000 Egyptian pounds, with the possibility of installments for the total value without a down payment and repayment of the remaining amount over 10 years.

Unit Sizes in Palm Hills

The developer allocated 2.1 million square meters (500 acres) for the entire compound, this is divided into 400 acres for the construction of residential units, where the villas acquire 80%, while the apartments account for only 20%. The total number of units is 157 with a total investment of 1.4 billion EGP. The remaining 100 acres were allocated for service venues.

Residential units within the compound vary in size, with apartments starting from 150 square meters, while villas start at 300 square meters.

Available Service within Palm Hills 5th Settlement

The Complex enjoys the availability of comprehensive services within it, whether basic or recreational, providing residents with a life of well-being and a kind of self-sufficiency. The most important services available include:

  • Plenty of parks and gardens are available.

  • The Club House is equipped to the highest standard.

  • There is a kids' play area, which is provided with all safety features.

  • There are a gym and a spa with high-quality equipment.

  • Swimming pools suitable for all age groups, with varying sizes and designs.

  • There is a food court with a large number of cafés and fine restaurants that offer outstanding services and cuisine.

  • Playgrounds for children that allow for various activities in a safe environment.

  • Golf courses are available within the compound.

  • A large social club is available to allow family and friends to gather in a pleasant atmosphere.

  • A range of charming artificial fountains gives Palm Hills compound an attractive and refined view.

  • Spacious, tranquil spaces are available in the middle of the green scenery, allowing residents to sit back and relax.

  • Party venues for various events, as well as BBQ party zones.

  • There is a private car park for the residents of the Compound.

  • High-level security system and 24-hour security personnel throughout.

Palm Hills New Cairo Prices

Despite the many services available within the compound, the price per meter is highly convenient and not competitive at all. Expect to pay around 12,500 EGP per square meter.

Payment Systems

The owner company provides easy and flexible payment systems for customers in exchange for owning a residential unit in the compound. The terms are as follows:

  • Pay 10% of the total unit value as a downpayment, and another 5% will be paid at the time of contract.

  • The remaining amount will be paid in installments for a full seven years.

  • The company delivers the unit after 4 years from the date of the contract.

Discover the best compounds in New Cairo.

Disadvantages of Palm Hills New Cairo Compound

Despite Compound Palm Hills New Cairo's many advantages, some customers are concerned about delays in unit delivery. However, the company confirms its desire to use sufficient time to ensure the highest levels of finishing and provide residential units that meet all residents’ needs in the best possible way.

Owner Company Portfolio

Palm Hills Developments, one of the leading companies in the Egyptian real estate market, has extensive experience over many years since it was established in 2005.

The company is an Egyptian joint-stock company, founded by Mansour Group, and listed on both the London Stock Exchange and the Egyptian Stock Exchange.

The company has a reputation in the field of real estate development, where it has implemented a large number of outstanding residential projects at the regional level, including 26 projects in the Arab Republic of Egypt on a total space of 27 million square meters.

It has also implemented many tourism and commercial projects and has many branches inside and outside Egypt, this compound is their latest venture in Fifth Settlement.

The company has implemented a large number of projects, including Hacienda White, Capital Gardens, Palm Hills New Cairo, Palm Hills 6 October, Hacienda West, which has not yet been fully completed, as well as palm hills PK2.

The company also created Palm Hills VGK in Fifth Settlement, specifically in Golden Square, Village Gate project behind Point 90 mall, as well as Village Avenue near the American University.

Enjoy true luxury living in New Cairo: Your first choice for a lavish lifestyle!

New Cairo is one of the most prominent upscale urban neighborhoods in Egypt, providing everything you need to enjoy a luxurious, comfortable lifestyle.

If you are looking for a home that combines luxury living and investment opportunities, New Cairo is the ideal choice for you.

New Cairo offers you a variety of upscale housing options in its different districts, allowing you to determine the ideal location based on your needs.

Whether you prefer living in a luxury compound like 90 Avenue, or residing in the distinctive Bungaloos villas near Rehab, these areas provide modern developments and charming natural scenery.

The apartments available in New Cairo combine elegance and opulence, featuring high quality finishes and elegant designs.

You have varied spaces that meet your personal needs, so no matter how many bedrooms you need, you will certainly find a suitable apartment.

In addition, properties in New Cairo provide all modern conveniences such as air conditioning, range hoods, heaters and natural gas.

Do not forget to take advantage of the excellent investment opportunities offered by New Cairo.

If you are looking for an apartment to invest in, you will find more options available to you. You can rent out the furnished apartment to increase your return on investment, or you can take advantage of the strong real estate market in the area and sell the property after a period of time at a higher price.

In short, if you are looking for true luxury and a lavish lifestyle in a modern, thriving city, New Cairo is the ideal choice for you.

