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85m apartment with attractive price and charming view in Porto Heliopolis

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110m apartment for sale in a very unique location within Porto Heliopolis Compound

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The most distinctive apartment for sale at Porto Heliopolis Compound with an area of 135m

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140m attractive apartment for sale in Porto Heliopolis with imaginary price

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Special offer of 115m apartment for sale in Porto Heliopolis Compound with distinctive location

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Get An Apartment in Porto Heliopolis Starting From 150m²

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Apartment for sale 165m in Porto Heliopolis Compound with payment facilities

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Hurry Up To Buy an 170m² Apartment in Porto Heliopolis

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Units With An Area of 200m² For Book in Porto Heliopolis Compound

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About Porto Heliopolis Compound

A Step Towards A Better Future With Our Distinctive Porto Heliopolis Project

Here is a unique blend of modern lifestyles and luxurious residential units within Porto Heliopolis Compound, where Amer Group for Real Estate Development, the project's owner, has launched its latest residential project in New Cairo using the latest and most elegant styles, providing all means of luxury and comfort for you in terms of eye-catching designs, diverse areas and competitive prices that you will not find in any other project, as well as essential and recreational services and facilities that allow you to get away from the city's noise and congestion and move to a quiet, luxurious life as you dream of. Take the initiative and book your unit in one of the most luxurious residential projects in New Cairo.

Explore Our Unique Location Combining Beauty And Strategy In Porto Heliopolis Project

One of the most attractive factors for customers to any residential project is its distinguished location. Here, the choice of Amer Group for Real Estate Development fell on a strategic location for Porto Heliopolis Compound in the heart of New Cairo, specifically on the main Al Thawra Street at the entrance of Tivoli opposite Dar Al Ishaara directly, making the project close to the most important places and famous landmarks represented in the following:

  • Porto Heliopolis Compound is located near the Tivoli Dom Restaurants Complex, just 3 minutes away.
  • Porto Heliopolis Compound can be reached by Citystars and City Centre Almaza in just 3 minutes.
  • The project is only 6 minutes away from Cairo International Airport.
  • The compound is 20 minutes away from New Cairo.
  • The project is close to downtown Cairo, 25 minutes away.
  • The compound is about 10 minutes away from Al Korba.
  • The project is adjacent to major roads such as Omar Ibn Al Khattab Street and Al Thawra Street.

Discover The Architectural Creativity In The Design Of Our Porto Heliopolis Project

The developing company of Porto Heliopolis was keen to make it an icon of beauty and luxury with designs that mimic European projects by the best architects, using the best types of durable construction resistant to weathering factors and natural disasters. The exterior design of the project came with transparent double-glazed facades that reflect the enchanting nature surrounding the compound of green spaces, artificial lakes, and attractive lighting. The interior decorations and finishes of the units were made to the highest level of sophistication to suit those with refined tastes. The compound was divided as follows:

  • The project was established on an area of 8 feddans, equivalent to 27,000 square meters.
  • The largest part of the project area was allocated to green spaces and landscaping over an area of 6,680 square meters, and the rest of the area was for buildings and various units.
  • There was a diversity in the units within the project between residential units over an area of 142,827 square meters, including duplexes and studios, and 666 commercial units.
  • Porto Heliopolis Compound consists of 8 floors, each floor containing 11 residential units and a ground floor in the most modern style.

Enjoy The Diversity In Unit Choices And Areas We Offer In Porto Heliopolis

Porto Heliopolis Compound was established in a huge area, which allowed the developing company to provide units in different sizes so that the client can choose between the units and get what suits their needs and capabilities. The areas of units available in the project can be identified as follows:

  • The area of residential units in the compound starts from 56 to 121 square meters.
  • Residential units in the compound also start from 62 to 252 square meters.

