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Apartment With Immediate Delivery And 85 M In Zed East New Cairo

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Properties for sale in Zed East New Cairo 104m²

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Apartment For Sale At Zed East New Cairo

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Your Unit With 104m² in Zed East New Cairo

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Book Your Apartment in Zed East Compound Starting From 108 meters

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For Sale In Zed East, Apartment 139m With Attractive Price

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Own Your Unit Upon The First Installment in Zed East

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Your 140m Apartment in New Cairo Zed East Compound

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Own Apartment in Zed East New Cairo From 186m²

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The Cheapest 166 M Apartment For Sale In Zed East

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Properties for sale in Zed East 139m²

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Get An Apartment in Zed East New Cairo Starting From 172m²

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About Zed East New Cairo Compound

Discover the Benefits of Zed East Ora Developers

Ora developers company has chosen one of the best locations for Zed East New Cairo, building it close to the Ring Road and Main Axis, which makes it easy to travel to a number of vital places and important services. It’s also very close to a large number of high-end residential communities. Living here ensures that everything you’ll need will be within reach.

Zed East Fifth Settlement Location

As mentioned above, a unique site has been chosen for Z East project, as it is located in New Katameya, a luxurious and tranquil place. This location comes with many benefits, which we have detailed as follows:

  • Located on the Central Ring Road, the most important road in New Cairo. This makes access to the compound very easy.

  • Zed East project is very close to several residential mega-projects, including La Vista City and Hyde Park compound.

  • The American University is only five minutes from Zed East New Cairo compound.

  • 10 minutes away from the neighborhoods of New Egypt and Nasr City.

  • If you travel a lot, then you’ll appreciate that the compound is only10 minutes away from Cairo International Airport.

  • Zed East project is very close to Teseen St., which is the most important street in the Fifth Settlement.

  • Zed East is located right between New Cairo and the New Administrative Capital.

  • Very close to the upscale project La Vista El Patio Oro

Browse the best compound in New Cairo.

Zed East Compound and Unit Space

Zed East by Ora Developers is one of the largest projects in New Cairo, occupying a staggering 450 acres. This vast area has given the owner the flexibility to provide all the services needed by the population, as well as a variety of residential units.

The vast land area is divided as follows:

  • A huge club occupying 50 acres of land, giving enough space for all sorts of sports and activities.

  • About 200 acres are reserved for green areas and some recreational venues.

  • Residential units occupy 20% of the total space, which gives more than enough breathing room and spacious space for landscape.

  • Unit sizes vary between luxury villas, duplex apartments, twin houses, and townhouses. The specifications vary to suit the needs of all families.

  • Standalone unit sizes start at 170 square meters and up to about 350 square meters.

  • Apartments in The Compound are designed with the latest international g+8 designs, and their sizes range from 55 square meters to about 240 square meters.

Parsley Zed East Fifth Settlement

Ora Real Estate Development Company plans to launch its latest distinguished residential project in the heart of New Cairo, under the name Parsley Zed East Fifth Settlement. The project is characterized by its strategic location that connects major roads and main axes, making it a unique attraction point for residents.

The residential complex extends over an area of 415 acres and includes a huge sports club occupying 50 acres, in addition to green spaces estimated at 150 acres to provide a pure and beautiful environment for residents. The proportion allocated for residential buildings is 18% of the total project area.

This upscale residential city contains units with various interior designs, meeting the needs of different families:
- Apartments starting from 70 square meters to 82 square meters, with one bedroom, starting at prices of 6,255,000 Egyptian pounds.
- Units with areas ranging between 121 square meters and 127 square meters, each including two bedrooms, starting at prices of 5,640,000 Egyptian pounds.
- Apartments containing three bedrooms, ranging in size from 165 square meters to 177 square meters, with prices starting from 7,764,000 Egyptian pounds.

The project offers flexible payment options to attract more residents:
- You can start by paying a 5% down payment of the unit value, followed by 5% upon contract signing, with the possibility of installments for the remainder over 8 years.
- The maintenance fee is 7.5% of the unit price in Zed East.

Services and Benefits in Zed East New Cairo

This amazing project includes all the amenities that make the lives of the population luxurious, the most important of these services are:

  • International interior and exterior designs for all units, with Ultra Super Lux finishing, air conditioning, and kitchen fixtures. Customers can move in directly without needing to change anything or incur additional costs.

  • Security personnel and state-of-the-art surveillance cameras, working 24/7.

  • A large club that offers recreational services and sports fields.

  • About 50 acres of green landscape, visible from all units. These green areas also have seating arrangements, so you get to enjoy the outdoors at any time.

  • Other landscapes and gardens occupy 65 acres of the project, which can be used for various outdoor activities in Zed East.

