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Starting Price :Price available upon request
Delivery Date :1 Year
Project Size :85 M2
Project type :Summer


Project Description Video

Project Description Video


Enjoy the finest services in Aroma Resort Ain Sokhna

The best example of the genius of the executing Company Residence Development, which was eventually able to launch a tourist village that everyone can talk about its luxury, Aroma Residence is an exceptional case in the tourism projects market that has never been seen before and will not be repeated.

ِAroma Resort Location

Only those who are lucky will be able to book a unit in Aroma Sokhna, which enjoys a unique location that makes it located in the heart of Ain Sokhna and surrounded by many important areas and service facilities, as the resort is located specifically in the Ras Al Khaleej area, kilo 38 Suez Road, kilo 34 Zaafarana Road.

The sea is very close to the resort, so its location is characterized by the charm of the picturesque nature and the fresh air, and the village is close to major projects and cities that increase the importance and vitality of the area, namely:

  • Ein Bay Resort
  • Tulip Resort
  • Lasirena Palm Beach Resort
  • Cairo International Airport: Guests can reach it in just 60 minutes.
  • The New Administrative Capital: The residents will only need 20 minutes to reach it.
  • Cairo: Guests will only need to travel a short distance of 22 km to travel to it, which takes approximately 45 minutes.

Aroma El Sokhna Spaces

The good planning of the Aroma Ain Sokhna appears not only in its strategic location but also in its large space, which is estimated at 85 acres (about 300,000 square meters), with a depth of 1250 meters and a width of 250 meters, and this land is sufficient to accommodate many units including chalets, villas, and town House, in addition to a large number of services, facilities, and recreational facilities.

The customer finds small units with space not exceeding 90 m2, and at the same time, he will find other large units with spaces up to 250 m2, some of which have a garden and others without. There are chalets with an average space of 135 mand studio chalets (small) with spaces of only 50 and 60 m2.

The number of bedrooms in each unit ranges from one to three rooms according to its area, but all units, even Aroma Hotel have a beautiful view of the beach, which is approximately 24 min size and reaches a depth of about 345 meters.

The Resort Designing

Luxury is the address of Aroma Sokhna, in which each building has the most luxurious designs, specifically the ultra-modern design, known for its extreme sophistication and overwhelming luxury, In addition to the charming view of the resort and its units, its guests will not only be able to see the sea up close but also enjoy looking at the stunning view of the crystal lagoons and green spaces scattered throughout the resort, as well as the chalets either overlooking the sea, swimming pools or artificial lakes.

The intelligence in the design of the village also appears in the distribution of service facilities in its various parts, in order to be as close to the guests as possible, especially that the project is located in a large space, in addition to designing its buildings in a way that ensures the preservation of the privacy of the residents, so that everyone can enjoy all this luxury without any disturbance or problem that may disturb them.

Services and advantages of The Resort

The resort did not sit on the throne of the most luxurious tourist villages in Ain Sukhna for nothing, but thanks to its numerous services, high-quality equipment, and unparalleled advantages, represented in:

  • Aroma Ain Sokhna Hotel, which is characterized by luxury and sophistication, whether in design or even the services provided.
  • The high security that the village enjoys, because it is equipped with all the necessary equipment for this, foremost of which is the trained security and guard staff who are working throughout the day.
  • Providing the finest hotel services that appeal to all guests, whether inside the hotel or in the resort in general.
  • The swimming pools are located in different places within Aroma Sokhna to be available to all guests,
  • a swimming pool that has been designed differently to suit women who want to enjoy more privacy.
  • Providing a distinguished service within the integrated medical center and health club of the resort, to maintain the safety and comfort of its guests as much as possible.
  • The children's entertainment area is designed for them without fear or worry because it is completely secured.
  • The presence of centers concerned with maintaining physical fitness and general health of the body, represented in the gym and spa, sauna, and jacuzzi
  • Sports fields provide a recreational service and at the same time maintain the body's fitness through practicing various sports.
  • Multiple entertainment venues ranging from a cinema, fun water games (Aqua Park), fun activities on the beach, so that guests can spend a wonderful time that will never be forgotten.
  • A group of cafes and restaurants that are characterized by extreme sophistication to provide the best service to all guests.
  • Providing Room Service to provide complete comfort to all guests.
  • The mall in which you can shop to buy the most famous and highest quality products without having to go to the away malls.

Prices and Payment systems

Owning a chalet in one of the most luxurious tourist resorts of Ain Sokhna is no longer a distant dream with Aroma Ain Sokhna, which enjoys unprecedented luxury and integrated facilities, but at the same time offers reasonable prices within everyone's reach, especially as it is widely diversified.

The customer will not be forced to buy with a price that does not suit his financial ability, but he can very easily choose the appropriate price from among various prices as the value of the unit decreases and increases according to its space, finishing, type, and location within the resort.

Reserving a unit in Aroma Sokhna means that you will enjoy many facilities when paying because you will not need to pay a downpayment and you will get the longest payment period of up to 10 years, the most important thing is that you can receive your unit as soon as possible, specifically during 2022.

The Owner Company and Its Previous Works

The resort is also called Aroma Residence because it is owned by Residence Development, which is a real addition to any project it implements. Thanks to its great experience dating back to 2009, it was able to launch tourism projects of a special nature and characterized by the highest levels of luxury and sophistication.

The company's genius and creativity were clearly evident in its previous works, especially Tulip Resort Ain Sokhna, which has been delivered since 2015, as well as in the creative design of the resort that fulfills the aspirations of customers so that the company can eventually gain their trust.

It is worth noting that the company is owned by Eng. Assem Mansour, who owns shares in AKAM Developments which launched huge projects in the new capital, and Eng. Ahmed Abdel Moneim, the general manager responsible for the architectural design of the village and a partner in Residence Real Estate since 2010 as well as in the project. He has previously launched his company (AT) since 2000, who has designed the Sheraton neighborhood and has many other projects in different countries, such as:

  • UAE
  • Jordan
  • Libya
  • Oman

Payment plans

Without Down Payment You Can Install it Up to 10 Years.


Private Jacuzzi
Private Garden
Private Gym
Shared Gym
Maid's Room
Study Area
Dressing Room
Private Pool
Shared Pool
Pets Allowed
View of Landmark
Shared Spa
Children's Pool
Retail Outlets
Children's Play Area
Barbeque Area
Cycling Lanes
Crossover Bridges
Medical Center
Golf Area
Commercial Area
Crystal Lagoon
Air Conditioner
Private Beach

Project Video

Project Video