Granda El Shorouk Compound

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Project Details

Starting Price :Price available upon request
Delivery Date :2 Year
Project Size :19 M2
Project type :Residential


Project Description Video

Project Description Video


Discover a new life in Granda Compound

EGYGAP DEVELOPMENTS has mobilized all its capabilities to present its best projects in the heart of El Shorouk City, A luxury compound that provides all the services that make life inside it stable, comfortable, and luxurious without the need to search for any service outside it. The decision to acquire a unit in the project is not regrettable because it is the right choice, a safe investment, and a life full of luxury.

Granda Compound Location

The chosen location of the project guarantees its residents a lot of comfort and safety standards because it has many advantages, the most important of which are the following:

  • It is located in El Shorouk City, which is characterized by its proximity to the main roads and axes.
  • The location is close to important areas and neighborhoods, especially Heliopolis, Nasr City, and the Fifth Settlement, only 15 minutes from the compound.
  • Al-Rehab City is only 7 minutes away from the compound.
  • 10 minutes from Cairo International Airport.
  • 30 minutes from downtown Cairo.
  • The entrances to the first and second Suez Road are steps away from the compound.
  • New Administrative Capital is very close to the project.

The Space of Granda EGYGAB

The project was implemented on a vast space of about 19 acres, its division was done cleverly to provide privacy and comfort for all residents.

About 78.5% of the compound's space has been allocated to green spaces, gardens, parks, and crystal artificial lakes, giving all units a beautiful view of the landscape.

Various spaces and shapes of residential units are available, as follows:

  • Luxury duplexes with spaces start from 399 m² up to 410 m².
  • There are apartments for sale with spaces start from 150 m² up to 234 m².
  • Penthouses are available attached with a roof start from 303 m² up to 307 m².

Services and features of Granda El Shorouk

A luxurious life lived by the residents of Grand El Shorouk in the charming nature, surrounded by all the services that make their lives happier, and the most important services available, for example:

  • Vast green spaces, beautiful gardens, and parks.
  • The units are designed in an elegant modern style.
  • Artificial lakes, fountains, and waterfalls add more comfort to the residents.
  • a large number of swimming pools distributed throughout the compound.
  • Garages and parking with a high degree of security.
  • 24/7 security and guarding.
  • Advanced surveillance cameras are used in the compound and electronic gates for more safety.
  • A luxury compound that includes a large clubhouse and many entertainment services.
  • a large nursery for children built on a space of 295 m2
  • A large space is allocated for children's entertainment.
  • a large gymnasium and health club on the highest level of facilities.
  • Distinctive sports fields in the compound.
  • The large social club is built on a space of about 835 m2 offers many sports and recreational services for all families.
  • A large mosque built on a space of 520 m2 and receives a large number of worshipers.
  • The commercial area in the compound includes a large commercial mall and several shops and stores with international brands.
  • The compound includes medical centers, clinics, and pharmacies operating all day and at the highest level of equipment.

All these services, facilities, and features are in the compound, and therefore there is no reason to talk about the problems of the project because it does not exist among all the huge amount of elements of pleasure and luxury.

Prices and payment systems

When talking about the features of the compound, some people get worried if they want to get an apartment in Granda El Shorouk Compound, thinking that the prices will be high to cover the costs of all these entertainment and integrated services.

However, the prices of Granda El Shorouk apartments are reasonable and accessible that allows every customer to obtain the unit that fulfills his dreams and suits his capabilities.

Facilitated payment systems are also available, as follows:

  • 10% down payment of the total unit price, and pay the rest in installments of up to 16 payments over 4 years, and the unit will be delivered after the end of the installments.
  • A down payment of 15% of the total unit price, then 55% of the remaining amount paid in 12 payments, then 20% paid in 8 payments, and the customer receives his unit after 5 years.
  • 20% down payment of the total unit price, then 45% paid before the date of receipt, and 5% paid as a receipt payment over 11 payments, with 30% paid in 12 other payments, and the unit will be delivered within 6 years of contracting.

Executing Company and its previous work

Granda El Shorouk is a large project located in a very vital place and it belongs to the business list of a leading real estate company, EGYGAB Developments.

The company has great experience because it was established in 1977 and has many projects in a variety of fields between architectural designs, contracting, building and construction, and construction management.

Its projects include the following list:

  • Four schools in the 6th of October on a space of 52 thousand m2, between the British, American, and national education system.
  • Building a school in Alexandria.
  • Educational projects, including the Egyptian Language School, the Egyptian Language School in Nasr City, the Egyptian Language School in the 6th of October, and the Canadian international college.
  • Many government projects, including Lebanon Garage, Sawah Garage, Imbaba Garage, Munib Garage, Amreya Garage, Al-Fath Garage, Nozha Bus Station, Gesr El-Suez Garage, and Helwan Tram Garage.
  • Several luxury residential projects, including Granda Life, Family City, a group of fifth settlement villas in the 23rd settlement, and the 130th district villas in the fifth settlement, as well as villas in the 149th and 149th districts in the first settlement.
  • A group of residential projects in Nasr City, including Mostafa El-Nahhas and Makram Ebeid Building, 52 Abbas El-Akkad Street Buildings, Moez El-Dawla, Makram Ebeid Buildings, and  Al-Habiba Tower.
  • Residential projects in Heliopolis, such as Abdel Wahab Building, Al-Zaytoun Towers Al-Tayaran St, Mohamed Ebeid Building, Sheraton Building, Nakhla Al Motieai Building, Al-Dhahabi Building, and Treaet algabal Building.
  • Residential projects in El Mohandessin, such as Abu Al-Mawaheb Building.

In addition to all these successful projects, Granda Al-Shorouk, which presented with precision and mastery, providing the project with all the elements of success in a combination of facilities and services that attract investors and customers, So do not try to search for the problems of the Granda Al-Shorouk because you will not find it in the midst of this great midst of entertainment and luxury.











Payment plans

10% down payment of the total unit price, and pay the rest in installments of up to 16 payments over 4 years, and the unit will be delivered after the end of the installments.


Private Garden
Private Gym
Shared Gym
Maid's Room
Study Area
Dressing Room
Private Pool
Shared Pool
Pets Allowed
View of Landmark
Shared Spa
Children's Pool
Retail Outlets
Children's Play Area
Barbeque Area
Cycling Lanes
Crossover Bridges
Medical Center
Golf Area
Commercial Area
Air Conditioner

Project Video

Project Video