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The most distinctive Apartment for sale at Valore Maamoura Resort with an area of 141m

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141 M2
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150m attractive Apartment for sale in Valore Maamoura with imaginary price

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150 M2
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Apartment for sale 145m in Valore Maamoura Resort with payment facilities

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145 M2
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Hurry Up To Buy a 160m² Apartment in Valore Maamoura Project

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160 M2
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Details About Sale Of An Apartment Starting From 175m²​​​​​​​ in Valore Maamoura Resort

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175 M2
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Special offer of 190m Apartment for sale in Valore Maamoura with distinctive location

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190 M2
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200m Apartment with attractive price and charming view in Valore Resort

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200 M2
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The cheapest 157m Apartment for sale in Valore Maamoura Resort

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157 M2
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About Valore Maamoura Resort

Enter a world of creativity and excellence with our unique Valore Maamoura Resort project

Enjoy your private moments on the beach of Valore Maamoura Resort, the only place along the beaches of Alexandria that helps you break free from all the constraints of life and get a high degree of privacy. It is designed just for you. Valore Real Estate Development Company has taken care to provide all the elements of luxury in an upscale tourist project in the heart of the city of Alexandria by choosing a distinctive geographic location close to all the important places and facilities necessary for customers, as well as units designed in the latest styles and different areas so that the client can easily obtain the unit they are looking for at an attractive price. Waiting no longer makes sense, go ahead and book your unit in one of the finest projects launched in Alexandria and enjoy the luxury of living and having the best times.

Visit the ideal location with strategic location at Valore Maamoura Resort

One of the most important factors for the success of any tourist project is the location where it is established. Valore Real Estate Development has succeeded in choosing a strategic location for Valore Maamoura Resort in Maamoura, close to Al Montaza Palace and the most important roads and landmarks known in Alexandria, which are:

  • Valore Maamoura Resort is located 170 meters from Al Montaza Gardens.

  • The project is 300 meters from the sea.
  • Valore Maamoura Resort is close to the most important shopping malls and famous cafes in Alexandria.

Discover the architectural creativity in the design of Valore Maamoura Resort

The developer was keen to make Valore Maamoura Resort an architectural masterpiece and an icon of luxury in the city of Alexandria. It commissioned the best engineers and designers to develop the project's plans. The exterior design of the units came in vibrant colors harmonious with nature and soothing to the nerves, using the best durable building materials resistant to disasters and weathering factors, and surrounded by green spaces and water surfaces. The finest decors were implemented inside the units to suit refined tastes. The project was divided as follows:

  • Valore Maamoura Resort was built on an area of 3,500 square meters.
  • The largest area was allocated to green spaces and water surfaces, and the remaining area for buildings and units.
  • The project includes 3 buildings, each consisting of 2 garage floors and 10 floors.
  • Valore Maamoura Resort overlooks a street with a width of up to 60 square meters, and another of 12 square meters.
  • The residential units in Valore Maamoura Resort are divided into 17 apartments in different areas.
  • The buildings in Valore Maamoura Resort feature luxurious facades and first class hotel-style entrances, porcelain tile floors and HDF wood, Peach Pine doors and windows, and balcony doors made of the best aluminum sections or high quality PVC.

The ideal choice for you with our diverse units and practical areas at Valore Maamoura Resort

The developer of Valore Maamoura Resort was keen to meet customers' needs for units, so it provided different areas so that each client can easily choose and obtain the unit that suits their capabilities and needs, and the unit areas can be found as follows:

  • The area of residential units in Valore Maamoura Resort ranges from 141 to 270 square meters.

