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Your Chalet With ​​66m In White Sand Village

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Receive Chalets In White Sand Resort With ​​​​100m

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Your chalet 130m in White Sand Resort

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Your chalet With ​​​​60m In White Sand Resort

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Receive Your Chalet In White Sand Resort With ​​63m

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Book Your Chalet In White Sand North Coast

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Get A Chalet In White Sand Village With ​​77m

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For Sale In Installments Chalet In White Sand Resort

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Hurry Up To Book In White Sand, Units 85m

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Buy Your Chalet With 90m In White Sand North Coast

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Your Chalet In White Sand With Facilities Up To 8 years

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Own Your Chalet In White Sand Resort With Various Payment Systems

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About White Sand North Coast

The dream of luxury comes true in White Sand Resort North Coast

White Sand Resort is a shining star on North Coast for its luxurious designs and plenty of stunning views of green spaces and cheerful flowers. The luxury of the Resort has no limits because you will find it distinguished in everything, whether the location, services, or decorations. It is the perfect choice for those wishing to enjoy all A moment spent on North Coast.

White Sand Location

The location acquired by White Sand Green Valley is not rivaled by any other project, because it is a strategic location in the first place, as it is located on Alexandria-Matruh Road at kilo 75, thus linking its guests to many vital roads and areas that greatly facilitate their transportation, such as:

  • Wadi El Natroun Road
  • The new coastal road
  • 15 minutes from Marina Resort
  • 15 minutes from New Alamein
  • 200 Km From Cairo
  • 80 Km From Alexandria
  • Marseille Beach 1 and Mena 3
  • Nice 4, Green
  • Dimora
  • El Alamain International Airport is 15 minutes away.

White Sand North Coast Space

Luxurious buildings were built on a large space of 186 acres and a width of 1 km so that White Sand North Coast eventually appear as an integrated city with attractive designs and a stunning view of the 750-meter long beach.

The wonderful views of the resort are not limited to the picturesque seaside, but also include green spaces, swimming pools, Aqua Park, Crystal Lagoon, and many modernly designed service and recreational facilities, all of which occupy 82% of the total space of the resort while the buildings occupy only 18%.

Units Spaces

Whether you love staying in chalets or a fan of living in townhouses or looking for other types of units, you will find what you desire inside white sand North Coast because it takes into account all tastes and different aspirations of customers, so it offers units of different types represented in:

  • Studio
  • Chalets
  • Twin Houses
  • Townhouse
  • cabins
  • Independent Villas

You will not choose between the types of units only, but the spaces as well, because they vary greatly, ranging from 54 square meters and 94 square meters up to 347 square meters.

White Sand Green Valley services and Features

You will never get bored inside the resort because it provides you with various types of fun and entertainment in addition to the basic services that are indispensable, of course, its services and features are:

  • Living in units that have a charming view of the sea and the most beautiful industrial views and swimming pools, because the resort is located on the shore of the picturesque Mediterranean Sea.
  • Each residential building is separated by wide streets, which ensures greater privacy.
  • Each property within the project has a parking garage and is surrounded by a pleasant garden that spreads a wonderful atmosphere in the place.
  • Luxurious finishes and multiple spaces for the units so that each customer can choose what suits him.
  • All the roads and streets of the resort are designed in a way that facilitates access to its various units, all its service facilities, and emergency places. It is also wide, with a width up to 40 meters, to facilitate the movement of cars in it.
  • Security and guarding services are available all day, in addition to providing all parts of the resort with surveillance cameras.
  • There is an open gym designed in a modern way (outdoor gym) on the beach.
  • Enjoy various drinks and delicious dishes in a pleasant atmosphere, as there is a range of cafes and restaurants located on the beach, as well as beach kiosks.
  • Three artificial lakes are distinguished by their luxurious designs and are designed in an innovative way that enables swimming in them.
  • A large pedestrian network that includes all parts of the resort for the benefit of all people in it.
  • All units have large garages for cars in addition to small garages, as well as garages attached to some facilities such as the clubhouse, the beach, and the club.
  • The multiplicity of recreational facilities between equipped areas with umbrellas for sitting in a charming atmosphere, an area for graffiti enthusiasts (writing and drawing on the walls), in addition to the area for skiing, water games, and some other areas where fun activities can be practiced.
  • There are various facilities on the beach represented in cabins
  • Recreational and sports activities that can be enjoyed on the beach where there are football and volleyball areas, in addition to parties organized on it for more fun.
  • A group of 22 swimming pools was cleverly distributed throughout to be close to all units.
  • A large track where you can enjoy a fun and healthy walk or run.
  • The strength of the basic infrastructure of the resort, including water networks and sewage stations, ensures the excellence of the basic facilities in it.
  • A spacious complex for commercial services extending over 20 acres, providing distinguished services to all guests.
  • All clubs are equipped to the highest standard, whether the social club or health club.
  • White sand North Coast has a dedicated biking trail that runs from its start to the finish.
  • The children's entertainment area is fully secured to keep them safe while playing.
  • Ice cream lovers can spend an enjoyable vacation inside the resort as they will find mobile carts selling ice cream in addition to snacks.

