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Your apartment With 86m² Garden and An Area Starting From 133m² in Sun Capital Compound

6 October Compounds

133 M2
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118m² apartment with attractive price and charming view in Sun Capital 6 October

6 October Compounds

118 M2
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Take the opportunity with unbeatable price per 100m² in Sun Capital Arabia Holding

6 October Compounds

100 M2
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160m² apartment for sale with less than market price in Sun Capital Egypt

6 October Compounds

160 M2
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126m² apartment for sale in a very unique location within Sun Capital 6 October compound

6 October Compounds

126 M2
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Your townhouse with space of 266m², 5% downpayment, and 84 months installments in Sun Capital Egypt

6 October Compounds

266 M2
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The most distinctive apartment for sale at Sun Capital with an area of 103m

6 October Compounds

103 M2
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Pay 10% downpayment and receive duplex in Sun Capital with space of 190m and 4 rooms

6 October Compounds

190 M2
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Properties for sale in Sun Capital 149M

6 October Compounds

149 M2
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The cheapest 175m² duplex for sale with garden in Sun Capital Arabia Holding

6 October Compounds

175 M2
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3 bedrooms Apartments for sale in Sun Capital 135m²

6 October Compounds

135 M2
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With 10% Down Payment Get 194m² duplex in Sun Capital 6 October compound by Arabia Holding

6 October Compounds

194 M2
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About Sun Capital 6 October

Important Information about Sun Capital Compound 6 October City

Sun Capital October Gardens is a project by Arabia Holding, which chose the best location in October City for it. The compound provides its residents with a new and unconventional lifestyle, and offers them a large number of advantages at competitive prices.

Sun Capital 6 October Location

Sun Capital October Gardens compound occupies the most wonderful location in the city of 6 October, which has contributed to Arabia Group compound’s popularity among buyers. This vital location can be found in close proximity to many important services and places.

Major Landmarks Near to Sun Capital:

  • A privileged location in the clubs area, close to a number of famous malls and social clubs, such as The Mall of Egypt (which is only 7 minutes away), Mall of Arabia, Wadi Degla Club and Al Jazeera Club.

  • A magnificent view of the Pyramids of Giza thanks to its unique location on the Fayoum Road.

  • Sun Capital October is Very close to Zewail University and Media Production City.

  • It is only 4 km away from the Great Egyptian Museum.

  • The distance between the compound and Sphinx International Airport is not more than 5 minutes.

  • October Gardens is very close to Giza, Haram St., and the Egyptian Shooting Club.

  • Sun Capital compound is only a small distance from the ring road, El Wahat road, and the 26th of July Corridor.

  • A few minutes away from the upscale Rehab October City project.

  • It is very close to the distinct neighborhoods in the region such as El Ashgar District, plus the Italian and Spanish quarters.

  • Central Cairo is easily accessible from Sun Capital in no more than 20 minutes, while the Fifth Settlement can be reached in just 30 minutes.

  • 45 minutes away from New Administrative Capital, and 10 more minutes to reach Sheikh Zayed City.

  • 15 minutes from the new El-Dabaa axis.

  • Smart village is very close to Arabia Compound only, 15 minutes away.

All of this has increased the demand for Sun Capital units exponentially, because living in this compound is a guarantee of a more luxurious lifestyle.

Malkata Residence Phase

Arabia Development Company launched one of its most important residential stages in Sun Capital Compound, 6th of October City, which is indicative of great and impressive success. Here the client gets his dream home that was built especially for him with a range of massive services that create a comfortable environment for him. This stage is also distinguished by its proximity to the most important strategic areas so that residents can easily obtain their living necessities. In addition to the buildings that are characterized by their modern architectural design and high precision finishes with varying areas. All units enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the charming natural landscapes and artificial lakes. The prices in this stage are affordable, starting from 15,800 Egyptian pounds with the longest payment periods up to 8 years without any financial interest.

Available Space in Sun Capital

The real estate developer was keen to select a large space of about 553 acres for the construction of the Sun Capital project, which was divided to accommodate 14,000 residential and administrative units, making it one of the largest integrated projects.

All units feature a high-end international design. Residential units include apartments, twin houses, townhouses, and standalone villas, all of which are available in multiple sizes.