Look for the unique features of Valore Maamoura Resort that promise to meet all your needs

Enjoy spending the best times with your whole family amidst luxury and comfort within Valore Maamoura Resort, which was specifically designed for you to get the highest level of entertainment and recreation through its many unique advantages, most notably:

  • Valore Maamoura Resort enjoys an excellent location in the heart of the bride of the Mediterranean, the city of Alexandria, making it close to all services, facilities, landmarks and famous sights, which attracts a huge number of customers and investors.
  • Customers at Valore Maamoura Resort will enjoy wonderful designs and units in different areas that provide the opportunity to choose freely at unparalleled prices not available in any other tourist project and flexible payment systems.
  • All units at Valore Maamoura Resort enjoy wonderful views of the Mediterranean Sea with its clear waters and golden sands, as well as green spaces and water surfaces such as artificial lakes.
  • Tracks and walkways are provided at Valore Maamoura Resort amidst the green spaces for jogging and cycling enthusiasts to enjoy the stunning scenery and breathe fresh air.
  • The developer of Valore Maamoura Resort has provided paved paths for residents with special needs in the village to facilitate their movement and transportation without facing any difficulties and spend fun time.
  • There is a special area in Valore Maamoura Resort for holding barbecues and family gatherings to spend fun time with family and friends amidst the charming nature.
  • There are benches amidst the gardens and green spaces spread throughout Valore Maamoura Resort that inspire creators and provide tranquility and relaxation for residents.
  • A designated area for walking pets is provided in Valore Maamoura Resort, equipped with all the necessary materials and means to care for and attend to them.
  • Valore Maamoura Resort has good infrastructure for natural gas, electricity and sewage networks to ensure that residents of the project get the necessary service facilities for living.
  • Valore Maamoura Resort is environmentally friendly as it relies on solar energy to generate the electricity used for lighting.
  • There are water tanks above each unit in Valore Maamoura Resort that operate on solar energy to rationalize electricity consumption.
  • There are several ATMs in Valore Maamoura Resort to facilitate financial transactions for residents without having to leave the project.
  • Valore Maamoura Resort has electronic gates to facilitate entry and exit from the project without causing congestion.
  • High quality surveillance cameras are installed throughout Valore Maamoura Resort to monitor all movements and ensure full safety for residents of the project.
  • Highly trained security personnel are deployed throughout Valore Maamoura Resort around the clock to provide safety and protection.
  • There is a place of worship in Valore Maamoura Resort in Islamic style to perform prayers and religious rites, and it is equipped with ablution areas for men and women.
  • High-speed internet is available in all units of Valore Maamoura Resort for easy communication with all facilities in the project and enjoying spending time freely on social media.
  • Valore Maamoura Resort has fire alarms and systems according to international standards for quick control of any emergency and protection of those in the units.
  • Air conditioners and central showers are provided in all units in Valore Maamoura Resort to ensure residents enjoy a comfortable environment and have a good time.
  • Valore Maamoura Resort has electric elevators to facilitate movement between floors and ensure customer comfort.
  • An area for collecting waste and leftovers from the units is allocated in Valore Maamoura Resort for easy and safe disposal and maintaining the project's cleanliness and customers' comfort.
  • Concerned for the health of customers in Valore Maamoura Resort, the units are cleaned and sterilized periodically to prevent the spread of diseases.
  • Emergency stairs are provided in Valore Maamoura Resort, which are used in cases of necessity for added protection and safety.
  • Intercoms are provided in all units of Valore Maamoura Resort for easy communication with security personnel at the main gates and the customer getting what they need.
  • A team is available in Valore Maamoura Resort to answer customers' questions around the clock and provide residents with what they need at any time.

Providing luxury is our goal with our excellent services at Valore Maamoura Resort

Because you deserve it; Valore Real Estate Development Company has implemented Valore Maamoura Resort, the address of sophistication and excellence among the tourist projects in the city of Alexandria. It has been designed in a wonderful modern style and includes unique services, most notably:

  • Valore Maamoura Resort provides cleaning and maintenance services in the units around the clock and throughout the week to ensure customer comfort.
  • There are swimming pools of varying depths at Valore Maamoura Resort to suit all heights and ages and spend fun time in the finest resorts in the area.
  • Covered swimming pools are also provided for women at Valore Maamoura Resort to ensure a fun time in complete privacy.
  • There is a health club at Valore Maamoura Resort that provides spa, Jacuzzi and skin care sessions for more luxury and enjoyment in the village.
  • A club house is provided at Valore Maamoura Resort with all recreational activities residents need in the village to spend a wonderful summer vacation.
  • There is a club with sports fields at Valore Maamoura Resort for playing football, volleyball and tennis and the hobbies favored by residents.
  • Covered and enclosed gyms are provided for sports and fitness enthusiasts at Valore Maamoura Resort equipped with the latest gym equipment and professional trainers.
  • There is a large commercial area at Valore Maamoura Resort with stores that provide global brands and labels customers need in the village for a unique shopping experience.
  • There is a hypermarket at Valore Maamoura Resort that provides all the groceries and products necessary for daily life and delivery options to units around the clock.
  • An area for cafes and restaurants executed at the highest level is provided at Valore Maamoura Resort to offer the most delicious foods and beverages to suit all tastes amidst a great atmosphere.
  • There is an area for holding summer parties and hosting celebrities at Valore Maamoura Resort to spend an unparalleled summer vacation.
  • Concerned for the health of customers at Valore Maamoura Resort, medical clinics have been provided equipped with the latest medical devices and a team of specialist doctors around the clock.
  • There are pharmacies at Valore Maamoura Resort with all the medicines and medical supplies needed by residents in the village 24 hours a day.
  • There are ambulances with all the medical devices and first aid supplies needed for emergencies that may occur to guests of Valore Maamoura Resort.
  • A transportation network is provided at Valore Maamoura Resort to facilitate free movement and enjoy the stunning nature in a short time for more luxury.
  • An entertainment area for children is provided over a large area of Valore Maamoura Resort with age-appropriate games under the supervision of specialists and camera monitoring so families can spend fun time together in complete safety.
  • There are halls with electronic games at Valore Maamoura Resort suitable for all ages so that family members can enjoy spending the summer vacation in the village.
  • Garages are provided over a large area of Valore Maamoura Resort to avoid congestion or crowding in front of the units and maintain the civilized appearance of the project.
  • An area for charging electric vehicles is provided at Valore Maamoura Resort to keep pace with the latest technologies and provide customers with what they need.
  • Open and covered cinemas are provided at Valore Maamoura Resort according to the latest technological systems to screen Arabic and foreign films and provide fun time.
  • There is a first class hotel at Valore Maamoura Resort to provide hotel services to guests and ensure they get the luxury that suits them.
  • Halls equipped with state-of-the-art audio and display equipment are provided at Valore Maamoura Resort for hosting parties and private events amidst incredible atmospheres.
  • An aqua park and water games suitable for all ages are provided at Valore Maamoura Resort for fun and enjoyable time for everyone in the village.
  • Water and air games are provided on the beach of Valore Maamoura Resort for adventure and thrill seekers to enjoy an unparalleled summer vacation unlike any other project in the same area.
  • There is a shopping mall at Valore Maamoura Resort with all means of entertainment and enjoyment to spend pleasant and relaxing time in the village.

Competitive prices and convenient payment plans are part of the offer at Valore Maamoura Resort

You can now get the unit of your dreams in the heart of the city of Alexandria at the best prices. The developer has provided competitive prices that suit you and you will not find in any other project in the same area, in order to ease the financial burdens you bear. Unit prices at Valore Maamoura Resort can be found as follows:

  • The price per meter at Valore Maamoura Resort starts from 15,000 to 29,000 Egyptian Pounds.
  • The price of units at Valore Maamoura Resort starts from 2,731,000 Egyptian Pounds.

In addition to these prices offered by the developer for the units, more facilities have been provided to help you get the unit you are looking for through flexible payment systems with minimum down payment and longest payment period, as follows:

  • A residential unit can be obtained at Valore Maamoura Resort without a down payment and payment of the unit value over 3 years.
  • 15% of the unit price can be paid and the rest paid over 4 years.
  • 20% of the total amount is paid and the rest over 5 years interest-free.
  • 20% of the unit amount can be paid and the rest installmented over 6 years with 5% interest.
  • A 25% down payment of the residential unit value is made at Valore Maamoura Resort and the remaining amount is paid over 7 years with interest up to 10%.

