Ein Hills Sokhna Resort

Al Ain Al Sokhna Resorts

1,600,000 EGP


Project Details

Starting Price :1,600,000 EGP
Delivery Date :6 Months
Project Size :50 M2
Project type :Summer


Project Description Video

Project Description Video


Ein Hills Ain Sokhna

Sokhna Hills means accommodation in chalets and units that look as if they were architectural masterpieces of their luxurious European design, the resort enables you to see the seashore from the balcony of your unit to enjoy every morning with a pleasant view that leads to psychological calm, it is your way to spend unforgettable summer vacation with many services and various recreational facilities.

Ein Hills Location

Certainly, the construction of Ein Hills Resort in Ain Sokhna, 12 km from its gates, undoubtedly gave its location many advantages undoubtedly, Because this picturesque tourist city, the distance between it and Greater Cairo is estimated at only 120 km, and it is down to only 100 km for New Cairo.

The location of the resort is unique in other advantages, more precisely, it is located on El Galala mountain, which linked it to very important cities and places at the top of luxury, such as:

  • El Galala City: You will only need to travel 8 km when moving from the resort to it.

  • The New Administrative Capital: It is only 54 kilometers away from the resort, meaning that it takes about an hour to travel to it.

  • Cairo: Resort guests can reach the heart of the capital after traveling 127 km.

  • Porto Sokhna: Within 15 minutes you will find yourself inside it.

Spaces of Ein Hills Resort

How wonderful to find yourself inside Ein Hills Ain Sokhna with its space extending over 50 acres (about 200,000 square meters) and its new modern design that was implemented for the first time in Ain Sokhna, which gave it a more spacious view of the sea so that all of its units enjoy stunning views of it because they were built on terraces or heights on the mountain.

Although the units of the resort amount to 500 units, each of them has a view of the sea thanks to its innovative architectural design. The project depth reaches 250 square meters and the width of the beach which it overlooks is 800 meters.

It can be considered a recreational park rather than a tourist village with accommodation units only as the space allocated for buildings is small compared to the spaces occupied by the recreational and service facilities that were built in the village.

Cafés and restaurants, in addition to Ein Hills malls, occupy only about 100 square meters, while the space of ​​​​aesthetic views of the waterfalls and Crystal Lagoons has reached 4200 meters. Of course, there's a variety of chalet spaces in it, between 95 m2 up to 102 m2 for units with two bedrooms, The three-bedroom unit has a space of ​​125 m2.

To provide more choices to its customers, chalets were launched with other smaller spaces (90 m2) and larger (up to 352 m2), in addition to the presence of other types of units such as the twin houses that were launched with a suitable space of 270 m2, and 215 m2 For townhouses units, while standalone villas are offered with larger spaces estimated at 345 m2 up to 622 m2.

Ein Hills El Shahawi Group Services and Features

The resort inspired many companies working in the tourism projects sector with unconventional ideas for the construction of tourist villages in a modern way because it is a wonderful resort with multi-service designs with many advantages, the most prominent of which are the following:

  • It is located in Ain Sukhna, which enjoys great fame among the tourist cities, has a beautiful view of the sea, and is rich in ancient historical landmarks such as sulphuric eyes and  El Galala Mountain, in addition to its proximity to important roads such as the regional ring road and major axes.
  • The trained security and guard staff work at full capacity throughout the day to maintain the safety and security of all residents of the resort, which are equipped with high-quality and accurate surveillance cameras.
  • Hotels with all the facilities that guarantee the provision of the finest hotel service to its guests, including a hotel with more than 150 rooms with integrated and sophisticated facilities.
  • Providing an exclusive entertainment service that is not available in any other village or resort, as there is an entertainment area for women alone, in order to preserve their privacy and give them a greater opportunity to enjoy their complete freedom without restrictions, What is unique is that this area has its own facilities only, such as gym, spa, sauna, jacuzzi, as well as cafes and restaurants.
  • The presence of Aqua Park within the resort equipped with many of the most beautiful, adventurous, and enjoyable water games.
  • The abundance of beautiful views in the resort of waterfalls or green spaces, swimming pools, and crystal lagoons give its units a wonderful view of all these views.
  • Its guests can eat in the most luxurious restaurants and all kinds of drinks in the finest cafés, where there is an area designated for them only.
  • Wandering among the gardens and the most beautiful parks that decorate every meter in the large space that the resort extends on it, in addition to the beautiful view of the waterfalls and crystal lagoons.
  • Equipped hall with sports games with a gym available to all guests who wish to participate in it.
  • Ease of shopping and finding world-famous brands inside the spacious mall located in or near the resort.
  • The streets of the village are not crowded with cars, as there is dedicated parking for all guests to take advantage of.
  • Enjoy the enjoyable recreational cable car (pulley train) that enables you to see the village and the nearby places from above, as well as the possibility of traveling by golf car.
  • Many swimming pools, some of them covered to suit people who want to enjoy more privacy, and they are spread in various places with different areas, for example, Sky Infinity pool, which has a space of ​​1500 meters.
  • Enjoy the best and most comfortable service inside the spa or jacuzzi located in the project, because they contain various equipment and various supplies necessary to provide a distinguished service.
  • All health centers in the resort contain equipment and devices imported from foreign countries and are characterized by their high quality and modernity. 
  • Spending an unconventional time inside the clubs attached to many different sports fields, such as squash, football, and basketball courts.

Offered Prices For The Units

You will not find a luxury chalet or unit with complete specifications at a suitable price except in Ein Hills Project, which not only offers the best prices for the units of the tourist villages, but also offers its units at very varied prices as follows:

  • The price of some chalets in the resort ranges from 1.600.000 EGP up to 2.500.000 EGP.
  • You can buy a chalet with three bedrooms for 2.300.000 EGP up to 2.500.000 EGP depending on its specifications.
  • The minimum price for twinhouses is estimated at 5.000.000 EGP.
  • Townhouse, which includes 4 rooms, you can own for 4.500.000 EGP.
  • Standalone villas are the most expensive, of course, at a minimum cost of 7.600.000 EGP.

Payment methods in the resort

The easiest payment methods that you can enjoy with Ein Hills El Shahawy Group, which not only provides easy facilities, but the executing company has been keen to offer two payment systems to give the buyer greater freedom in choosing the optimal system for him, represented in the following:

  • Installment of the unit value over 8 years after paying 10% of its total cost. 
  • Installment of the unit value over 4 years after paying 20% of its total cost.

It is worth noting that all units of the resort were supposed to be delivered during the past year 2020.

The real estate developer of the project 

El Shahawy Group is a brilliant name in the real estate and tourism projects sector, as the company that owns Ein Hills project has been working in the field of real estate development since its launch in 1976 to become one of the largest entities in Egypt in this sector.

The company's work extends to many other sectors, such as engineering and contracting, cement, concrete, and marble production. It started its first business by developing residential projects in various places in Cairo and then headed to Ain Sokhna.

The company has succeeded to a large extent in launching major projects that enjoy services and ingenious designs, whether in Ain Sokhna or other areas, on top, of course, Ein Hills resort, in addition to many other previous works, most notably:

  • Palm Islands project in Naama Bay in Sharm El Sheikh
  • Pali North Coast Resort.
  • Ain Sokhna Projects. Such as: Ein Bay Resort , Movenpick Hotel, EL Ein Resort .



Payment plans

10% Down Payment and The Rest Via Installment Up To 8 Years.


Private Garden
Private Gym
Shared Gym
Maid's Room
Study Area
Dressing Room
Private Pool
Shared Pool
Pets Allowed
View of Landmark
Shared Spa
Children's Pool
Retail Outlets
Children's Play Area
Barbeque Area
Cycling Lanes
Crossover Bridges
Medical Center
Golf Area
Commercial Area
Air Conditioner

Project Video

Project Video