  • Apartments cover a wide range, between 90 square meters and 250 square meters.

  • All the other units start from 250 square meters

Sun Capital Services

Owning a unit within this huge compound is a guarantee of living in an integrated residential city with all the means of comfort you may need. The biggest proof of this is the numerous services available, most notably the following:

  • Enjoy the best shopping experience in the mall, which covers a large area and includes a variety of the finest brands in the world.

  • Within the compound you’ll find administrative buildings that manage major international companies

  • Three international hotels that offer excellent services to customers, including: Holiday Inn, Vermont, and Intercontinental Hotel.

  • Educational services are a main concern to the developers, because of that, they’ve included a number of international schools and universities on Sun Capital October compound premises.

  • A private hospital and medical Centre that provides comprehensive medical care throughout the day, as well as a special emergency treatment department, all available within the Compound.

  • A sports club that occupies a large space of the compound, equipped with the latest fitness tools in order to motivate the population to engage in sports activity for better health.

  • Great landscape thanks to the carefully-designed swimming pools distributed throughout the compound, which are built in varying sizes to suit everyone.

  • Artificial lakes cover a large part of the compound, which contributed to the beauty of the landscape.

  • Residents' cars can be parked inside the underground garage, which covers a spacious area to accommodate a large number of cars.

  • The greenery extended over a large part of the compound, and this contributes to the joy and comfort of the population.

  • The entire façade of the project is covered in marble, which gives it a luxurious appearance without the need for regular maintenance.

  • The food court can be found within the compound, where a number of cafés and restaurants are located. They offer premium service and a varied menu, and can accommodate a large number of visitors.

  • 6-10 km long trails with scenic views, carefully designed for hiking and jogging.

  • An excellent all-day security service spread throughout the compound, to fully secure it and provide maximum protection for the population..

To learn more about October compounds.

Sun Capital Prices

The real estate developer offers affordable residential units, which makes them accessible to many customers. The price per meter is very reasonable in general, but it varies widely according to the type of unit. For a better estimate of unit prices, see the following:

  • Ground floor apartments with a space of 144 square meters, attached to a garden of 1234 square meters, are priced at 2.100,000 EGP.

  • Penthouses attached to a garden are about 170 square meters, starting from 3,340,000 EGP.

  • 261 square meter townhouses start from 5,407,000 EGP.

From the above it is clear that the price of a meter in Sun Capital is competitive, owning a high-end housing unit at this price is a golden opportunity rarely repeated again. The prices of this compound are really different from what is advertised in other presses.

Payment systems in Sun Capital

The owner company provided its customers with excellent payment systems to make it easier for them to pay without any financial pressure, and these systems came as follows:-

  • 10% down payment upon signing the contract, and the rest is paid in installments for over 7 years without interest.

  • 15% of the unit value at the time of booking, and the remaining payment over 8 years without interest.

  • 20% down payment and the remaining amount is in the form of equal installments for a full 9 years without interest.

  • 25% down payment and the rest is paid for 13 years without interest.

Disadvantages of Sun Capital 6 October Compound

Sun Capital New Capital Compound has many advantages, but some may consider that the location of 6th of October makes it far from the vital areas in the heart of Cairo. The region is surrounded by an extensive network of roads and major hubs, in addition to the availability of advanced means of transportation such as the electric train, which facilitates access to the capital and reduces the perceived remoteness.

Owner Company Portfolio

 Sun Capital is an addition to Arabia Holding’s series of giant projects. It is one of the oldest real estate companies that have implemented a large number of projects, the most important of which are:

In 6th of October, the Elegant and Modern Life Awaits You With All Its Beautiful Details!

If you are considering living in the city of 6th of October in Egypt, here is a detailed list of the features and details you should know before making the decision:

  1. City area
    The city of 6th of October is one of the largest cities in Egypt, extending over an area of ​​119.2 km2. This means that there are many options available when looking for housing in the city.

  2. City location
    The city of 6th of October is located about 32 km southwest of the Egyptian capital Cairo. This means that residents can enjoy all the advantages of the big city, while maintaining a quiet life away from the bustle of the city.

