Rhodes New Capital Compound

New Capital Compounds

1,875,000 EGP


Project Details

Starting Price :1,875,000 EGP
Delivery Date :2 Year
Project Size :100 M2
Project type :Residential


Project Description Video

Project Description Video


Experience True Luxury in Rhodes Compound New Capital

A star among residential projects in the Administrative Capital, it is a modern compound with unique designs and specifications that make it stand out among a large number of New Capital compounds. Rhodes compound offers glamorous designs and many facilities and services, making it one of the top residential project with huge demand.

Rhodes New Capital Location

The owner company sought the best area in the New Administrative Capital to set up its project, and settled on the Seventh Residential District (R7), which is only three minutes away from the center of the capital.

Rhodes compound’s closeness to the heart of the New Capital has increased the significance of its location, because important facilities and famous landmarks are always scattered in the center of any city. In this case, we find that the compound is close to:

  • The Ministries District: It is easy for residents to go there in no more than 3 minutes.

  • Olympic City: Located directly in front of the compound.

  • Disneyland: One of the largest entertainment cities in the world, and it is directly facing the project.

  • Embassies District: The compound has a direct view of it.

  • Other major facilities, such as: Al Masa Hotel, the Opera House, the Presidential Palace, and Green River Park.

Available Spaces

Rhodes compound offers an astounding variety of unit spaces, because it was built on a massive plot of land measuring about 100 acres, about 22.5% of which was reserved for constructions. Unit types also vary, so you’ll find apartments, twin houses, duplexes, and villas, all overlooking the stunning landscape and green spaces that occupy the rest of the compound’s land.

You don’t have to worry about climbing too many stairs, because residential buildings consist of a ground floor and a maximum of 7 upper floors, they’re also equipped with electric elevators to make it easier to reach your unit.

Units for sale within Rhodes should provide you with everything you're looking for, whether it's the type or size of the unit, because there are a lot of options to choose from as you’ll see below:

  • Apartments: You can book an apartment from 146 square meters to 250 square meters.

  • Apartments attached to the garden: You can book an apartment with a garden from 162 square meters to 173 square meters.

  • Twin houses: It is considered a type of villa so it has a large space starting from 430 square meters.

  • Duplexes: Most of these units tend to have spacious interiors ranging from 290 to 395 square meters.

  • Villas: The largest units in the compound because the minimum space is estimated at 470 square meters and the maximum can go up to 695 square meters.

You’ll enjoy all these advantages by choosing to buy a unit in Rhodes compound, including many unit options and a plethora of services.

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Services and Benefits

Your stay in Rhodes Compound in the Administrative Capital means that you will live a life full of entertainment and luxury. The compound is not only concerned with residential units, but it also provides various entertainment facilities and amenities for an all-around comfortable lifestyle. These services include:

  • Enjoy maximum security because the compound has high-resolution surveillance cameras and other security systems, in addition to security personnel that stand guard throughout the day. The compound has two electronic gates that require a pass card to go through.

  • The social club gives residents the opportunity to engage in multiple activities away from their daily routine.

  • Get medical services as soon as you need it because the compound has a state-of-the-art medical center with international fame and includes various medical specialties.

  • The compound offers the finest sports entertainment services of all kinds, including a sports club, sports courts for various games, and golf courses.

  • Educational services are accessible within the compound, including international schools and language schools.

  • Each apartment building is attached to a parking lot, so the streets of the compound will not be packed with cars.

  • Entertainment venues, including cinemas as well as a celebration hall equipped for various occasions.

  • Residents can receive guests inside the existing hotel instead of their residential units, knowing that it has 360 suites and 60 rooms.

  • Internationally renowned Cafés and restaurants with excellent service.

  • The gardens are spacious and make the project more beautiful, and some are equipped with children’s playgrounds.

  • The mall offers its luxury products from international brands, so you can go on a shopping trip close to home.

  • You can go on a boat ride in one of the compound’s crystal lagoons, which is a rare entertainment service that you won’t find anywhere else.

  • All homeowners in the compound have a share in the car garage along with the share of land they already own.

  • Get the finest service within the health club that serves the entire compound.

  • All units are surrounded by entertainment areas such as running and cycling tracks.

  • Apartment prices in Rhodes compound are excellent and all customers can receive them their unit as quickly as possible.

It is difficult to note any drawbacks to this compound, due to the sheer amount of services available.

Prices of Apartments and Other Units

The right price is one of the most important secrets that contributed to the success of any compound, especially since its units are equipped with all the essential and entertaining services, and yet they have been put up for sale at affordable prices.

There is no fixed price for the units, but you can get a good estimate from the examples below:

  • Apartments: You can own an apartment for a minimum of 1,875,000 EGP, and the price of larger apartments can reach 1,950,000 EGP.

  • Apartments attached to a garden: You can own an apartment with a garden for a minimum of 1,215,000 EGP, which can go up to 1,730,000 EGP depending on the space.

  • Duplexes: The price per meter for this unit type is estimated at 7,500 EGP, while the total cost of the unit ranges between 2,900,000 EGP and 3,950,000 EGP.

  • Twin houses: The price per meter in these units is estimated at 13,000 EGP, while the minimum total value starts at 9,300,000 EGP.

  • Villas: The price per meter is estimated at 13,000 EGP, while the total price ranges between 12,220,000 EGP and 18,700,000 EGP.

The variety of unit types guarantees that you’ll find a unit you can afford, even if the total price for villas and twin houses is a bit expensive.

Payment Systems

You can enjoy the easiest payment system that allows you to pay for the unit in installments for up to 7 years, all you have to do is provide 10% of its total price as a down payment, knowing that you will not bear any additional costs or interest throughout this period. However, you’ll be required to pay 1% of the unit price for administrative and membership fees for the compound’s facilities.

You’ll be able to receive your unit in a very short time, between 18 and 24 months from the date of the contract. This is a rare advantage that you won’t find in other projects.

About the Owner Company

Each corner of the project reflects the great expertise of Gardens Plaza, the developer of the project. This company has been working in the building and construction sector for many years, during which it has established a large number of successful projects.

The compound is the latest addition to a series of successful projects by the company. It has recently developed a major project in 6 October City, called East Park Compound, which only took 14 months to finish and deliver to the customers.

The company's tireless efforts and long experience have enabled it to create Rhodes Compound while sidestepping most of the problems that may face such a huge project.



Payment plans

10% Down Payment and The Rest Via Installment Up to 7 Years.


Private Gym
Shared Gym
Maid's Room
Study Area
Dressing Room
Private Pool
Shared Pool
Pets Allowed
View of Landmark
Shared Spa
Children's Pool
Retail Outlets
Children's Play Area
Barbeque Area
Cycling Lanes
Crossover Bridges
Medical Center
Golf Area
Commercial Area
Air Conditioner

Project Video

Project Video