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223m² Townhouse With Attractive Price and Charming View in Palm Hills Compound

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212 Meters Townhouses For Sale in Palm Hills

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Own An Apartment With 5% Downpayment in Alexandria Within Palm Hills Project

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3 Bedrooms Properties For Sale in Palm Hills

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Your Villa With 100m² Garden and An Area Starting From 200m² in Palm Hills Alexandria

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Townhouses For Sale in Palm Hills

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With Installments Up To 6 years Buy An Apartment in Palm Hills Starting From 201m²

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About Palm Hills Alexandria

Enjoy Resorts life in Palm Hills Alexandria

It is the best and most luxurious Palm Hills Alexandria located in Alexandria, which is characterized by its beautiful architectural designs and its units of various spaces It also enjoys its privileged location in the heart of the Mediterranean bride, as well as all the basic and recreational facilities and services that make Palm Hills Alexandria the most relaxing place in which you feel safe, relaxed, fun and luxury.

Compound Location

The strategic location of Palm Hills Alexandria Compound makes it one of the best residential compounds in this charming city, as the location is characterized by the following:

  • Its location is just a few minutes from the coastal road.
  • The compound is located next to the Shooting Club.
  • A very special location because it is close to the important roads and axes in Alexandria, especially Al Kabary Fast Rd.
  • The upscale compound is located near Tanta Alexandria road.
  • A privileged location close to the sea and many recreational services in Palm Hills Alexandria.
  • The distance to Hyper Carrefour City Center is estimated at 1.3 km so that residents can buy all the necessities they need.
  • Alexandria Corniche can be reached in just 10 minutes.
  • Only a quarter of an hour is what you need to reach downtown and Smouha area wthin Palm Hills Alexandria.
  • Its location is very close to the northern coast, where the most famous coastal villages and resorts are located.
  • Palm Hills Alexandria compound is located near vital roads, especially Cairo Alexandria Desert Road, as well as Cairo-Alexandria Agricultural Road.

Palm Hills Alexandria Compound Space

Palm Hills Alexandria occupies a large space of ​​about 160 acres, an excellent space that allowed the project makers to make it the largest Alexandrian residential community with integrated services and facilities.

The largest part of the compound's space, 77% of its total space, was allocated for recreational services, green spaces, gardens, and water bodies. As for buildings and facilities the smaller part was allocated, only 23% so that all units of the project would have a distinctive view and complete privacy.

Palm Hills compound includes a high-end group of residential units available with many spaces to suit all desires, where there are luxury apartments, twin houses, townhouses, and duplexes, in addition to luxury standalone villas.

As for the spaces of the units, they start from 66 square meters, and the buildings consist of a ground floor with 7 upper floors in Palm Hills Alexandria.

Services and Features

Palm Hills Alexandria Compound is the place that makes you feel that you are in another world full of fun and luxury, all its details are wonderfully beautiful, as it includes a package of unmatched services, the most important of which are the following:

  • Green spaces, gardens, and parks between the residential units provide calm, privacy, and psychological comfort for the residents.
  • The green river permeates the spaces between the units and gives them a beautiful landscape.
  • Fountains, waterfalls, and crystal lakes give the place an extra charm.
  • A large shopping mall and a shopping area with shops and stores that offer all the goods in the most famous brands.
  • There are many places for fun and entertainment, especially places for young children's games that include safe and fun recreational games.
  • It is designed in the elegant Greek style, and all buildings have facades with a luxurious architectural design.
  • The latest digital surveillance cameras have been installed everywhere in Palm Hills Alexandria compound and working all day.
  • The Project has been perfectly secured, as it is surrounded by high walls, and all its gates are electronic
  • Security and guard services complement the security system, as they operate actively around the clock.
  • Palm Hills Alexandria includes high-end educational services, especially nurseries and international schools.
  • The compound has full facilities, as sewage networks and clean drinking water were provided.
  • Power generators that operate when the power is cut off.
  • All units have a mobile application service.
  • Everyone can walk and cycle in the designated areas away from cars roads.
  • Swimming pools are designed in large numbers and distributed in a balanced way so that children and adults can have a good time.
  • An indoor swimming pool is available for ladies only.

Prices and Payment systems

The prices are very special as they allow you to enjoy all the entertainment services and live in a quiet place with the highest levels of luxury at the best prices, compared to other residential compounds located near it.

