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Project Details

Starting Price :Price available upon request
Delivery Date :1 Year
Project Size :48 M2
Price per meter :9,500 EGP
Project type :Residential


Project Description Video

Project Description Video


Enjoy the Upscale Accommodations in Jnoub New Capital

This compound was able to stand out amid hundreds of compounds in the New Capital thanks to its multiple services and exceptional advantages. Jnoub Compound reflects the vision of the modern integrated compound by Orientals for Urban Developments, and it remains the perfect choice for all those wishing to live or invest in the Administrative Capital.

Jnoub New Administrative Capital Location

The project’s distinguished nature is affirmed by its location in the 7th residential district (R7), plot G6. It directly faces the diplomatic quarter and is located in front of Expo City, which is one of the most important areas of the New Capital.

Jnoub Compound’s location is close to the most important main roads: Al Ain Al Sokhna Road, Regional Ring Road, Cairo-Suez Road, and the most distinctive and luxurious neighborhoods in the New Capital, such as the Government District, the Ministries District, and the Embassies District.

The compound is minutes away from the 8th residential district (R8), which is home to a number of luxury residential compounds. It is also very close to the hospitals and schools complex, the British University, the Green River Park, the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ, and the presidential palace, not to mention the New Capital Airport which is only 15 minutes away..

Project Design

The project’s photos should give you an idea of the unique designs that went into creating it. It features a fine architectural style that blends modern and classical European architecture in a perfect harmony that impresses anyone who sees it.

The project had to have a unique design, because it was designed and implemented by the famous architect Omar Aqeel. This architect is known for implementing unique and innovative ideas in all of his projects, and he has an impressive portfolio that includes many beautifully-designed projects such as Hilton Burj Al-Arab, Lake House, and Mangrove Island in El Gouna.

The genius of design also appeared in its innovative construction, which made it overlook 5 different sidewalks. It boasts a modern and well-thought out design.

This careful design also extends to the interior divisions of the compound, because it includes a large number of units without any sense of crowding or congestion. There’s between 18 and 35 meters of distance between the residential buildings, to provide inhabitants with the optimum level of privacy.

The compound was built to ensure full safety for its inhabitants, which is why it was surrounded by a wall built of solid concrete materials and measuring 3.5 meters high.

Available Spaces

The compound’s 48 acres were not wasted, because the developer managed to use every last square meter of it, whether for duplexes, apartments, or villas. The majority of the space was reserved for green spaces, service facilities, and recreational venues.

There’s a total of 23 residential buildings within the compound, each building has a ground floor and 7 upper floors, for a total of 8 floors. Each building has its own entrance, they also have different architectural designs. About 90% of the building units have charming views of the surrounding green spaces and artificial lakes.

Each building has two electric lifts and two staircases, one of them is for emergency use only. Each floor has 4 apartments, and each apartment has its own entrance for more privacy.

Jnoub by Orientals Urban Developments offers apartments with spaces ranging from 130 square meters to 180 square meters, twin houses with a minimum space of 324 square meters, and villas ranging from 250 to 500 square meters.

It is worth mentioning that there’s over 23,000 apartments within the compound, each unit is professionally divided to include as many rooms as possible, including a reception, 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, and a balcony.

Everything you want to know about the cheapest compound in the Administrative Capital.

Project Services and Benefits

This compound caused a major leap forward in the Egyptian real estate market, because it not only offers magnificent designs that impress anyone who sees them, but it also provides all kinds of services and luxurious benefits to the residents.