Discover the insightful vision and long experience of our real estate developer

Valore Investment and Real Estate Development Company owns Valore Maamoura Resort and is one of the leading companies in the Egyptian real estate market. Since its inception, it has sought to prove its competence and gain customer trust through its projects characterized by sophistication and luxury with the best construction materials. It also includes a large elite group of engineers and architectural designers, and the company enjoys a good reputation, high credibility, accuracy and commitment to delivery times. Its most important projects include:

  • Valore Sheraton project.
  • Valore Antoniadis project.
  • Valore Smouha project.

Look Beyond the Ordinary, Choose the Elite: Get Your Unit in Al Maamoura and Live in Limitless Luxury!

Al Maamoura lives today in an era characterized by technological development and innovation in all aspects of life.

Through this progress, individuals can live a comfortable life full of limitless prosperity.

The available services and facilities now meet the needs of individuals in an easy and comfortable way, which helps them enjoy every moment of their lives.

Housing options in Al Maamoura have diversified to meet individual preferences.

People can choose to live in luxurious hotels that provide all means of comfort and entertainment, and are characterized by their ideal locations that allow guests to enjoy stunning views of the city or the sea.

In addition, individuals can enjoy the experience of living in luxurious apartments that provide more privacy and independence.

These apartments contain all the necessary equipment for a comfortable life, such as equipped kitchens, spacious sitting areas, and private gardens.

It is worth noting that Al Maamoura also provides many modern and comfortable means of transportation, such as the metro, air-conditioned buses and other means of transport that enable individuals to move easily within the city.

This contributes to saving time, effort and getting rid of traffic problems.

In addition, Al Maamoura is home to many modern commercial and entertainment centers, where individuals can shop at global brands and enjoy a variety of restaurants, cafes, theaters and parks.

This gives them a chance to relax and entertain away from the pressures of daily life.

In summary, it can be said that Al Maamoura provides individuals with opportunities to live in limitless prosperity.

It combines technological advancement and diversity of services and facilities, which helps individuals enjoy a comfortable and prosperous life.

Al Maamoura: The Pulse of Modern Egypt and the Gateway to its Promising Future!

Al Maamoura is one of the most important urban cities in Egypt, with a strategic location and a rich history.

Al Maamoura is the heart of economic and cultural life in the region, and is a major center for commercial, industrial and service activities in the country.

Al Maamoura is home to many prestigious universities and educational institutes, making it a preferred destination for students seeking higher education.

In addition, there are many sports and cultural facilities, such as theaters and museums, that enhance the cultural life of the city.

Al Maamoura is characterized by its eventful history and rich culture, with many historical and archaeological landmarks that tell the story of the city.

Among these famous landmarks are the Qaitbay Citadel, the famous Al Maamoura Market, and the Old Mosque.

Al Maamoura is also an economically prosperous city, home to many large factories and companies in various sectors.

Additionally, there are many luxurious tourist resorts and international hotels in the city, making it an ideal destination for tourists.

Overall, Al Maamoura is one of the most vibrant and developed cities in Egypt, offering great opportunities for work, education and culture.

It is a modern city that uniquely combines ancient civilization and modern life, making it an ideal place to live and invest.

Excellence in Luxury and Distinction: Valore Al Maamoura is Your Ideal Choice!

Valore Al Maamoura is your ideal choice when looking for a better life in Alexandria.

This luxurious residential project is characterized by its modern design and luxurious facilities that meet all your needs and provide safety and comfort for you and your family.

Valore Al Maamoura was built on a large area of 3,500 square meters and contains residential units ranging from apartments, duplexes and townhouses.

The unit areas range from 141 square meters to 270 square meters, with prices starting from 2,731,000 Egyptian pounds.

Valore Al Maamoura provides all basic services including 24/7 security and guarding, and provides all means of entertainment and relaxation.

It also contains a fully equipped sports club, a health spa for relaxation, spacious green areas, and shopping and trade centers.

Valore Al Maamoura is located in the heart of Al Maamoura near main roads and tourist sights, and directly overlooks the beach.

This strategic location makes it a small integrated city that provides you with comfort and tranquility away from the crisis of congestion and noise.

If you are looking to live in a luxurious atmosphere and a comfortable life, Valore Al Maamoura is your ideal choice.

Enjoy luxury and tranquility in this elegant project and invest in your and your family's future.

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