Discover The Exclusive Benefits Our Porto Heliopolis Project Offers

The project includes a large group of features that suit you as a distinguished customer looking for privacy and a comfortable life. Amer Group for Real Estate Development has provided all the elements of luxury and happiness for residents in Porto Heliopolis, represented in the following:

  • The distinguished location of Porto Heliopolis makes it easily accessible from anywhere and brings the client close to all the services and facilities they need in their daily life.
  • Amer Group for Real Estate Development has provided high-end units with modern designs, diverse areas, and competitive prices in Porto Heliopolis.
  • All units in Porto Heliopolis enjoy wonderful and enchanting views of the green spaces, water features of fountains, and artificial lakes.
  • State-of-the-art surveillance cameras have been provided throughout Porto Heliopolis to monitor all movements and ensure full security for unit owners.
  • Trained security personnel are deployed throughout Porto Heliopolis to maintain security and order in the project around the clock.
  • There are extensive jogging and cycling paths amid the gardens and plazas surrounding Porto Heliopolis for running and cycling enthusiasts.
  • Paved tracks suitable for people with special needs have been provided in Porto Heliopolis to facilitate their movement and mobility freely without facing any obstacles.
  • There is a special area for recreation and pets in Porto Heliopolis, equipped with all the necessary means for their care and attention.
  • High-speed internet is available in all units of Porto Heliopolis to facilitate communication with all facilities in the project and keep abreast of events in the outside world.
  • Electronic gates are provided to facilitate entry and exit to and from Porto Heliopolis and prevent congestion in front of the compound.
  • There is a large area in Porto Heliopolis for holding barbecues and family gatherings to spend the best times with the family.
  • A house of worship has been established in Porto Heliopolis in the Islamic style for performing prayers and religious rites, equipped with a place for ablution for men and another for women.
  • Alarm systems and state-of-the-art firefighting systems have been provided in case of fire to ensure protection and safety for unit owners in Porto Heliopolis.
  • A private power generator is provided for each unit in Porto Heliopolis that operates in case of any power outage to ensure normal life.
  • Porto Heliopolis is environmentally friendly as it relies on clean solar energy to generate electricity.
  • There are water tanks above the residential buildings in Porto Heliopolis that operate on solar energy to rationalize electricity consumption.
  • There are elevators in all units of Porto Heliopolis for easy movement of unit owners between floors with great comfort.
  • A dedicated area for collecting waste and debris from the units has been provided in Porto Heliopolis for safe and easy disposal and to maintain the cleanliness of the compound and customer comfort.
  • A customer service team is available to residents in Porto Heliopolis around the clock to answer their questions and inquiries.
  • There is a large roof over the units and residential buildings in Porto Heliopolis to enjoy the enchanting nature and scenic views.

Enjoy Comfort And Luxury With The Project's Elegant Services At Porto Heliopolis Compound

Because you deserve it; Amer Group for Real Estate Development has implemented Porto Heliopolis Compound, the address of sophistication and excellence among the existing residential projects in New Cairo; where it was designed in a wonderful modern style, and includes unique services, most notably:

  • Porto Heliopolis includes cleaning and maintenance services for the units around the clock and throughout the week to ensure customer comfort.
  • An elegant social club suitable for family gatherings has been provided in Porto Heliopolis, which includes numerous sports fields for football, tennis, basketball, and other favorite hobbies.
  • There is a large commercial area in Porto Heliopolis with a variety of shops offering the most famous brands and international labels needed by unit owners.
  • An area for cafes and restaurants has been provided to offer the most delicious food and drinks to suit all tastes in Porto Heliopolis in a great atmosphere.
  • There is a large fitness club to provide spa, jacuzzi, and skin care sessions in Porto Heliopolis for more luxury and enjoyment.
  • There are gyms equipped with the latest exercise equipment in Porto Heliopolis for sports and fitness enthusiasts under the supervision of professional trainers.
  • A large hypermarket is available in Porto Heliopolis, providing all the goods, food products, and delivery service to the units around the clock.
  • Medical clinics have been established in Porto Heliopolis to provide health care for residents in the project around the clock under the supervision of specialized doctors.
  • Some pharmacies provide authorized medicines, all cosmetics, and medical supplies that unit owners may need 24 hours a day.
  • Swimming pools of varying depths to suit all ages have been provided in Porto Heliopolis for more luxury and enjoyment.
  • There are large garages ranging from 1,200 to 1,300 square meters in Porto Heliopolis to accommodate the cars of unit owners and prevent congestion in front of the project.
  • A covered women-only swimming pool has been provided in Porto Heliopolis for more privacy and enjoyable time.
  • There are nurseries to receive young children and provide age-appropriate educational services in Porto Heliopolis under the supervision of specialists.
  • A large hall with video games for all ages has been provided in Porto Heliopolis to provide fun and enjoyment for all residents in the project.
  • There is a large recreational area for children in Porto Heliopolis with age-appropriate games and camera monitoring for spending the best times safely with their families.
  • More than one bank has been provided in Porto Heliopolis to facilitate financial and banking transactions for customers without having to leave the project.
  • There are state-of-the-art cinemas for screening the latest Arabic and foreign films using different technologies in Porto Heliopolis.
  • Halls equipped with the latest audio systems and projection screens have been provided in Porto Heliopolis for conferences, important business meetings, organizing events, and private occasions.
  • There is an area for charging electric cars of unit owners in Porto Heliopolis to keep abreast of the latest developments and provide everything residents in the compound need.
  • There is a 5-star hotel in Porto Heliopolis to accommodate customers and provide the best hotel services at the highest level for an enjoyable time in the project.
  • There is a designated area in Porto Heliopolis for hosting parties and celebrities, providing residents of the compound with more luxury and enjoyment.

