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Your unit with ​​134m in Valore Sheraton Compound

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134 M2
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Receive your apartment in Valore Sheraton compound with ​​195m

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195 M2
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Book your apartment in Valore Sheraton compound with 130m

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130 M2
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get an apartment in Valore Sheraton with 117m

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117 M2
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Apartment for sale in installments 153m in Valore Sheraton

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153 M2
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Hurry up to book in Valore Sheraton, units 146m

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146 M2
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Your apartment in Valore Sheraton with facilities up to 7 years

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118 M2
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Details about Valore Sheraton compound apartments

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121 M2
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Your apartment is 155m in Valore Sheraton Compound

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155 M2
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Apartment for sale 175m in Valore Sheraton

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175 M2
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Units with 142m for reservation in Valore Sheraton

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Apartment with 147m, live in Valore Sheraton Compound

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147 M2
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About Valore Sheraton Compound

Own the luxury, beauty, and privileged location in Valore Sheraton Compound

Valore Sheraton Compound gives you a golden opportunity to achieve your dream of living in the closest place to all vital roads and services, and at the same time you will find in Valore Sheraton Project of calmness, privacy, and psychological comfort, all the services you need will be around you and you will live a classy life full of luxury with units designed according to the latest international designs.

Project Location

You can enjoy a luxurious life in a residence with luxurious hotel services in Valore Sheraton, which enjoys an unparalleled location close to all services. The location features the following:

  • A great location in the heart of Sheraton Almaza area in the ancient district of Heliopolis.
  • Adjacent to City Center Almaza Mall.
  • The location is close to all major roads and hubs and very easy to reach.
  • The location of the compound is unique, as you can reach within 5 minutes only important service projects, such as City Stars Mall, Sun City Mall, and Cairo Festival City Mall.
  • Important and luxurious hotels are located only 5 minutes away from Valore Sheraton Cairo, the most important of which are Fairmont Hotel, Sheraton, Radisson Blu, as well as International City Stars.
  • Getting from the Project to the largest sports clubs in Cairo takes only 7 minutes at most, including Al-Ahly Club, Nasr City Branch, Wadi Degla Sports Club, and Al-Shams Club.
  • You can take care of your health in the health clubs near Valore Sheraton Compound, which you can reach in just 7 minutes, the most important of which are Smart Gym, Gold's Gym Sheraton, and Titanium Gym.
  • Only about 10 minutes to reach major educational projects, especially the University of the Future, the American University in New Cairo, in addition to the Arab Academy for Science and Technology.
  • There are many large hospitals and medical services that you can find near the Sheraton Cairo Compound, especially Al Salam International Hospitals and Dar Al Fouad.
  • A privileged location just three minutes away from Cairo International Airport, the same distance that separates Valory from Al Thawra Street and Nasr City, as well as Suez Road.
  • Valore Sheraton is located directly on the main Autostrad road.

Spaces of The Project

The space of Valore Sheraton Cairo is wide, with green spaces occupying a large part of it, while the facilities occupy a smaller part, and all buildings enjoy complete privacy due to their spaced design.

This space allowed Valore Sheraton Compound to include a variety of residential units with flexible spaces that customers can choose from according to their desires.

As for the spaces of the units, it ranges from 116 square meters up to about 217 square meters.

Valore Sheraton Services

The executing company of the project has taken care of all its details and designs to be a place where you can rest from noise and pollution and feel psychological comfort and relaxation, so it includes a package of the most luxurious services, as follows:

  • Stylish modern units design in bright, cheerful colors for facades, to look like an elegant architectural masterpiece that is comfortable for the eyes.
  • Green spaces, parks, flower formations, plants, and water bodies work together in harmony to provide distinctive views of all units.
  • In the compound, there is a luxurious health club that has been equipped to the highest level and has the latest sports equipment.
  • Luxurious clubhouse offering an amazing package of the finest leisure services.
  • There are designated walking, running, sports, and biking trails that are completely away from cars.
  • Children can spend the happiest time in the entertainment area designated for them, which includes the most beautiful and safe games.
  • Garages and private parking are provided.
  • Intercom services are available for all units.
  • The compound has a mosque that receives a large number of worshipers.
  • Don't worry about the kids anymore, as there are special nurseries for kids.
  • The buildings have modern and safe elevators.
  • Emergency power generators, where an intelligent lighting system.
  • All buildings have central satellite systems.
  • Guard and security services operate throughout Valore Sheraton compound 24 hours a day.
  • Modern digital cameras are spread all over Bonyan Sheraton compound and work continuously all day.

Prices and Payment Systems

Living in a special place with the highest levels of luxury gives you unlimited luxury, an attractive location, and countless services that may cost you a lot, but the reality is that the matter is completely different when looking for apartments for sale in Valore Sheraton, because the compound offers its customers the lowest price per square meter in this area.

The price per square meter for Bonyan compound units starts from 15,500 EGP up to about 18,500 EGP.

