Aventura Mall New Capital

New Capital Compounds

8,000,000 EGP


Project Details

Starting Price :8,000,000 EGP
Delivery Date :2 Year
Project Size :4 M2
Price per meter :35,000 EGP
Project type :Commercial


Project Description Video

Project Description Video


Full and exclusive details of Aventura Mall Project New Administrative Capital

Aventura New Capital gives customers an excellent opportunity to invest in the most distinguished areas of the capital, a luxurious commercial complex designed in the elegant Spanish style, the details of Aventura Mall are amazing and inspiring to work and production and help to attract customers and visitors alike because it gives them an enjoyable shopping experience with its many services and recreational facilities that are a source of joy and outing for the whole family.

Project Location

The location occupied by Aventura Mall in the New Administrative Capital is the first component of its success because it is the link between the Ring Road and the 7th Residential District, the most important and densely populated neighborhood of the New Administrative Capital.

The main features of the location are:

  • A unique location in the heart of the seventh residential district R7, which ensures the popularity of all its units and commercial activities.
  • The location is close to main axes and roads that facilitate access to its location, the most important of which are the Regional Ring Road, Ain Sokhna Road, Suez Road.
  • A unique location on the Mohammed bin Zayed axis, the artery that connects the neighborhoods of the New Administrative Capital.
    The Aventura mall has a view of wide streets up to 80 meters wide and overlooks a large and main square.
    Overlooking the club area.
  • It is located close to a large number of important landmarks and neighborhoods of the administrative capital, including the government district, the diplomats' district, and the presidential palace.
  • The location in the new administrative capital is distinguished, minutes from the convention center, exhibition grounds, opera house, and medical city.
  • Aventura can be reached from the Administrative Capital Airport in a few minutes.
  • The largest central park in the new capital "The Green River" is close to the mall and gives it a distinctive view.
  • The Monorail train station is minutes from the location.
  • Its location is unique, near the Cathedral of Christ and the Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque.

Aventura Mall Space

The company that owns the project has chosen a large plot of land to build the mall on, with a space of about 15,000 square meters, which allows it to provide an integrated project with facilities and services.

It is a project that includes commercial units only and consists of three floors in addition to an indoor car garage, an outdoor parking area, and four packets.

The spaces inside the mall have been divided in a way that provides a variety of shapes that suit all commercial activities, in line with the desires and tastes of all customers. Among the available spaces are the following:

  • Commercial units on the ground floor start from about 18 square meters.
  • Various spaces are available on the rest of the floors, starting from about 14 square meters.

Aventura Mall New Capital Services

The services that were provided in Aventura New Administrative Capital make it an attractive place to spend special times for visitors, which attracts investors because it reassures them that their project is moving forward on the path of popularity and success, and its most important services are:

  • All units of the mall have a beautiful view of the landscape because the mall is surrounded by green spaces and beautiful waterfalls.
  • There is no room for overcrowding because Aventura New Capital has three entrances that facilitate entry without crowding.
  • It has 12 escalators and six modern and fast elevators that facilitate movement between the floors of the mall.
  • The elegant facades are made of Securit glass, which gives a panoramic view and prevents noise and pollution, while at the same time allowing natural daylight to pass through to all units.
  • On the ground floor, there is a large hypermarket that provides all goods and needs.
  • The first floor includes a special ice skating hall where you can spend a special time full of fun.
  • The second floor has a distinctive cinema that presents various Arab and foreign films.
  • Kids Area is located on the second floor of the mall and many fun games are dazzling and safe at the same time.
  • On the second floor of the mall, there is an open food court area that includes a group of the most luxurious cafes and restaurants.
  • You can enjoy watching the dancing fountain in front of the mall and take the most beautiful pictures in front of it.
  • In Aventura Mall, there are conference and meeting rooms, which are equipped with the latest equipment.
  • Watching important events and matches can be enjoyed on the giant screen in the mall.
  • 2 garages inside the mall, receiving a large number of cars.
  • 2 emergency ladders.
  • Highly trained security personnel were hired to work around the clock.
  • Modern surveillance cameras working around the clock in all places and corners.

Prices and payment systems

Many services, advantages, and facilities you can find in Aventura Mall, to start your activity in a very vital place, all at reasonable and attractive prices, as the price per square meter of commercial units, ranges from 35,000 EGP up to 80,000 EGP.

The company also stated that there is a set of easy payment systems aimed at the convenience of customers, as follows:

  • A 10% down payment is paid upon contracting, and the rest is paid in equal installments for a period of 7 years.
  • The customer pays a down payment of 15% of the unit price, and the rest of the amount is paid in equal installments for 8 years.
  • Paying a 20% downpayment, 5% after one year, then another 5% after two years, after which the customer pays the first installment after receipt for a period of up to 4 years in equal installments.

Knowing that the announced prices in Aventura Mall New Capital include air conditioning and Securit glass facades, with the units being delivered in a semi-finished system.

As for the delivery date, it starts from December 2023.

EG Master Group, The Owner of the Project

Aventura Mall is a large project owned by a leading company in the Egyptian real estate market, EG Master Group.

The company started its work in 2015 and was able to reserve a distinguished place for it in the Egyptian real estate market in a short period of time, and because it enjoys credibility and commitment, it has gained the trust of many clients.

It presented successful projects in various fields between residential, commercial, and tourism, all of which were presented according to the highest international quality standards.

Among the company's most important projects, which have achieved great success, are the following:

  • The City New Administrative Capital Project.
  • The City Valley Project.
  • Asgard Mall, the administrative capital.
  • Valley Resort Ras Sidr Red Sea.
  • Aida Resort North Coast kilo 77.
  • White Bay Resort Ras Sidr.
  • The Paradise Resort Marsa Matruh.
  • City Oval Compound New Capital.

A new privileged project was added to these achievements, which is Aventura Mall New Capital in the most distinguished location in the heart of the New Administrative Capital to ensure the success of its projects,  and all the basic and recreational services and facilities that attract investors and visitors have been provided inside it, which makes it not only an elegant architectural masterpiece on the Spanish coast, but it is a distinctive investment opportunity and amazing shopping and hiking experience, and an opportunity that you should not let go of your hands.

Payment plans

You can pay a downpayment ranging from 10% to 20% and installments over a period of up to 8 years.


Private Gym
Shared Gym
Maid's Room
Study Area
Dressing Room
Private Pool
Shared Pool
Pets Allowed
View of Landmark
Shared Spa
Children's Pool
Retail Outlets
Children's Play Area
Barbeque Area
Cycling Lanes
Crossover Bridges
Medical Center
Golf Area
Commercial Area
Crystal Lagoon
Air Conditioner

Project Video

Project Video