White Sand North Coast Prices

The project is an exceptional case in the real estate market because it succeeded in providing the largest possible number of services and high-quality facilities and equipment at the best price offered in the market for units of tourist resorts, where the minimum price per square meter starts from 13,000 EGP.

The prices of the units vary according to their different specifications, so you can find a unit inside the resort that costs 702,000 EGP and another unit whose price reaches 1,550,000 EGP, but the buyer can reserve it for a small fee of 20,000 pounds for chalets and 40,000 pounds for villas.

Payment Systems in The Resort

Green Valley succeeded in satisfying its customers until the last moment, as it provided them with one of the best payment methods, which includes distinguished facilities that enable them to pay the value of the unit with the utmost ease, represented in paying a  downpayment of 5% of the total price of the unit, with the rest of the value being paid in installments over A course of 8 years.

Problems of White Sand Village North Coast

While some buyers may see the idea of purchasing a unit in an under-construction project as risky or less preferable, this approach can represent a valuable investment opportunity that should not be missed. Investing in White Sand Village North Coast now, while it is still under construction, allows buyers to benefit from attractive and much lower prices than what they will be when the project is completed and ready for living. Additionally, with the nearing delivery deadline, these units are expected to greatly appreciate in value, especially since they will be fully finished, meaning investors will get a good financial return on their investment. Therefore, purchasing an under-construction unit in such projects is not only a smart economic choice but also a profitable long-term investment.

The Owner Company and Its Previous Works

Green Valley Developments, the owner of White Sand project, harnessed all its human and material capabilities to implement the resort on a luxurious level that would enable it to compete on a global level, not just a local one. It has already succeeded in achieving this because it is a major joint-stock company that has been operating in Egypt for a long time.

The company is owned by a state-affiliated institution, and it is a huge company its investments amount to 9 billion EGP, in addition to the lands it owns in many areas, including, for example, 40,000 acres in New Cairo only.

Green Valley Developments increased the fame of White Sand project shortly after its launch because it was able to implement it in an unconventional manner that contributed to drawing attention to it, especially as it adopts the idea of working on the establishment of residential, commercial, investment and tourism projects in a different way that keeps pace with the modern era and meets international quality standards.

The company was also interested in participating in the scheme set by the Egyptian government for the development of the North Coast by launching mega projects in it that provide many job opportunities as well as developing local communities in all coastal areas. It also invested in many new areas and launched major projects in them, such as:

  • New Cairo
  • 6th Of October
  • North Upper Egypt
  • Middle delta
  • Coastal governates

It is noteworthy that the company aims to establish an integrated industrial city, and has expanded its activities to include many sectors other than the real estate sector, including navigation, recycling, agricultural investment, and logistics services.

Embodying dreams on the North Coast: The ideal option for a luxurious life!

The North Coast in Egypt is one of the most prominent tourist and investment destinations to obtain a luxurious and distinctive life. It is characterized by its strategic location on the Mediterranean Sea and the beauty of the surrounding nature, and it includes many beautiful sandy beaches and luxury resorts.

The North Coast is considered a haven for lovers of a luxurious and comfortable life, where all means of comfort and entertainment are available. The region includes many luxury tourist villages that provide a wide range of facilities and services, including private pools, high standard restaurants, sports fields, health and spa clubs, in addition to modern commercial complexes.

The area is also characterized by the beautiful natural scenery that surrounds it, where you can enjoy the beautiful views of the clear beaches and turquoise blue waters. Residents and visitors can enjoy activities such as diving, glass bottom boat tours, luxury yacht cruises, surfing and golf.

The North Coast also provides many distinctive real estate projects characterized by modern designs and luxury. There are luxury villas, apartments with direct sea views, and closed residential compounds that provide complete security and privacy. There are also many public facilities such as international schools and hospitals, making it the ideal choice to live in all seasons.

Thanks to the sophisticated infrastructure and integrated services available in the area, residents and visitors can enjoy a comfortable and easy life. There is an integrated network of roads and transportation, in addition to continuous security and protection in the area.

In addition, the North Coast is considered a center for real estate and commercial investments. It attracts investors from all over the world and provides multiple opportunities in various sectors such as tourism, hospitality and trade.

The North Coast in Egypt is the ideal option for a luxurious life and investment. It combines the beauty of nature and scenic views with comfort and distinctive services. Therefore, visiting the North Coast is an unforgettable experience for anyone looking for a luxurious life and profitable investments.

Your investment in the North Coast: The best path to prosperity and luxury!

Investing in the Egyptian North Coast is an exciting opportunity that attracts many local and international investors alike. It has a distinctive strategic location and enjoys continuous development and diversity in real estate and projects. Here are five reasons why investing in the North Coast is an ideal investment destination.