Enjoy spacious layouts, elegant designs and all the comforts you need in your daily life.

So choose New Cairo as a place to live and invest, and experience a lavish lifestyle you deserve.

Enjoy true luxury living in Fifth Settlement: Your first choice for a lavish lifestyle!

  1. Modern design: Properties in Fifth Settlement feature a contemporary, modern design that meets all your residential needs with the highest level of quality and luxury.

  2. Ideal location: Fifth Settlement enjoys an ideal location with easy access to all areas of Cairo, with all services that meet your personal and family needs.

  3. Integrated services: Fifth Settlement includes a wide range of integrated services, including green spaces, parks, schools, hospitals, commercial and entertainment centers.

  4. Lavish lifestyle: Properties in Fifth Settlement provide a luxurious, affluent lifestyle that caters to the needs of families and individuals, including restaurants, cafes, gyms, spas and swimming pools.

  5. Safety and security: Properties in Fifth Settlement provide a safe, stable environment for families and individuals, with high-level security measures that make you feel safe and secure at all times.

  6. Facilitated financing options: Fifth Settlement customers have many facilitated financing options that enable them to get the necessary assistance to achieve the dream of a lavish, affluent lifestyle.

  7. Profitable investment: Properties in Fifth Settlement constitute a distinctive, profitable investment area that embraces many promising, motivating investment opportunities, allowing you to invest in this area and achieve huge profits during the investment period.

  8. Continuous communication: Fifth Settlement customers enjoy continuous communication with developers, designers and property owners, providing them with peace of mind and a sense of confidence and reassurance at all times.

More than just neighbors: Unique residential experiences near Palm Hills compound, Fifth Settlement!

  1. Azzar 2 Compound
    Azzar 2 Compound is one of the most prominent luxury residential compounds in Fifth Settlement, featuring residential units with distinctive designs and different areas to suit all tastes. The compound is located on an area of ​​72 acres, and is characterized by its unique location on Road A next to Patio and White Sands compounds, and is just a few minutes away from the American University in Fifth Settlement.

  2. Waterway The View
    Waterway The View is one of the most distinctive luxury compounds that enjoys wide fame in Fifth Settlement, characterized by its innovative modern design featuring residential units of different sizes to suit all tastes. The compound is characterized by its unique location near the main axes of the city, and includes many distinctive services and luxurious facilities that ensure residents enjoy a lavish lifestyle.

  3. Stei8ht Compound
    Green Acres Compound is one of the most beautiful residential compounds in Fifth Settlement, characterized by good services and luxurious facilities that ensure residents enjoy a quiet, stable life. The compound includes luxury residential units of different sizes, and provides residents with many distinctive services such as green gardens, open areas, a sports club, tennis courts, swimming pools and much more.

  4. El Patio 7 Compound
    El Patio 7 Compound is one of the most beautiful residential compounds in New Cairo, characterized by its innovative modern design featuring residential units of different sizes to suit all tastes. The compound includes many distinctive services and luxurious facilities, and enjoys a unique location near the main axes of the city.

  5. Mountain View 3
    Bell Drums Compound is one of the most important residential compounds in New Cairo, characterized by its unique, distinctive design featuring residential units of different sizes and competitive prices. The compound includes many distinctive services and modern facilities from sports clubs, swimming pools, green gardens and much more, and is located near the main axes of the city.

Given the stable luxury residential compounds in Fifth Settlement near Palm Hills Compound Fifth Settlement, there are many beautiful, distinctive residential areas that suit all tastes and needs. Therefore, it is advisable to view each of these compounds and choose the most suitable and best for a stable, luxurious life.

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Finding a housing unit to purchase can certainly be a difficult, exhausting process. But thanks to modern technological means, homes can now be searched for easily and simply. is one of the most popular websites on the Internet for searching homes. If you are thinking of buying a housing unit, you can follow these tips for the best buying experience.

  1. Search carefully
    When using to search for housing, you should specify the location and budget you want. And make sure to filter the search by number of rooms and area.

  2. Evaluate and verify
    After finding some suitable listings, be sure to review the ratings for each property and verify the information provided.

  3. Contact the advertiser
    If you are interested in any property, you must contact the advertiser for more information and to arrange a visit to the unit.

  4. Inspect at the right time
    An inspection appointment should be arranged at the right time. Keep your schedule routine and be able to go see the desired unit.

  5. Negotiate
    After touring inside the property, you should negotiate with the advertiser (property owner) about the price. You can search for similar prices for similar homes on to help negotiate a reasonable price.

  6. Review the contract
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  7. Payment and handover
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  8. Maintain payment scheduling
    The remaining amount must be settled precisely according to the installments agreed upon in the contract.

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