Therefore, acquiring apartments for sale in Sheraton is a great investment opportunity in the heart of Cairo, with the easy payment systems that have been introduced, which are as follows:

  • Payment without a downpayment and interests and paying the unit price in equal installments for a period of four years and the unit is received after 36 months of contracting.
  • The customer pays a downpayment of 10% of the total unit price, then the rest of the amount is paid in equal installments over 5 years, without interest, and the customer receives his unit after 36 months of contracting.
  • Pay a 20% down payment when contracting as a down payment, with the rest of the unit price paid in equal installments for a period of 6 years, without any interest, and the unit is delivered 48 months after the contract.
  • A 30% down payment is paid and the rest of the amount in equal installments for a period of 7 years, without interest, provided that the unit is delivered 48 months after contracting.

It is worth noting that the customer does not pay a payment upon receipt and that all installments are calculated starting from the date recorded in the contract form.

The customer receives his unit in Valore with high-quality finishes, including air conditioning and blinds for the facades, in addition to marble floors, HDF parquet, bathrooms, and ready-made kitchens from Ideal Standard.

Disadvantages of Valore Sheraton Bonyan Compound

The Valore Sheraton Compound has many advantages, and some customers may worry about not getting enough tranquility due to the large variety of units. However, Bonyan Real Estate Company was keen to provide appropriate separations between the units to ensure privacy, in addition to providing 24-hour security and guarding services.

The Owner Company of Valore Sheraton Project

Valore Compound is one of the large projects that should be part of the work of a giant real estate company, and in fact, it is the result of the cooperation of two of the largest companies operating in the Egyptian real estate market, namely Bonyan Real Estate & Development affiliated to Riyadh Castle companies and Almaza Real Estate Development, owned by Sheikh Saleh Abdullah Kamel, affiliated to Dallah Al-Baraka companies.

The land of the project is owned by Almaza Real Estate Development, which owns ART network, and Al Baraka Bank, which owns a large number of projects inside Egyptian territory.

As for the real estate developer of the project, it is Bonyan Real Estate & Development, which is a leading company in the field of real estate, and it has many successful projects in Alexandria, such as:

  • Valori Antoniadis Project
  • Valore Smouha Project
  • Valore Compound Maamoura.
  • Valore San Stefano Project.
  • Grand Ville Compound Smouha.
  • Grand Ville Mariotia Project.
  • Smouha Castle Compound.
  • Smouha Entrance Project.
  • Virginia Island Villas Compound in King Mariout Alexandria.
  • El Nada Palace Project Sidi Bishr.

As a result of the partnership and productive cooperation between these two companies, a large and giant project such as Valore Sheraton Compound, which drew its strength from their strength, come with integrated services and facilities, opening its arms to those looking for calm, elegance and luxury in the most important place in the Egyptian capital to be close to all roads, services, and vital locations.

Where dreams meet reality: Enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in SheratonCity!

SheratonCity is considered one of the most distinctive new cities in Egypt.

Thanks to its strategic location on the Ismailia Road and proximity to the New Administrative Capital, it combines comfortable living and easy access to necessary services and facilities.

You will enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in SheratonCity, where the city provides a diverse range of exclusive residential communities.

While SODIC East and Korba Heights and other luxury residential projects offer comfort and relaxation for anyone looking for it.

In addition, the city enjoys good planning and advanced infrastructure, ensuring living in a safe and comfortable environment.

The city provides many necessary facilities and services, from schools and universities to hospitals and shopping malls.

In addition, SheratonCity is a great investment opportunity.

Due to the steady increase in demand for real estate in the area, you can achieve a lucrative long-term investment return.

Enjoy a luxurious lifestyle and invest in SheratonCity, where dreams meet reality.

Book now and take advantage of the opportunity to benefit from a prime location and unique city planning.

Love Every Moment: Sheraton Offers You More Than You Can Imagine!

  1. Strategic location: Sheraton City is located in the heart of the Egyptian capital Cairo, and contains many facilities and vital services. It is also located near Cairo International Airport, making it an ideal location for investors looking to lease administrative or commercial headquarters.

  2. Luxurious designs: Sheraton offers many luxurious properties and modern facilities, such as hotels, commercial complexes and recreational resorts. These facilities are characterized by their luxurious and modern designs that provide a comfortable and advanced atmosphere for business and investment.

  3. Distinguished investment environment: Investors in Sheraton City enjoy a distinguished and advanced investment environment, with many different facilities and advantages that help accelerate the investment process and achieve the desired profits.

  4. Diverse and vibrant community: Sheraton City is characterized by a diverse and vibrant community, where many different cultures and nationalities coexist in an atmosphere that is modern and full of vitality and activity.

  5. Availability of vital services: Sheraton City's available services within the city include shopping centers, hospitals, schools, restaurants, cafes and hotels, making living in the city comfortable and easy.

  6. Modern technology: Sheraton City is characterized by the availability of the latest technologies and modern services, such as high-speed internet networks, telecommunications services and electronic security, making it an ideal place for investors who rely heavily on technology in their business.

