Mountain View Chillout Park 6 October

6 October Compounds

2,368,566 EGP


Project Details

Starting Price :2,368,566 EGP
Delivery Date :2 Year
Project Size :229 M2
Price per meter :8,500 EGP
Project type :Residential


Project Description Video

Project Description Video


Enjoy the Upscale, Serene Lifestyle of Mountain View Chillout Park

Mountain View Chillout Park is a major project that was imbued with all the necessary and exclusive services, making it an integrated and self-sufficient residential compound. The developer has spared no expense in making the compound as competitive as possible compared to the other projects in the area. It’s an excellent choice if you value privacy and luxury living..

Chillout Park Location

In 6 October City, an exceptional site has been selected to implement the project, making it a great destination for many people, among the advantages of the site:

  • The compound is close to the most famous residential projects such as Porto Cairo October and Garden Heights.
  • Chill Out Park is close to the most popular leisure venues and shopping malls, such as Dandy Mega Mall, and Carrefour, which is only 10 minutes away.
  • The Mall of Arabia is easily accessible from the compound, with a distance of no more than 7 minutes.
  • Zewail University is only 7 minutes away from the compound.
  • The distance between the compound and Juhayna Square does not exceed 5 minutes.
  • It’s close to a number of main roads and axes. For example, you can reach Al-Fayoum Road in under 15 minutes, and you only need 7 minutes to reach the 26th of July Corridor.
  • Getting to the heart of Cairo from the compound takes only a few minutes.

Available Spaces in Mountain View Chillout Park 6 October

About 229 acres of vast lands are allocated to the project, with green spaces occupying the largest portion of them, ensuring that residents enjoy a healthy environment and fresh air.

The compound features a variety of units, including villas, penthouses, twin houses, and townhouses, all of which are available in spaces between 274 square meters and 627 square meters.

Unit Prices

The diversity of units resulted in different prices, which should be able to satisfy a wide segment of customers, and meet their desires and aspirations.

The company is keen to offer reasonable and unexaggerated prices. It announced that the price per meter within the compound starts at 21,085 EGP.

For the price per unit, have a look at the following estimates:

  • For townhouse units covering 274 square meters, prices start at 21,058 EGP per square meter, which adds up to a total unit price of 5,770,000 EGP.
  • The largest townhouses measure about 278 square meters, with a price of 22,842 EGP per square meter, or 6,350,000 EGP for the whole unit.
  • Villas in Chillout Park start at 280 square meters, and prices start at 13,571 EGP per square meter, for a total amount of 3,800,000 EGP per unit.
  • 313 square meter villas are priced at 23,481 EGP per square meter, for a total of 7,350,000 EGP per unit.
  • Palaces measure about 627 square meters, with prices starting at 25,518 EGP, or 16,000,000 EGP per unit.

 If you are looking for a villa for sale in Mountain View Chill Out Park or any other unit, book it immediately with Mountain View.

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Payment Systems

The company has granted excellent payment systems to its customers, so that the customer can pay the total amount comfortably without feeling any financial pressure. The two payment systems that have been provided are as follows:

  • 10% down payment to reserve your unit, and the rest is paid on monthly installments over 7 years. You’ll receive the unit within 4 years.
  • 30% downpayment, and divide the rest over installments for 5 years. Your unit is delivered immediately upon signing the contract.

Available Services

The right prices and the perfect location are not the only benefits in Chillout Park, but there are a large number of services that have been made available to attract many customers, including:

  • All-day security personnel and state-of-the-art surveillance cameras are available throughout the compound to fully secure it.
  • Chill Out features a variety of swimming pools designs with a unique automatic cleaning feature that keeps them sterile all the time. There’s also a number of covered swimming pools for women only to enjoy privacy.
  • In the event of a fire, sirens are triggered by the state-of-the-art firefighting system.
  • Private garages for residents can be found inside the compound, to prevent overcrowding.
  • A large food court with many fine restaurants and cafés, offering world-class services.
  • Cinemas showcasing the latest international films.
  • Shopping centers to provide all the supplies needed by the population.
  • A spacious playground for children with a great selection of games and activities to keep them entertained for hours.
  • Beauty centers with specialists in this field in order to provide the best services to customers.
  • Upscale sauna and Jacuzzi
  • Jogging and hiking trails that have been implemented away from roads to ensure the residents’ safety.
  • A large number of sports fields are available in the sporting club, which is a great way to keep the residents motivated.
  • Green spaces cover a large proportion of the compound, which contributes to living in a healthy environment free of pollutants.
  • Beautifully designed waterfalls have add a striking look to the place.
  • Water bodies scattered throughout most of the compound.

If you are looking for any villa for sale in Mountain View Chill Out Park, contact the owner company and book it immediately so you can enjoy the comfortable and high standard of living.

Owner Company Portfolio

Mountain View Chill Out Park is owned by Mountain View Real Estate, which has achieved a reputation in the real estate field since it began in 2005. The company has implemented a huge number of successful projects, including:

Payment plans

10% downpayment and installments up to 7 years.


Private Garden
Private Gym
Shared Gym
Maid's Room
Study Area
Dressing Room
Private Pool
Shared Pool
Pets Allowed
View of Landmark
Shared Spa
Children's Pool
Retail Outlets
Children's Play Area
Barbeque Area
Cycling Lanes
Crossover Bridges
Medical Center
Golf Area
Commercial Area
Crystal Lagoon
Air Conditioner

Project Video

Project Video