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New Capital Compounds

1,215,000 EGP


Project Details

Starting Price :1,215,000 EGP
Delivery Date :1 Year
Project Size :15 M2
Price per meter :9,000 EGP
Project type :Residential


Project Description Video

Project Description Video


Enjoy the details of luxury in Serrano Compound New Administrative Capital

It is a new real estate project with upscale standards brought to you by New Plan Developments, and located in the heart of the New Administrative Capital. Serrano Compound is an architectural masterpiece and a small city with integrated services and luxury specification, it is a dream compound that manifested in finest parts of the New Administrative Capital.

Serrano New Capital Location

The luxury compound is located in a very lively area in the New Administrative Capital, which provides the following advantages:

  • The developer chose a distinctive location in the 7th residential district (R7), specifically in plot N1, one of the most important neighborhoods of the New Capital.
  • A special location next to the 8th residential district (R8), which has luxurious private residential communities such as the famous Anakaji compound.
  • The project location is only a few minutes away from the southern Bin Zayed Axis.
  • The location is close to the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ and to Al Fattah Al Aleem Mosque.
  • The school complex is very accessible from the compound.
  • Serrano is just minutes away from the hospital complex.
  • The fairground site can be reached in a few minutes.
  • This unique location has a magnificent view of the Green River, the capital's largest central park.
  • A strategic location, very close to all the important neighborhoods of the New Capital, especially the Ministries District, Embassies District, Diplomatic Quarter, as well as the Presidential Palace.
  • The Compound is located near the New Capital Airport.

Discover the best compound in the New Administrative Capital.

Available Spaces

This successful project must be designed on a large space to accommodate plenty of essential and entertainment services, which is why it covers about 15 acres.

The internal division of the compound is very professional, and is meant to ensure maximum comfort and privacy for the residents. The buildings cover only about 20% of the compound, which includes 17 residential buildings only.

The remaining 80% of the land is covered in exquisite green landscape, with gardens, parks, flower formations, and plants, as well as water bodies and recreational services.

The design of the buildings is luxurious, and the streets are spacious to reach a width of about 80 meters, which means more freedom to move around and no traffic jams.

Residential buildings have units in many forms suitable for all families, including small studio apartments, large apartments, duplex units, and penthouse units.

As for the interior spaces of residential units, they are diverse and allow for freedom of choice, ranging from 130 square meters to about 315 square meters.

There are also small spaces of about 76 square meters, and there are units attached to a garden with spaces starting from about 3 square meters. There are also penthouse units attached to a private swimming pool.

Services and Features

If you're looking for a luxurious place to live with all the integrated services you can think of, it doesn’t get much better than Serrano Compound, which offers a variety of amazing services in every corner, such as:

  • The services to Serrano Compound start from the road leading to it, which includes many facilities, including 2 petrol stations, a dedicated school complex, and a large medical center.
  • Buildings have modern and fast lifts.
  • Every floor of the residential buildings has a sophisticated “Grand Shute” garbage collection system.
  • In the compound, there is a large library.
  • There is a health club, a spa, and a gym equipped with the latest sports gear.
  • Sports courts are equipped at the highest level for various types of sports.
  • All units have a stunning view of the surrounding greenery.
  • The compound has a large number of swimming pools suitable for adults and children, some of which are dedicated to women while providing safety and privacy.
  • Inside the compound there’s a large number of restaurant chains and cafés where you can enjoy delicious cuisine and beverages.
  • Artificial lakes are a prominent feature of the compound because they add beautiful romantic touches to the landscape.
  • Children can enjoy a happy and fun time at their dedicated theme park.
  • Shopping trips are much more enjoyable at the huge mall in Serrano Compound.
  • Each unit has its own parking garage.
  • Serrano Compound has an administrative and commercial building.
  • Special tracks have been allocated for jogging, walking, cycling, and other exercises.
  • Security and guard services are available everywhere throughout the day.
  • Sophisticated surveillance cameras are in every part of the compound.

Prices and Payment Systems

The compound offers many advantages, perhaps the most important advantage is its unbeatable prices, especially when considering all the services that residents are going to get.

The price per meter in the Compound is the lowest in the Administrative Capital, and unit prices start at about 1,251,900 EGP.

As for Serrano's payment systems, they are many, and each customer can choose the system that suits their budget from the following:

  • 0% down payment, with the full amount divided into equal installments for 4 years.
  • The customer provides a down payment of 5% of the unit price at the time of contract, and then pays the rest in equal installments for 5 years.
  • A down payment of 20% at the time of signing the contract, with the remaining amount to be paid in equal installments for 6 years.
  • A down payment of 10%, with the remaining amount paid in installments for 7 years.
  • A down payment of 15%, and the rest is paid in equal installments for up to 8 years.

Note that the company delivers all units with complete finishes, including air conditioning.

About New Plan Developments

New Plan Developments has decided to start investing in the New Capital through its major project Serrano Compound, which is built according to the latest global standards in architecture and residential communities.

New Plan is one of the largest real estate companies in Egypt despite its recent introduction in the Egyptian real estate market. It actually started out with up to 8 billion EGP in funding, so it was never a small company.

In a short time, it was able to prove itself and gain the trust of millions of customers, with an annual investment volume reaching $2 billion a year, providing residential towers in Dubai and owning cargo boats and oil companies.

It has also provided many successful projects in Egypt and the Arab world, including a number of residential projects, a luxury hotel in Sharm El-Sheikh, and large projects in the New Administrative Capital.

When the company moved its focus to the New Capital, it started with major projects from the get-go, because it already owns 3 pieces of land in fantastic locations.

The lands were allocated to 3 different projects as follows:

  • The first piece was dedicated to the Serrano Compound project, which is the focus of this article.
  • The second piece is located next to the first piece in the 7th residential district, and was allocated to Atika Compound. It is close to the capital's important administrative districts such as the Embassies District and the Ministries District.
  • The third piece is located in the Financial and Business District, which is allocated to the Eleven Project. This area has seven skyscrapers and the largest tower on the African continent, with meticulous planning that competes with the Burj Khalifa area in Dubai.

The company also owns a piece of land in Al Ain Al Sokhna, and another luxury project by the Red Sea.

It is worth mentioning that New Plan Developments has its own contracting company (known as Al Khabir Contracting), which is why it is most likely to deliver units in time.

The company also cooperates with large maintenance companies, especially an American company specializing in maintenance services.

All these features that the company has are the reason Serrano is such a unique project in every aspect. It offers a joyful and luxurious residential lifestyle.

Payment plans

The unit price is to be paid in installments over 8 years upon a 10% downpayment.


Private Garden
Private Gym
Shared Gym
Maid's Room
Study Area
Dressing Room
Private Pool
Shared Pool
Pets Allowed
View of Landmark
Shared Spa
Children's Pool
Retail Outlets
Children's Play Area
Barbeque Area
Cycling Lanes
Crossover Bridges
Medical Center
Golf Area
Commercial Area
Crystal Lagoon
Air Conditioner

Project Video

Project Video