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About Tycoon Compound New Cairo

Enter a world of creativity and excellence with Tycoon Compound New Cairo

Tycoon Compound is one of the most prominent projects shining in the heart of New Cairo, specifically in Fifth Settlement. Arabya Real Estate Development and Investment Company has outshone itself in implementing its project, which is characterized by a set of advantages and services that meet customers' needs. It thought carefully before implementing it, as its main goal is to satisfy all its customers.

The developer was interested in providing a golden opportunity for investment for high net worth individuals and investors. It is specially designed for those looking for sophistication and luxury in one place, in addition to the vast green spaces that bring joy and happiness to the soul.

If you are looking for a distinctive place where every detail pulsates with life, Tycoon Compound is the ideal solution for you. Here you can get everything that suits your needs in the most elegant and vibrant areas in New Cairo, starting from the ideal carefully selected location to facilitate movements from it to any other place for customers, through the charming architectural style, to the unbeatable competitive prices.

Enjoy life in Tycoon Compound Fifth Settlement, the finest locations characterized by tranquility and sophistication

The developer was keen to choose the right location to implement its project, knowing its great importance in the success of its project. Therefore, it chose New Cairo, specifically the finest neighborhoods, Fifth Settlement. Tycoon Compound Fifth Settlement is characterized by its strategic geographical location that connects the most important areas and main axes and is close to vital areas.

Here you can escape the stresses of life and the city noise and get a stable residential life. The project is located in the finest neighborhoods of Fifth Settlement, specifically in Sector 1, Plot 68-70, close to all government institutions, in addition to the presence of diverse entertainment means that allow you to spend the happiest times.

The most important roads close to Tycoon Compound New Cairo are:

  • Tycoon Compound Fifth Settlement is 5 minutes away from the Ring Road, Regional Ring Road, Cairo Suez Road, Ain Sokhna Road.
  • The project is close to the Road of Hope and Mohamed Naguib Axis.
  • Easy access from Tycoon Compound to the New Administrative Capital in half an hour.
  • The most important thing that distinguishes the project is its proximity to 90th Street, which includes a countless number of services.
  • The distance between Tycoon Compound and the Lilac, Narcissus, and Jasmine neighborhoods is very short.
  • Tycoon Compound is close to South Academy and Choueifat neighborhoods.
  • The location of Tycoon Fifth Settlement is distinguished by its proximity to the most luxurious residential projects, which is West Golf.
  • Tycoon Compound New Cairo is 3 minutes away from international universities such as the American University and the German University.
  • Possibility to reach Tycoon Compound from Cairo International Airport in a short time.

Discover the architectural creativity in designing Tycoon Compound New Cairo

Tycoon Compound New Cairo was built on an area of ​​18,000 square meters. The project will be able to captivate you the moment you enter it with the beauty of the enchanting nature surrounding all units, the availability of landscaping with trees and brightly colored flowers providing a healthy life for customers, and the spread of crystal water lakes that make the place a beautiful art painting.

The owning company was keen to provide everything customers are looking for in the heart of its project. Tycoon Fifth Settlement has been allocated for administrative units and offices with 2 administrative buildings, each building is about 8,000 square meters, and each building consists of 2 basements and four upper floors in addition to the roof, paying attention to customers’ privacy and providing them with means of comfort.

The luxurious Western style is embodied in its finest form in a new administrative project in New Cairo; Where magic, creativity, and engineering designs come together to create unique external and internal designs for the units, and the developer's attention to the smallest details in it, using a large team of competent engineers and using modern construction equipment, and using colors inspired by the enchanting nature such as blue, green and white, decor and finishes characterized by sophistication to suit those of sophisticated taste.

Comfort and luxury are within your reach with the services of Tycoon Compound New Cairo

Seize the opportunity now and get your integrated unit, and enjoy the best unmatched services in Tycoon project New Cairo, where Arabya Real Estate Development announced a bright project in the real estate world, which is one of the most luxurious investment projects in the heart of New Cairo, and the real estate developer was keen for Tycoon Fifth Settlement to be fully serviced, and provide all the basic and entertainment services customers need, and the most important of these services are:

  • The presence of a variety of restaurants and cafes that offer the most delicious Western and Eastern foods under the supervision of the most skilled chefs.
  • For those interested in skin and body care, there is a health resort with luxury spa units, jacuzzis and saunas to provide the highest level of luxury and relaxation within Tycoon Compound New Cairo.
  • A large hypermarket that includes many consumer goods in Tycoon project Fifth Settlement from food products, electrical appliances and household tools that customers need in their homes.
  • Gyms and fitness centers in Tycoon Compound New Cairo that are equipped with the latest sports equipment so that customers can exercise and maintain their physical fitness with a team of specialized trainers.
  • A nursery for children inside Tycoon project Fifth Settlement equipped to the highest level and providing safe spaces that meet their needs for playing and motor development, and helping them develop their skills.
  • The commercial area in Tycoon project that includes a number of shops and the world's most famous brands so that shopping enthusiasts can buy what they need.
  • Cinemas in Tycoon Compound New Cairo and large high-quality screening screens to display the latest Arabic and English movies.
  • Medical clinics in all disciplines so that Tycoon Fifth Settlement customers can get the best medical care and relieve their pain.
  • Pharmacies that are equipped according to high quality standards and contain all medical supplies and cosmetics that customers need.
  • A hospital within Tycoon Compound New Cairo to provide the best medical service in light of a group of competent doctors and their good handling of emergencies.
  • The entertainment area that includes a number of games suitable for all age groups so that customers can enjoy a high level of fun.
  • A number of administrative offices that are designed in a manner befitting high net worth individuals, in addition to the conference hall that has been equipped with the latest audio and display equipment.

Discover the exclusive benefits offered by Tycoon project Fifth Settlement

Because you deserve it; Arabya Real Estate Development Company implemented Tycoon Compound, which is the address of sophistication and excellence among the administrative projects in New Cairo; Where it was designed in a wonderful modern style, and includes unique advantages, the most prominent of which are:

  • The landscape with its enchanting gardens and parks with natural landscapes that are soothing to the soul and flower beds that give you a sense of relaxation.
  • Water bodies and dancing fountains that are designed in an innovative way and add a touch of civilization to Tycoon Compound New Cairo and the possibility of taking pictures nearby.
  • The presence of highly trained security personnel to secure property inside and outside Tycoon Compound Fifth Settlement.
  • Paying attention to advanced security means in Tycoon project and installing CCTV cameras to monitor all movements inside.
  • The presence of electronic gates connected to control devices within Tycoon Compound New Cairo to prevent congestion.
  • Building garages over a large area in Tycoon Compound to accommodate the largest number of cars and reduce congestion and limit environmental pollution.
  • The presence of a number of electric power generators that work automatically in case of power outage.
  • The developer company is keen to make the project environmentally friendly, so it uses solar panels to provide a healthy life for customers.
  • Central air conditioning in all units to distribute cold air and cool the atmosphere.
  • A huge mosque designed in Islamic style to receive worshipers in order to perform the five prayers and follow sterilization procedures.
  • An integrated security system that works automatically in the event of a fire inside Tycoon Compound Fifth Settlement.
  • Maintenance and cleaning work around the clock in order to maintain the civilized appearance of the project.
  • The presence of dedicated, well-secured tracks for cycling and walking away from the main road for cars.
  • Good infrastructure of gas, electricity and sewage networks has been provided to ensure a comfortable life for residents in Tycoon Compound New Cairo.
  • The most important thing that distinguishes Tycoon Fifth Settlement is its distinguished geographical location and ease of access from all sides.
  • There are designated areas for children to play safely and make parents feel reassured about them.
  • The spread of ATM machines to facilitate withdrawal and deposit transactions in Tycoon Compound Fifth Settlement.
  • There are designated places for sitting, relaxing and rejuvenating amidst the charming natural atmosphere.

Choose from Tycoon Compound's wide range of carefully designed units

The developer was keen to choose the appropriate area to implement its project and divide the area so that the landscape surrounds all units, in addition to the presence of artificial lakes that bring a sense of joy to the soul and improve customers' psychological state, and provide all means of comfort and luxury in one place. Therefore, the real estate developer offered many administrative units of different areas.

The developing company has put its long years of experience in the heart of Tycoon New Cairo, and its unique Spanish design that rivals the international level. The customer can receive the unit semi-finished or fully finished to suit all tastes.

Shop confidently with Tycoon Compound's reasonable prices and flexible payment plans

One of the most important things that distinguishes Arabya Real Estate Development Company is its focus on the customer by constantly seeking to reach customers' goals and aspirations and striving to implement them on the ground. Therefore, we find that it amazes us with successful projects and announces unbeatable special prices, so that customers can easily purchase their own units and get all their needs.

  • The price per meter for administrative units in Tycoon project Fifth Settlement starts from 42,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • The value of administrative units and offices in Tycoon Compound New Cairo can reach 3,800,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • 8% of the total unit price is paid as a maintenance deposit.

If you own a unit in Tycoon project New Cairo, you will get a set of unparalleled advantages and services, and the real estate developer was keen to implement it in a new way to suit all categories. To facilitate payment of the total amount, flexible payment methods have been offered to pay the amount in installments over years without any interest, where a 50% contract deposit is paid from the unit price and the rest of the amount is paid over two years, and the unit is agreed to be delivered after 6 months from the contract date.