  1. North Coast: Luxurious Resorts and Beautiful Beaches
    The North Coast boasts enchanting natural scenery and beautiful beaches stretching along the Mediterranean Sea. The area has many luxury resorts and residential and commercial projects, making it a famous tourist destination. Thus, investors can benefit from the increasing demand for real estate in this area and achieve a decent investment return.

  2. Infrastructure Development and Services
    The North Coast is an area based on advanced infrastructure. The area has a good network of roads and transportation and basic service facilities such as hospitals, schools and shopping centers. There are also other development projects such as airports and ports that further enhance investment in this area.

  3. Real Estate Diversity and Multiple Investment Opportunities
    The North Coast offers a diverse range of real estate options, with luxury apartments, villas, chalets and commercial projects available. Investors can choose the project and real estate style that suits their needs and budget, allowing them diverse and effective investment opportunities.

  4. Culture and Heritage
    The North Coast boasts a rich cultural and heritage history, where investors can take advantage of these elements in developing their projects. Cultural and artistic events can be organized to attract local and foreign visitors, enhancing the value of the project and increasing the area's appeal as an investment destination.

  5. Tourism and Commercial Potential
    The North Coast is known for its thriving tourist and commercial hub. The area has natural spas, modern shopping areas, relaxation and entertainment centers, making it an ideal investment destination for investors looking to target this sector. The North Coast is one of the fastest growing areas in Egypt when it comes to tourism and commerce.

Investing in the North Coast is a great investment opportunity given the beautiful natural scenery, infrastructure development and diverse investment opportunities available. If you are looking for a successful investment in Egypt, the North Coast may be your ideal destination.

Looking for the ideal alternative? Discover the enchanting resorts in the vicinity of White Sand Village North Coast!

White Sand Village North Coast is one of the best tourist destinations in Egypt, enjoying an ideal location near many great resorts. If you are looking for a relaxing North Coast experience, you can choose one of the following resorts located near White Sand Village:

  1. Swan Lake North Coast:
    Swan Lake is a luxury resort overlooking the Mediterranean Sea beach. It features tranquil atmospheres and beautiful natural scenery. The resort offers excellent services and great facilities such as the swimming pool and delicious restaurants.

  2. Jefaira Village North Coast:
    Jefaira Village is a luxury and modern resort in the North Coast. It features a pure sandy beach, multiple swimming pools and various recreational facilities. The resort also provides high quality service and includes restaurants and cafes that serve delicious food.

  3. Bo Sands Resort North Coast:
    Bo Sands is a luxury and ideal resort to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of the North Coast. The resort offers luxurious accommodations and great facilities such as the swimming pool, spa and elegant restaurants. Staying at Bo Sands guarantees you complete relaxation and comfort.

  4. City Stars Village North Coast:
    City Stars Village is an excellent family resort in the North Coast. The resort provides comfortable accommodations and children's facilities such as water parks and a health club. The resort also features a variety of restaurants and cafes for dining and entertainment.

  5. Marseilia Beach 4 North Coast:
    Marseilia Beach 4 offers a luxury resort with its beautiful location on the Mediterranean Sea beach. It features luxurious rooms, stunning sea views and a wide range of facilities such as a swimming pool, gym and spa. Additionally, the resort boasts excellent service and luxury experience year round.

Real Estate Solutions With One Click: Learn How to Make Your Housing Dreams Come True in White Sand Village North Coast With aqar-finder.com!

White Sand Village in the North Coast is an ideal destination to purchase a housing unit that provides you with relaxation and enjoyment of the beauty of the stunning sandy beaches and sea. Through the aqar-finder.com website you can access many real estate offers in this village. So here are the steps to purchase a unit in White Sand Village North Coast with aqar-finder.com:

Step 1: Search for the location

Before starting the unit purchase process, go to aqar-finder.com and search for White Sand Village in the North Coast. You will see many offers available in the area.

Step 2: Exploring Property Listings

Browse available listings in White Sand Village and explore a variety of available residential units for sale. You can check the details present in each listing like total area size, number of rooms, and available amenities.

Step 3: Contact Listing Agent

Once you select a suitable unit, you can contact the sales team present in the listing on aqar-finder.com website. Ask all inquiries about the listing and request information on any additional details you need to know.

Step 4: Arrange Viewing

Schedule with the listing agent to view the unit you want to purchase in White Sand Village. Set a convenient appointment for both of you and be sure to confirm viewing details like location and timing.

Step 5: Price and Payment Terms Negotiation

When viewing the unit, negotiate the price and payment terms with the listing agent. Make your offers and inquire about any pricing details or modifications you would like to make.

Step 6: Purchase Procedures

After reaching an agreement on price and payment terms, proceed with required purchasing procedures. These may include signing the sales contract and paying any required financial dues.

Step 7: Receiving The Unit

After completing purchasing procedures, you will receive the key for your unit in White Sand Village. Make sure to check the unit's condition and readiness for living before moving in.

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  • Shared Pool
  • Parking
  • Retail Outlets
  • Cycling Lanes
  • Pedestrians
  • Clubhouse
  • Medical Center
  • Commercial Area
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