  • A luxurious clubhouse with various entertainment services.

  • A large number of fountains and swimming pools, available for all age groups.

  • A business district and mall, where you can find all your favorite shops and brands. It’s the ideal place for a therapeutic shopping spree, or simply to buy gifts.

  • Food Court inside Zed East New Cairo with a multitude of fine cafés and restaurants offering delicious cuisine.

  • A children’s play area with safe, age-appropriate games.

  • 24-hour medical and therapeutic services.

  • Zed East compound is close to all main roads and is only a few minutes away from major educational and medical services.

Zed East Prices

Prices vary widely per unit, but they can be estimated as follows:

  • The average price per square meter is 23,500 EGP.

  • Studio apartments starting at 63 square meters and with 1 bedroom would be priced at 1,300,000 EGP.

  • An 85 square meters apartment with a garden is priced at 2,128,000 EGP.

  • A 104 square meter, 2 Bedroom apartment is priced at 2,258,000 EGP.

  • The price of a ground-floor apartment attached to a garden starts at 3,255,000 EGP.

  • A 219 square meter penthouse consisting of three bedrooms starts at 6,002,000 EGP.

  • Standalone villas range in size from 254 square meters to 355 square meters, with prices starting at 11,300,000 EGP.


Disadvantages of Zed East Compound

With the many advantages of the Zed East Compound project in New Cairo, some customers may have reservations about the presence of many units within the compound. However, Ora Real Estate Company has provided solutions to ensure comfort and privacy, by providing appropriate separations between buildings and strategically distributing green spaces, ensuring a quiet and comfortable residential experience.

Ora Developers Portfolio

Zed New Cairo is the product of the giant real estate company Ora Developers, owned by the Egyptian entrepreneur Naguib Sawiris. It just happens to be one of the largest real estate companies in Egypt, with extensive experience and great credibility with millions of customers.

The company has always been attentive to the design of its projects and has therefore outsourced the design of this compound to WATG Engineering Consulting, a major company with more than 75 years of experience in the field of real estate design.

Ora Properties has great expertise and a large team of specialists, experts, and engineers, with international investments in London, Cyprus, and Pakistan. The company's global investments have crossed the 2 billion USD threshold.

 Some of the most important projects by Ora Developers include:

  • Zayed Towers project in Sheikh Zayed City, a collection of luxury towers overlooking the famous Zayed Park.

  • El Gouna City in Hurghada.

  • Pyramids Hills Project in October 6.

  • Nile City Towers.

  • Projects outside Egypt including The Twenty Grosvensands Square hotel in London and Ayia Napa Marina hotel in Cyprus.

  • Eighteen different projects in Islamabad.

  • Silver Sands Resort on Grenada Island.

Imagine yourself in the heart of modern Egypt... New Cairo!

Investments in New Cairo are considered one of the most profitable investments in Egypt.

It is distinguished by the availability of many modern and advanced real estate projects that attract investors.

These projects are characterized by their distinguished locations near the main service and government areas, such as schools, universities, hospitals and shopping centers.

It also includes the latest urban and engineering designs, characterized by unique architectural facades that attract attention.

In addition, New Cairo investments have all the comforts and services needed by residents.

It includes a diverse range of sports and cultural facilities, as well as parks and green spaces that provide a healthy and refreshing environment for residents.

New Cairo investments are an ideal opportunity for investors looking to achieve good financial returns.

In the long term, the real estate market in this area is growing, meaning increased property values ​​and increased return on investment.

The demand for properties in this area is also high by tenants and buyers.

In general, New Cairo investments are an ideal opportunity for investors looking for a safe and profitable investment in Egypt's real estate market.

It provides a modern and integrated urban environment with all the necessary services and facilities.

Therefore, investors should take this opportunity into account and take advantage of the availability of distinguished real estate projects in New Cairo.

Take a Step Towards Success: Your Investment in New Cairo is a Stable Step Towards the Future!

The areas of New Cairo are characterized by rapid and continuous development, making it the focus of attention of many investors and real estate followers. Your investment in Palm Hills New Cairo is a stable step towards the future, and in this article we will present some important tips and guidance that should be paid attention to.

  1. Proper site selection
    Choosing the right location is the most important thing when making a real estate investment, and that's why New Cairo areas have many major establishments and projects that enjoy an exceptional location, such as Glyster Business Complex New Cairo, located near the North 90.

  2. Availability of advanced infrastructure
    New Cairo areas are characterized by the availability of advanced infrastructure, including roads, bridges and public utilities, which guarantees investors a good investment return, as well as peace of mind and safety.