  7. Favorable investment laws and climate: Egypt enjoys favorable investment laws and climate, as it encourages investment in various fields, and provides many advantages and facilities for foreign and local investors.

  8. Diversity of business: Sheraton City provides an opportunity to invest in many different fields, such as real estate, industry and financial services, making it a suitable option for many investors looking for diverse investment fields.

  9. Easy communication: Sheraton City is characterized by the availability of many public services, advanced means of transportation and vital facilities, which makes it an easy place to communicate with and access, and helps facilitate business procedures and investment in the city.

  10. Opportunity for growth: Sheraton has many investment opportunities and major projects that are an opportunity for rapid growth and achieving high profits, especially in the real estate, financial services and industrial sectors.

Between Valorri Sheraton Compound and its Neighbors: Your Guide to the Best Housing Options!

Valorri Sheraton Compound is located next to City Center Al Mazah and just one minute from Suez Road and Al Nosor Road. The project offers the best prices per meter, starting from 20k. With a private mosque, security, a central header, a private health club for the residents of the compound, as well as fully finished units with air conditioners.

  1. El Shorouk Springs Compound: The compound occupies a distinguished location in the Investors District. It offers many luxurious services such as gardens, swimming pools and sports halls, and consists of residential and commercial units at reasonable prices.

  2. Granda Life El Shorouk Compound: This compound enjoys a strategic location in Shorouk, and is characterized by a large set of wonderful facilities and services that suit all tastes and budgets. It includes green spaces, seating areas and dining areas, as well as fountains and swimming pools.

  3. Al Burouj Compound in Shorouk: One of the most famous residential compounds in Shorouk, as it is located in the west Cairo area and includes a large group of luxurious apartments at reasonable prices. The compound includes wonderful facilities and services that suit all types of life and tastes.

  4. El Patio Prime Shorouk Compound: This compound is one of the most important projects in the Shorouk area, and consists of apartments of different sizes and prices, with services including sports clubs, shopping centers and swimming pools.

  5. City One El Shorouk Compound: This luxurious compound provides easy access to many vital areas in Shorouk, and contains many apartment units and villas with all the distinctive specifications a person needs, such as outdoor seating, swimming pools and playgrounds.

  6. Granda El Shorouk Compound: This compound offers many luxurious units at reasonable prices, with modern facilities, modern hotels, swimming pools and a sports hall.

  7. El Patio Casa Shorouk Compound: It is located next to Valorri Sheraton Compound and was built using the latest technologies, which guarantees comfort and safety for residents. The compound's services include outdoor walking areas, playgrounds, swimming pools and sports clubs.

  8. El Patio 5 East El Shorouk Compound: It is located in the northern area of ​​Cairo, and provides luxury housing at reasonable prices. The compound offers luxury with wonderful facilities and services, such as swimming pools, gymnasiums and children's playgrounds.

There are many luxurious options near Valorri Sheraton, where each of its compounds brings luxury and comfort to the forefront of thinking, along with its reasonable prices, making those options an exceptional experience worth paying attention to and considering.

Smart Shopping: Discover How to Make the Most of Offers!

Do you want to buy a real estate unit but don't know where to start? Don't worry, the website will help you in all the steps of purchase in a simple and easy way. In this guide, we will show you the steps to buy a real estate unit from the site in an easy and detailed way.

Step 1: Search and Analysis

The first step in buying a real estate unit on the site is search and analysis. You must search for available homes and residential units in your preferred area and make sure you know the prices available in the market.

You should be aware of the different property values, prices and transactions available in the area, by reading property listings, and displaying details related to area, location and different patterns.

Step 2: Select the real estate unit

When you find something suitable on the site, contact the advertiser and book an appointment to meet. The advertiser should provide you with the necessary documents to apply for the apartment for sale.

If the documents are appropriate, approve the purchase of the unit. Otherwise, you must ensure that the contract includes all the agreements that have been agreed upon and the required conditions.

Step 3: Complete the legal procedures

Upon agreeing to purchase the unit, you must complete the legal procedures to acquire the title deed, and make sure it includes all the details including:

  • Determining the purchase value and method of payment.
  • Specifying the delivery date and official delivery of documents.

Step 4: Agree on possible options

You must agree on the different payment options regarding the real estate unit, such as installment options and the amount of the initial payment.

Step 5: Final documentation and registration of the title deed

You must document and register the final title deed for the real estate unit at the Real Estate Registration Office and make sure that all necessary documentation and legal procedures are completed before starting work.

After following these steps, you should feel relieved to complete the process of purchasing the residential unit comfortably and easily. You must ensure that the required legal procedures are followed and that your eligibility to purchase is verified, so that you can live comfortably and easily in your real estate unit.


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  • Private Pool
  • Shared Pool
  • Parking
  • Retail Outlets
  • Cycling Lanes
  • Pedestrians
  • Clubhouse
  • Medical Center
  • Commercial Area
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