  • The vast green spaces, picturesque artificial lakes, and charming landscapes that make the Compounds feel more comfortable and calm.
  • The vast majority of Jnoub Compound units have a dazzling view of the beautiful landscape surrounding them.
  • The services provided in the compound range from essential services such as health facilities, to entertainment services such as sports courts. Because of this, it can be considered an integrated city and not a regular residential project.
  • The landscape spans a large area within the compound, there’s also dedicated tracks among the natural landscape that are suitable for exercising, such as walking, jogging and cycling.
  • The compound is built on a large underground parking garage, so its streets will never be crowded with residents' cars.
  • Children inside the Compound won't be bored because there's an entertainment area just for them, where they can enjoy different games in a safe environment.
  • The compound features a large commercial area with a spacious mall, shops and stores, as well as luxury cafés and major restaurants offering high-end cuisine.
  • The streets in the compound have an unusual design, with each of its buildings surrounded by a circular road. This makes traffic movement easier while ensuring the safety of children crossing these roads.
  • The compound has a very healthy atmosphere, because it is built with environmentally-friendly materials and relies on solar energy for all its power needs.
  • Each building in Jnoub compound has a parking garage and a dedicated road, ensuring that its residents are most comfortable.
  • The compound is equipped with several gates so that there is no crowding at its entrances when the residents enter and exit.
  • The compound is located in a vital place that connects it to all the main roads and facilitates travel to many cities such as New Cairo and elsewhere.
  • Within the compound, there’s a social club spanning 300 square meters, which is a large space that can accommodate many equipment for all kinds of activities.
  • Prices within the compound are competitive, they’re also offered with easy payment systems despite the upscale nature of the units.

Any information about the Jnoub project, whether related to its location, services, prices, or payment methods, confirm that it is the right choice for anyone looking for a modern and luxurious residential compound.

Unit prices

Owning a luxury residential unit in the New Capital will not cost you much with Jnoub compound because it offers reasonable prices despite the sophistication of its units. The price per meter ranges between 9,500 EGP to 11,750 EGP.

The prices of apartments within Jnoub New Capital varies depending on the interior space of each unit. For apartments, the minimum price is 12,000 EGP per square meter, while for villas the minimum price is 20,000 EGP per square meter.

Looking at the available spaces and prices within the compound, we find that they are very diverse to allow the most freedom for customers to choose what they’re looking for. In every step, you’ll be given many choices and nothing will be imposed on you.

Payment Systems

The company offer accessible payment systems for anyone buying a unit within the compound. The payment systems have the longest installment periods and several options that you can choose from.

Whatever the prices at Jnoub compound, these installment systems will make it much more accessible and easier to pay. When booking your unit, ask about one of the following systems:

  • The unit price is divided into installments for 5 or 6 years after paying 5% of its value as a downpayment.
  • The unit price is divided into installments for 7 years after paying 10% of its value as a downpayment.

The customer can pay the installments on a monthly or annual basis as needed and this is another advantage that is unique to this project. The compound units are usually delivered with semi-finishes, but you have the option to buy them with full finishes (Super Lux) if you prefer. It’s worth noting that all residential units are scheduled to be delivered in 2022.

Owner Company Portfolio

Jnoub Compound is yet another successful project by the famous company Orientals for Urban Developments (OUD). The success of the project is not a surprise, because this company is one of the many entities under the Oriental Weavers Group, along with 26 other companies.

The company's founding dates back to 1994, it is a joint stock company owned by the architect Mohamed Farid Khamis, and has investments exceeding 3.5 billion US dollars. The company invests not only in the real estate sector, but also in tourism, agriculture, and many other sectors.

The company earned the Cityscape Award as a testament to its wonderful and innovative architectural designs. Cityscape Award is a global award given to the very best real estate developers.

Jnoub Administrative Capital is the latest addition to OUD’s projects, and was preceded by many excellent and successful projects such as:

  • Azadir Compound in New Cairo.
  • Al Yasmeen Compound in 10th of Ramadan City.
  • El Nakheel Suburb project in El Shorouk City.
  • El Baron City Al Maadi on the Ring Road.
  • The Fountain project, which houses the first dancing fountain within Egypt. It is located in the Fifth Settlement
  • Other projects such as Azad project and Heliopolis Hills

Payment plans

10% Down Payment and The Rest Via Installment Up to 7 Years.


Private Garden
Private Gym
Shared Gym
Maid's Room
Study Area
Dressing Room
Private Pool
Shared Pool
Pets Allowed
View of Landmark
Shared Spa
Children's Pool
Retail Outlets
Children's Play Area
Barbeque Area
Cycling Lanes
Crossover Bridges
Medical Center
Golf Area
Commercial Area
Air Conditioner

Project Video

Project Video