Learn about the leading real estate developer that turns visions into reality

Arabya Real Estate Development and Investment Company is the owning company of Tycoon project New Cairo, whose experience extends for more than 29 years. It has implemented many residential and commercial projects in Egypt and abroad, and has gained its customers' trust by delivering units on agreed dates with unique designs.

The owning company succeeded in designing the project with high quality and paying attention to the presence of enchanting natural landscapes that make the place a complete art painting and attract the largest number of customers.

The most important projects implemented by Arabya Real Estate Development and Investment Company are:

  • Galleria Moon Valley Compound.
  • Galleria Residence project.
  • Arabiano project.
  • Bungalows North Coast village.
  • Sun Capital 6th of October.

Love Every Moment: New Cairo Offers You More Than You Can Imagine!

New Cairo is considered one of the most important urban areas in Egypt, providing residents and visitors with a unique urban experience.

This city is renowned for its innovative, modern and contemporary architectural design and facilities that cater to the needs of many residents.

It is a popular destination for many commercial and entertainment establishments, making it a favorite for many people.

New Cairo offers a diverse range of activities and tourist attractions suitable for all ages and interests.

The city is home to many major shopping malls and famous stores, making it an ideal destination for shopping lovers.

It also has many elegant restaurants and cafes that offer a wide variety of delicious foods to enjoy.

The proximity of New Cairo to Old Cairo gives residents and visitors the chance to explore the famous tourist sights in Old Cairo, like the Pyramids, the Sphinx, and the Egyptian Museum.

Residents and visitors can enjoy a historical tour through the streets of Old Cairo and explore Egypt's rich culture and heritage.

Regardless of your interests, New Cairo offers you more than you can imagine.

Whether you want to go shopping, dine in elegant restaurants, or explore stunning landmarks, you will find everything you need in New Cairo for an amazing experience.

So enjoy every moment in New Cairo and make the most of everything this modern urban city has to offer.

New Cairo is one of the most prominent modern cities in Egypt and is considered an attractive destination for many people.

It is located in the Fifth Settlement area and is home to many distinctive real estate projects.

One of those projects is Nile Compound New Cairo, closer to you than you imagine.

Nile Compound New Cairo enjoys a distinguished strategic location in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, directly on the Suez Road.

The project is characterized by its proximity to all basic and recreational services and facilities, such as schools, universities, hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants and cafes.

Sail Into the Ideal Lifestyle Experience: Your Guide to New Cairo!

New Cairo is one of the most important urban areas in Egypt, home to many exciting and fun places to go out and spend quality time with family and friends.

If you are looking for an ideal lifestyle experience in this city, this article will provide you with a detailed guide on the top tourist spots, restaurants and amusement parks in New Cairo.

Your perfect experience in New Cairo starts with dining at its elegant and diverse restaurants.

This area has many restaurants that offer different cuisines, from international to delicious oriental dishes.

Some restaurants also offer great city views, further enhancing the dining experience.

After dining, you can enjoy some fun and entertainment at the amusement parks and gardens in New Cairo.

The amusement parks and gardens offer many games and activities suitable for all ages.

You can ride thrilling rides, stroll through beautiful green spaces, or try out innovative video games.

New Cairo also provides excellent shopping malls and commercial centers where you can go shopping for unique products and souvenirs.

These attractive stores are an ideal place to enjoy a shopping experience in cozy and comfortable surroundings.

Finally, if you want to relax and unwind, you can visit one of the luxurious resorts in New Cairo.

These resorts offer unique relaxation and rejuvenation experiences thanks to their modern facilities and upscale services.

In short, if you are looking for an ideal lifestyle experience in New Cairo, you will certainly find something to suit your taste and preferences. Sail into this magical experience and explore everything this vibrant city has to offer.

Tycoon Compound New Cairo: Not Just a Place to Live, It's a Distinctive Lifestyle!

Tycoon Compound in New Cairo is a unique residential destination that reflects a luxurious residential character and provides residents with an exceptional lifestyle.

This compound is characterized by its modern and attractive architectural design that combines elegance and luxury.

With its prime location in New Cairo, Tycoon provides easy access to the main areas of the city.

It also offers a variety of integrated facilities that meet all the residents' needs. The compound has beautiful green areas and open spaces for strolling and relaxing, as well as magnificent swimming pools and fountains.

The residential units in Tycoon feature great designs and high-quality finishes, creating a comfortable and attractive living environment.

Additionally, the compound provides entertainment and shopping venues such as restaurants, cafes and retail stores.

In summary, Tycoon Compound in New Cairo is a luxurious residential destination that provides residents with a distinctive lifestyle.

Whether you are looking for a lavish home or investment opportunity, Tycoon is the ideal choice combining beauty and comfort in a safe and relaxing environment.

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