Shop With Confidence With Our Affordable Prices And Flexible Payment Plans At Porto Heliopolis Compound

Amer Group for Real Estate Development has been able to achieve the difficult equation by providing large-area units at competitive prices compared to the services and features it offers to its customers. It has offered prices suitable for all clients looking for luxury and distinction. The prices of units in Porto Heliopolis can be identified as follows:

  • The price per meter starts from 15,000 up to 23,452 Egyptian Pounds in Porto Heliopolis.
  • The total price of units in Porto Heliopolis starts from 1,377,000 up to 5,595,000 Egyptian Pounds.
  • There are units in the compound with an area of 90 square meters, priced at 3,000,000 Egyptian Pounds.

In addition to these affordable prices for all segments, the developing company has offered a range of flexible payment systems with the lowest down payment and longest payment period, as follows:

  • 10% of the unit value is paid and after one month another 10% is paid, with the rest of the amount paid over 4 years.
  • 10% of the unit price can be paid in Porto Heliopolis and the rest of the amount paid in installments over 6 years.
  • 10% of the unit value is paid in the Heliopolis compound and the rest is paid over 10 years.

Disadvantages of Porto Heliopolis Compound

Despite the many advantages of Porto Heliopolis compound project, some people may still hesitate to purchase an under-construction unit. However, that time can be a unique investment window, as the price of the unit could double in the future compared to its current price. This unique opportunity is enhanced by Amer Group Real Estate's credibility as a trusted real estate developer, making purchasing an apartment in Porto Heliopolis compound a profitable and low-risk investment deal.

Learn About The Leading Real Estate Developer That Turns Visions Into Reality

Amer Group for Real Estate Development is the owner and developer of Porto Heliopolis Towers. It is one of the leading companies in the Egyptian real estate market. Since its establishment in 1989, it has worked to prove its competence through distinguished projects that meet customer needs and achieve their aspirations in reality. In 2005, it launched several tourist projects under the company's new name, Porto Group, which reached 15 tourist resorts and projects. The most important projects it has undertaken include:

  • Porto Pyramids Compound.
  • Porto Marina Golf project.
  • Porto Cairo Golf project.
  • Porto Matrouh project.
  • International projects such as Porto Dead Sea.
  • Porto New Cairo project.
  • Porto El Sokhna project.
  • Porto Heliopolis project.
  • Porto South Beach resort in Ain El Sokhna.
  • Porto Said in Port Said.
  • Porto El Minya in El Minya.
  • Porto Marina Residence.
  • Meeting Point Mall.

Heliopolis City: Your Key to a New Era of Modern Living!

Heliopolis City is one of the most modern and prosperous cities in Egypt, inhabited by a diverse and multicultural population. Modern life in Heliopolis is characterized by vitality and activity that reflects the development and sophistication of society.

The city boasts advanced infrastructure, with all means of comfort and entertainment available to its inhabitants, from high-quality healthcare and educational facilities to modern commercial and recreational centers. Heliopolis also features advanced transportation systems that facilitate the movement of people and reduce traffic congestion.