  3. Distinguished housing
    In addition to national housing projects in the city of 6th of October, it also includes many private communities and distinctive real estate projects that provide comfortable and luxurious housing.

  4. Information and communications technology
    The city of 6th of October is a technologically advanced city, providing high quality communications networks and high speed internet services, making it a good choice for people who need to connect continuously.

  5. Public security and safety
    The city of 6th of October is one of the safe cities in Egypt, as it enjoys a good security system and continuous guarding, which means that residents feel safe and tranquility within the city.

  6. City services
    The services of the city of 6th of October include many commercial and entertainment areas, including restaurants, commercial buildings, entertainment centers. Different options can be found in the city, including shopping malls, stores, parks, sports stadiums and clubs.

  7. Transportation network
    Although there are some flaws in the public transportation network in the city of 6th of October, it is available and covers the city well. In addition, the city includes a train station for the Egyptian Railways and a number of other bus and taxi stations.

  8. Upscale neighborhoods
    The city of 6th of October contains many upscale neighborhoods that provide high quality, luxurious housing, including West Sumeid neighborhood and the 6th of October Elite neighborhood.

In the end, the city of 6th of October includes all the features that residents can aspire to in a city, by providing excellent housing and multiple services in addition to its distinguished location and available transportation network, all of which make it an extremely attractive option for living there in Egypt.

6th of October: It is the Ideal Destination for the Future You Long For!

The city of 6th of October is one of the most important new cities in Egypt, located in Giza Governorate and administered by the New Urban Communities Authority. This city is an ideal destination for living and investing in Egypt, as it is characterized by its advanced urban planning and features that make it the right place for those looking for stability and prosperity. Here is a list of the most important features of the city of 6th of October:

  1. It contains many luxurious housing units
    The city of 6th of October contains many luxurious housing units, as it includes a large group of real estate projects that provide residents with all means of comfort and luxury.

  2. It includes many huge projects
    The city of 6th of October has many huge real estate projects, which are of interest to many investors and clients. Among the most prominent of these projects are: Badya Palm Hills 6 October, O West, and I City.

  3. Its ideal location for investors
    The city of 6th of October is an ideal destination for investors looking to take advantage of the real estate investment opportunity, as it provides multiple and lucrative investment opportunities.

  4. Provides diverse job opportunities
    The city of 6th of October is also a suitable place to work, as it includes many industrial and commercial areas that provide diverse job opportunities for the population.

  5. Diverse social and cultural life
    The city of 6th of October provides a vibrant and diverse social and cultural life, as it includes many communities and places that residents can explore and interact with others.

It is clear that the city of 6th of October has many advantages that make it an ideal destination to live and invest in Egypt, which rises to the level of global cities in terms of urban planning, prosperity, security and safety.

Sun Capital 6 October Compound and More: Get to Know Interesting Compounds Nearby!

The city of 6th of October is one of the most important new cities in Egypt, as it contains many luxury compounds that meet the needs of elegant and sophisticated housing. Sun Capital 6 October Compound is one of the best compounds in the area, as it provides many services and provides residents with a distinctive set of luxurious residential units. Here is a list of the most important compounds near the Sun Capital 6 October Compound that may interest those looking for housing in this area.

Jedar Compound 6 October
Jedar Compound 6 October is one of the luxurious and modern real estate projects, as it provides residents with a luxurious living experience with a modern and distinctive design. This compound also has a stunning architectural design and enchanting natural scenery.

Isola Villa Compound

Isola Villa is located in the heart of Sixth of October City, a luxury residential project that includes a number of residential units characterized by their modern and elegant designs. This tower also provides luxury facilities such as stunning swimming pools and sports halls.

Woodville Compound 6 October


Woodville Compound 6 October is a luxury residential project designed with the most beautiful modern and elegant decorations, where the residential units are characterized by ultra-super luxury finishing. This compound also includes a number of luxury facilities and services

Midgard Residence 6 October

Midgard Residence 6 October is one of the modern and contemporary real estate projects that allows residents to enjoy luxury and elegance, as it provides many luxury apartments with its distinctive and modern designs.

Joulz Encha 6 October
Joulz Encha 6 October includes a number of residential units characterized by elegant modern designs, which include many luxury facilities including swimming pools and gyms.


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