North Edge New Alamein Towers

New Alamein

3,700,000 EGP


Project Details

Starting Price :3,700,000 EGP
Delivery Date :2 Year
Price per meter :40,000 EGP
Project type :Summer


Project Description Video

Project Description Video


All you need to know about North Edge Towers New Alamein

A luxury project consisting of several residential towers on North Coast, the most prestigious tourist area in Egypt, it is distinguished by its luxurious buildings, charming views of the sea, splendid green views, and recreational facilities. it caused a stir in the real estate market because it adopts the concept of an integrated modern project.

Alamein Towers Location

Living in one of the most important areas in New Alamein is a dream that has become a reality on the ground through North Edge towers only, Because the importance of its location is not limited to its presence in that prestigious area only, but also because it is located in the most vital places in it, which made it surrounded by many important roads making it to access from more than one area, such as:

  • Alamein Road,
  • Wadi Al-Natroun
  • Al-Betrool Road
  • North Coast Road

The project is also located on the Alexandria-Matrouh International Road 48  km along, so it is administratively affiliated with Marsa Matrouh Governorate. the project is also close to many important projects, major airports, and strategic landmarks, such as:

  • Seawater desalination plant: A Spanish company took over the task of implementing it.
  • The industrial zone in Al Hamra Port: which occupies 8 thousand acres and includes many industries such as mountain salt, mining industries, and petrochemicals.
  • Great areas for entertainment, especially that New Alamein directly overlooks the sea.
  • Marina El Alamein
  • Military Museum
  • Major malls and commercial centers
  • Several major hotels: with space up to  296 acres.
  • Burj Al Arab Airport: The distance between it and the towers is estimated at 89  kilometers.
  • El Alamein International Airport: The distance between it and the towers is 54 square meters

Project Spaces

New Alamein Towers is a comprehensive project because you will not find apartments only, but also units of a special character represented in chalets, so it is considered a residential and touristic project at the same time, especially since all the towers in it overlook one of the most beautiful beaches in the region.

Despite the large space of the project, the number of its residential towers is only five, and the developers have deliberately implemented the project in this way to leave enough space for the crystal lagoons and green spaces, as well as the recreational facilities that surround the towers.

The number of residential units, whether chalets or apartments, in each tower of the project reaches 230 housing units spread over 40 floors, and there are units with a space of 183 square meters and other smaller and larger spaces that range from 90 square meters up to 351 meters Square.

The small units in the project include one-bedroom, while the large units have four bedrooms. However, all units share the most important thing, which is the luxurious design because the towers are mainly inspired by the world-famous Dubai towers for their splendor of design, in addition to being fully finished and equipped with air conditioners.

Services and Features of The Project

Although there are many competing projects close to Al Alamein City Edge towers, it remains the most prominent and most noticeable, thanks to its services that are not available in any of them and its unique advantages, which are:

  • The Towers' location in New Alamein gave it many advantages because it is one of the finest new cities that is characterized by tranquility and the spread of charming landscapes in it from beaches, shiny waters, and a charming corniche that extends along the beach, in addition to its many service facilities.
  • Al Alamein Towers take into account the different desires, so it offers a variety of units with multiple spaces.
  • Having a stunning view directly of the sea, this view also gave it a nice atmosphere, especially during the summer months.
  • The project is located in a very vital area, especially with a large industrial area extended over 80 acres belonging to Petrojet near the project.
  • A cinema showing the latest films, whether Arab or international.
  • Banks headquarters facilitate the residents to carry out any financial transactions.
  • Educational facilities for different ages, including nurseries, schools, and universities.
  • The presence of all service facilities that provide all goods, products, and other purposes to the residents, where there is a supermarket, in addition to the commercial area that is full of many shops, as well as laundry, shopping outlets, and major exhibitions.
  • Many entertainment venues, such as the garden, the restaurant, the café, in addition to the sports club, and Crystal Lagoons.
  • Places of a special nature such as the opera, museums, the cultural center, and important historical places, including tombs dating back to World War II.
  • Reading enthusiasts feel real pleasure, as there is a library that extends over a vast space, almost the size of the Library of Alexandria.
  • A dedicated area for hotels with extreme luxury and high-end standards.
  • A play and entertainment area for children, in addition to the amusement park that contains a number of the most amazing games that are suitable for young and old alike.
  • The green space adds wonderful aesthetic touches to the entire place so that its residents feel more psychologically comfortable.
  • A special center for conferences so that business owners living in the place can hold their important meetings in an equipped place
  • The largest medical center extends over 44 acres to provide distinctive and integrated service to all residents.
  • Ensure the establishment of places of worship represented by a mosque and a church, to emphasize the idea of the project's integration.
  • Enjoy strolling on the tourist promenade with a charming view, which is about 14 kilometers long.
  • Diversification in the sizes of swimming pools to suit all ages, as some are designated for children in addition to others for women.
  • Enjoy cycling or running in designated areas with complete safety.
  • A large hall for practicing various sports, equipped with various devices and all modern equipment.
  • All towers have garages for cars so that residents do not have to park them in front of buildings or far from them.
  • Providing a unique opportunity to take enjoyable cruises by boat and yacht, as the project is close to the famous Lake of El Alamein.
  • A commercial and entertainment complex located directly in front of the project extends over a large space and contains more than 40 buildings and overlooks the sea. This is considered a special unique feature.
  • All units in the project have a stunning view of charming landscapes, whether natural such as the sea and green spaces or industrial such as crystal lagoons, or the surrounding recreational areas or artificial lakes.

The owner company

City Edge Development put all its expertise and creativity in City Edge Towers, as the company that owns it, so it was keen to implement it in a way that befits its position in the real estate development market as one of the most important companies in it.

The company was established as a result of the cooperation of three entities affiliated with the Egyptian government, they are:

  • The Urban Communities Authority: owns the largest share of the company by 60%
  • Housing and Development Bank: owns 38% of the company
  • The Holding Company for Development and Investment: It owns the smallest share of the company at only 2%.

In addition to City Edge Towers, the company's record is rich with many giant projects, we review a number of its prominent previous works as follows:

  • Administrative Capital projects: Al Maqsad Compound, Barouk Compound, Al Maqsad Residence Compound.
  • North Coast projects: North Edge Towers, The Gate project.
  • Sheikh Zayed projects: Etapa Square, Etapa.
  • New Alamein projects: Downtown project, New Alamein Towers.
  • Mansoura projects: Zahya Towers.

Al Alamein Towers Units Prices

Once you know the prices offered in City Edge, you will often be quick to book a unit inside it, because you will make sure that you get a large number of services at the best possible prices. For example, the minimum price per square meter inside the units on the upper floors is about 40,000 pounds.

Any chalets in the project enjoy a great deal of luxury, but at the same time they are offered at reasonable prices, for example, the price of some units within the project is 3.700.000 EGP, while the units with space of 182 square meters are estimated at a minimum price of 5.900.000 EGP, There are apartments for 6.600.000 EGP.

Payment Systems in Alamein Towers

The distinction of the project has no limits because you will find it unique in everything, even in the payment methods it offers to its customers, where they can install the unit price over one of the longest payment periods of up to 7 years after paying a down payment of 10% of the total the cost.

You will be able to stay inside your unit once you receive it because all units have super lux finishing.

Payment plans

Down Payment 10% and The Rest Via Installment Up to 7 Years.


Private Garden
Private Gym
Shared Gym
Maid's Room
Study Area
Dressing Room
Private Pool
Shared Pool
Pets Allowed
View of Landmark
Shared Spa
Children's Pool
Retail Outlets
Children's Play Area
Barbeque Area
Cycling Lanes
Crossover Bridges
Medical Center
Golf Area
Commercial Area
Crystal Lagoon
Air Conditioner
Private Beach

Project Video

Project Video