Blue Bay Asia Sokhna

Al Ain Al Sokhna Resorts

1,411,200 EGP


Project Details

Starting Price :1,411,200 EGP
Delivery Date :1 Year
Project Size :58 M2
Project type :Summer


Project Description Video

Project Description Video


Enjoy the Asian life in BlueBay Asia Sokhna

Blue Bay Asia Elsokhna resort is considered the most beautiful resort on the Egyptian territory, with Asian decorations and touches close to the Thai style, which attracts millions of tourists from everywhere. BlueBay Asia offers its residents a pleasure, unlike any other place where luxury resort life with plenty of entertainment services can now be discovered via a report dedicated only to this enchanting place.

The Resort Location

Marseilia Group is interested in choosing distinctive locations for its projects, and this was confirmed by its selection for the location of its new project, which is characterized by the following:

  • Very special location in the heart of the windmills area.
  • The resort has the most beautiful view directly on the Red Sea shore.
  • The project is located within a near distance of about 140 km from Cairo, so you can move to a charming Asian life in a few minutes.
  • You will find the resort only about 4 km before the Zafarana Gate.
  • The unique location is found on the coastline near the famous resort of El Hayat.
  • Porto Sokhna project is located 30 km from the resort.
  • Santa Claus Resort is only 30 km away from the resort.

The Space of Blue Bay Asia Resort 

The space occupied by Blue Bay Asia Marseilia Group is wide, amounting to about 58 acres, and its division came in a way that provides privacy for all units because only 25% of the total space is allocated to facilities and buildings.

The remaining space of Blue Bay Asia Ain Sokhna, which is about 75% dedicated to green space and recreational services especially since the designs and decorations are all with distinctive Asian touches with animal statues and large elephants to give the place an elegant simulation of Thai designs.

As for the chalet spaces available in Blue Bay Asia project, they start from about 96 square meters and consist of two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, a terrace, and a reception.

The chalets available in Blue Bay Asia Resort are either a ground floor attached to the garden or located on the first floor or a second-floor chalet attached to the roof.

Blue Bay Asia Marseilia Group Services

Blue bay Asia Resort has everything that makes you feel fun and distinguished, especially its decorations that mimic the designs of Southeast Asian countries and its entertainment services that make your life full of luxury, and the most important of these services are:

  • The resort is located on the Red Sea shore that lets everyone enjoys the turquoise sea water and the bright yellow sand.
  • The design of the units in Blue bay Asia Marseilia group is wonderful with bright colors full of vitality and beauty.
  • There are several sports fields for various sports.
  • The beach includes various recreational activities, especially the fishing center and the yacht marina.
  • Adults and children enjoy the exciting water games at the water park.
  • Green spaces, gardens, and parks with flowers and colorful plants provide the residents with a picturesque view, psychological comfort, and relaxation.
  • The resort has a recreational game area and a club for young children.
  • Great fun you will feel in the amusement jungle which is designed in a charming Asian style.
  • Scenic landscapes are not limited to green spaces and gardens only but are in harmony with the dancing fountains, crystal lakes, and waterfalls.
  • A large number of swimming pools "about 13 swimming pools" are designed in various shapes and large and small spaces to suit children and adults.
  • A covered swimming pool is provided for ladies only.
  • There is a children's aqua park on the beach.
  • There is a dedicated area for photo sessions to take the most beautiful souvenir photos among the beautiful scenery.
  • There is a dedicated area for parties and events.
  • Blue Bay Marseille has a gym, spa, and a top-class health club.
  • Shopping is fun in the luxury mall, which has shops to buy various goods.
  • Luxurious hotel units are available.
  • Restaurants and cafes offer good and delicious drinks and food.
  • Pharmacies and medical clinics operate 24 hours a day.
  • Pharmacies and medical clinics operate 24 hours a day.
  • There are spaces for non-smokers and a beach designated for them.
  • The resort has a large lake of colorful fish.
  • The hanging bridge on the trees is very special.
  • There is a 24-hour reception service.
  • There is free private parking.
  • Luxurious rooms and air-conditioned family rooms are available with luxurious hotel services.
  • There is easy access to the beach.
  • The resort has its own beach.
  • The resort offers entertainment services to visitors and residents, especially night parties with its distinguished animation team.

Prices and payment systems

Recreational services, charming nature, and a strategic location are all advantages in the Resort, in addition to the unparalleled prices commensurate with the purchasing power of all customers and are considered low compared to the luxurious features and services that are available in the resort.

As for the chalets prices available in the resort for sale, they are as follows:

  • The price of a ground chalet with an attached garden on a space of about 50 m2 starts from 1,562,400 EGP.
  • Chalets on the first floors, the price starts from 1.411.200 EGP.
  • The price of the second-floor chalets attached to the roof starts from 1,461,600 EGP.

The company that owns the resort has taken into account the provision of easy payment systems that make obtaining a unit in the village not a financial burden on the customers, as only 10% of the total unit price is paid as a down payment, and the rest of the amount is paid in installments over 6 years.

As for the delivery of units in the resort, it will be delivered with the full finishing system,

The owner of the project Marseilia Group

The Project is owned by a large real estate company, the Egyptian Gulf Marseilia, which started its activity in 2001 as an Egyptian joint-stock company with a licensed capital of 150 million EGP.

A large company with more than 20 years of experience, during which it delivered 12 projects, and it has more projects in its plans, which it carefully plans.

Among the company's most important projects are the following:

  • Marseilia Resort 1.In km 70 North Coast.
  • Marseilia Resort 2. In Km 69.5 North Coast
  • Marseilia Resort Marsa Matrouh.
  • Marseilia Beach 1, Km 75 North Coast.
  • Marseilia Beach 2, Km 73 North Coast.
  • Marseilia Beach 3, Km 71 North Coast.
  • Marseilia Beach 4, Km 124 North Coast.
  • Golden Yard Administrative Capital. in cooperation with Misr for Investment & Urban Development.
  • Hayat Marseilia in Alexandria.

All these achievements are added to Blue Bay Asia Sokhna, the project, which confirmed the company’s mastery of its work, and its continued insistence on establishing projects aimed at building a luxurious life for customers to make them happy and achieve maximum satisfaction and happiness.


Payment plans

10% Down Payment and The Rest Via Installment Up to 6 Years.


Private Jacuzzi
Private Garden
Private Gym
Shared Gym
Maid's Room
Study Area
Dressing Room
Private Pool
Shared Pool
Pets Allowed
View of Landmark
Shared Spa
Children's Pool
Retail Outlets
Children's Play Area
Barbeque Area
Cycling Lanes
Crossover Bridges
Medical Center
Golf Area
Commercial Area
Crystal Lagoon
Air Conditioner
Private Beach

Project Video

Project Video