Cultural and social life in Heliopolis is diverse and rich, allowing inhabitants to enjoy a wide range of regularly held cultural and artistic events in theaters, galleries and museums. Additionally, the city is renowned for its modern cafes and restaurants that offer varied dining experiences catering to the needs of both inhabitants and visitors.

In Heliopolis, history meets modernity, as inhabitants can visit ancient touristic landmarks like the Step Pyramid of Djoser and the Temple of Peace, while also enjoying modern recreational activities in the many well-equipped sports clubs and shopping malls.

Moreover, cultural and social events make Heliopolis a favored destination for inhabitants looking for diversity and entertainment. Thanks to the presence of high-level schools and universities, the city's youth have access to varied educational and learning opportunities that contribute to building their bright future.

In this way, modern Heliopolis reflects the prosperous and diverse life in Egypt, combining cultural heritage and modernity in an advanced and integrated urban environment that meets the needs of its inhabitants and inspires them to develop and innovate in various aspects of life.

Explore the Horizons of New Life: Luxurious Services and Exceptional Quality in Heliopolis City!   

  1. Education:
          Heliopolis offers high quality education for students through its excellent schools and distinguished institutions of higher education.

  2. Healthcare:

        Heliopolis inhabitants have easy and comfortable access to advanced healthcare facilities and hospitals equipped with state-of-the-art medical technologies.   

  3. Shopping:
        Heliopolis City is renowned for its modern and diverse shopping centers that cater to the inhabitants' needs of all tastes.   

  4. Entertainment:
          Heliopolis is not lacking in diverse entertainment activities, including beautiful parks and well-equipped sports facilities.

  5. Transportation:

        Heliopolis provides an advanced public transportation system that makes it easy for inhabitants to move around the city and to surrounding areas.   

  6. Safety:
        Heliopolis authorities ensure a safe environment for citizens and visitors by intensifying security efforts and upgrading surveillance systems.

Heliopolis City services make it an ideal destination to live and enjoy a comfortable and relaxing life.

When Location and Luxury Come Together: Top Compounds near Porto Heliopolis Compound!   

  1. Porto Heliopolis Compound:

    • Located in New Cairo and features a luxurious residential project with hotel standards.
    • Includes a commercial complex with international brands and flagship stores.
  2. Azailya Sodic East New Heliopolis:   
    • A distinctive residential project neighboring Porto Heliopolis Compound.
    • Features contemporary design and high-quality recreational facilities.
  3. La Vida Compound Heliopolis:    
    • Strategic location near Porto Heliopolis, providing a quiet and comfortable residential environment. 
    • Includes green spaces and varied commercial facilities.
  4. Go Heliopolis Compound:
    • An excellent option for residence near Porto Heliopolis.
    • Features contemporary design and integrated services for its residents.
  5. Valore Sheraton Compound:
    • Consists of luxurious residential units and commercial spaces.
    • One of the modern compounds that places great importance on the comfort and safety of its residents   
  6.  Sodic East New Heliopolis:
    • Offers an integrated residential project neighboring Porto Heliopolis.     
    • Allows residents to live in a calm and comfortable atmosphere with varied facilities and services. 

Golden Tips for Real Estate Shopping in Porto Heliopolis Compound via aqar-finder.com!   

  1. Go to aqar-finder.com and search for Porto Heliopolis Compound.   

  2. Browse the available units in the compound and choose the suitable unit that matches your needs.   

  3. Click on the "Book Now" or "Request More Info" button to contact the real estate agent.

  4.  Fill out the booking form or submit a request for more information about the selected unit.   
  5. Confirm the booking or contact the agent to arrange a visit to the unit and inspect it.  

  6. Negotiate the payment terms and available installment plans such as the down payment and payment schedules.   

  7. Sign the contract of sale and purchase between the two parties in the presence of a lawyer to protect the rights of both sides.   

  8. Pay the down payment and remaining amount according to the agreed upon plan.   

  9. Receive ownership documents for the unit after full payment is complete and all legal procedures are finished. 

  10. Enjoy your new unit in Porto Heliopolis Compound and take advantage of the services and facilities available in the complex. 

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