  3. Facilitated payment
    Some projects in New Cairo areas have a facilitated payment system, where the buyer can pay a down payment of just 15%, and install the remaining amount over a period of up to 8 years, which makes investing in these areas facilitated and suitable for many investors.

  4. Real estate investment ensures your success
    According to statistics, real estate investment is one of the most successful investments, especially if the best place, price and method of payment are chosen. Here it is worth mentioning Kayan Real Estate Investment Company, which was established in 2014, as it operates in various real estate fields, such as development, construction and real estate management, and is characterized by high expertise and a prosperous history of excellence and success.

We can summarize these important tips and guidance in the following table:

Tip Importance
Proper site selection Very important
Availability of advanced infrastructure Promotes investment and provides psychological comfort and safety
Facilitated payment system Attracts investors and provides investment opportunities
Real estate investment It is one of the most successful investments
Kayan Real Estate Investment Company Characterized by high expertise and a prosperous history of excellence and success

In conclusion, your investment in New Cairo is a step towards the future and success, and it will greatly multiply future opportunities and investments, knowing that this area is one of the most important real estate areas in the region and the world.

The Future Awaits You! Fifth Settlement Compounds: Where Luxurious Life Begins.

The Fifth Settlement in New Cairo is considered one of the most distinctive residential areas in Egypt, as it houses many luxurious compounds that provide residents with a unique lifestyle and diverse facilities.

Here is a list of the best Fifth Settlement compounds:

  1. Azad Compound:

    • Located in the heart of the Fifth Settlement and close to the American University in Cairo.
    • It is distinguished by swimming pools, sports clubs, a shopping center and shops for international brands.
    • It includes restaurants, cafes, a modern medical center, international schools and recreational areas for children.
    • It is characterized by advanced security systems, extensive green spaces.
    • Payment can be made in two installments and the rest financed over 8 years.
  2. Eastown Compound:

    • Located in New Cairo City near Cairo International Airport.
    • It is distinguished by swimming pools, large green areas.
    • It includes sports clubs, a commercial center and shops for international brands.
    • It offers restaurants, cafes, a modern medical center and international schools.
    • The payment system allows a 10% down payment and the rest over 7 years.
  3. The Square Compound:

    • Located in New Cairo City near El Shorouk Mall.
    • It is distinguished by large green spaces and beautiful gardens.
    • It contains swimming pools, sports clubs and integrated security services.
    • It offers a varied selection of residential apartments of different sizes.
  4. Stone Park Compound:

    • Located in the heart of the Fifth Settlement near the main circular road.
    • It is distinguished by lakes, fountains and natural green areas.
    • It includes private pedestrian paths away from car passages and special car bridges.
    • Residential apartments of varying sizes are available.
  5. Lake View Compound, Fifth Settlement:

    • It is one of the most luxurious compounds in the Fifth Settlement.
    • It includes scenic vistas and artificial lakes.
    • It offers residential units of varying sizes and designs.
    • It includes recreational facilities and high-level security services.

These are some of the leading compounds in the Fifth Settlement, distinguished by providing a distinctive lifestyle, comfort and luxury for residents.

The sizes of the residential units and payment systems vary from one compound to another, so it is advisable to communicate with accredited real estate agencies to obtain updated information on prices and details of each compound.

Real Estate Solutions With One Click: Learn How to Achieve Your Housing Dreams with aqar-finder.com!

Finding a housing unit that suits your needs and budget can be a time consuming task. But with real estate websites available in today's real estate markets, it has become much easier, and you can purchase an ideal housing unit quickly and easily. In this paper, we will discuss how to purchase a unit from aqar-finder.com.

  1. First, you should visit the aqar-finder.com site where listings of various properties in different areas are displayed.

  2. Once on the site, you can specify the area you want to live in. You can search for a specific area using the map on the site.

  3. Edit the information by clicking the "Customize" button. Enter your budget, required area, and number of rooms you need.

  4. Once customization is complete, available units in the area you selected in the previous step will appear.

  5. View the detailed information provided for the unit, including area, interior layout, and other various details.

  6. Request a unit showing if you are visiting the unit. You can contact the real estate marketer directly through the site.

  7. Once you accept the unit offer, you will register on the site to confirm purchase of the required unit.

  8. After confirming your purchase of the property, the payment process is completed and the required documentation for the purchase is sent, such as the real estate disposition certificate.

  9. With the aqar-finder.com site, you can get accurate information about the different properties available, which can help you choose the right unit for you.

With the increasing number of real estate sites available in real estate markets, purchasing a suitable housing unit quickly has become much easier. When you want to purchase a housing unit, the services of the aqar-finder.com site can be used, which allows you to find a housing unit that suits your needs and budget, by customizing the different search steps required.


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