The price per square meter in the compound starts from 19,000 EGP, which makes the prices of apartments affordable for everyone.

As for the unit prices, it starts from about 1,906,000 EGP.

Facilitated payment systems over long payment periods were also announced to reduce the burdens on customers, as follows:

  • Villas Installments over 5 and a half years.
  • Residential apartments are paid in installments over a period of 6 and a half years.

Knowing that the units are delivered either semi-finished or with full Super Lux finishes, according to the customer's desire and choice.

Disadvantages of Palm Hills Compound Alexandria

Despite the many advantages offered by Palm Hills compound in Alexandria, some may think that Palm Hills Real Estate has limited itself to offering only apartments. However, the company has gone beyond that, offering large apartment sizes equivalent to villa areas, while ensuring all the luxury and privacy features that villas are known for.

Palm Hills Developments The Owner Company of Palm Hills Alexandria Project

Palm Hills Alexandria Compound is the new sight of Palm Hills Developments and the distinctive addition to its series of distinctive projects that carry its name.

Palm Hills is one of the largest Egyptian companies working in the field of real estate, and it is an Egyptian joint stock company that started its work in 2005 in partnership with the Magrabi Urban Development Company and Mansour Investment Company.

Al-Mansour company belongs to the companies of the famous Egyptian businessman Yassin Mansour, the owner of agencies for a large number of international brands, such as Kraft, McDonald's, General Motors, and Michelin.

Mr. Yassin Mansour was named the richest man in Egypt according to the classification of Forbes Middle East magazine, with his fortune estimated at $1.39 billion in 2016.

Palm Hills Developments derives its strength from the strength of its owners, as it has been listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange, and its name has become a source of confidence and security for millions of customers, especially as it presents new construction concepts based on creativity and luxury.

The company has presented a bouquet of successful projects that have won great acceptance to confirm its strong continuation in the path of success, the most important of which are the following:

  • The Crown project 6th of October.
  • High Town Compound.
  • Palm Hills Katameya Compound.
  • Palm Parks Project.
  • Palm Hills Katameya 2 Compound.
  • Hacienda Bay Resort North Coast.
  • Golf Central Mall New Cairo.
  • Badya Palm Hills project 6th October City.
  • Village Gate Project.
  • Palm Hills Ain Sokhna.
  • Casa project Sheikh Zayed.
  • Hacienda White Resort North Coast.
  • Golf Extension Compound.
  • Woodville 6th of October.
  • Palm Hills Alexandria project.
  • Palm Valley Project.
  • Palm Hills October project.

Reaching to the most luxurious and distinguished project of Palm Hills Alexandria, which offers its clients a quiet and stable life in the most beautiful place in Alexandria, it is a wonderful opportunity for a residential life full of luxury because it was designed with the concept of luxury coastal resorts.

Live life at its best in Alexandria city compounds!

Alexandria, the beautiful coastal city in northern Egypt, is getting ready to receive new developments and massive real estate projects. "Alexandria City Compounds" are among the most prominent of these developments, as this ancient city on the northern coast is witnessing great demand from investors and residents.

Alexandria city compounds are characterized by a wide range of luxurious facilities that meet all the needs of the residents. These facilities include international schools, high-level hospitals, modern shopping centers, sports clubs, and international restaurants and cafes. These compounds also provide recreational places suitable for all family members, including beautiful gardens, playgrounds and swimming pools.

In addition to modern facilities, the designs of compounds in Alexandria offer a high level of innovation and beauty. Their buildings are characterized by unique architectural engineering and modern style, making them attractive for living and investment. Thanks to the great attention to interior design, these compounds provide luxurious housing units that suit all tastes and needs.

Alexandria city compounds are known for their distinguished locations, as they are located near the best beaches and coastal resorts, and overlook the stunning natural scenery of the Mediterranean Sea. This provides the residents of the compounds the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful views and fresh air, in addition to easy access to beaches and other recreational places.

Alexandria city compounds are an ideal option for investors looking to live in a luxurious and vibrant environment, while some families consider it a quiet and safe destination to spend their time. These real estate developments enhance the image of Alexandria as one of the most important coastal cities in Egypt, and help promote tourism and investment in the city.

Alexandria city compounds offer profitable investment opportunities with luxurious facilities and innovative designs. These compounds will remain at the forefront of interest and meet the ambitions of many seeking a stable and comfortable life in the charming city of Alexandria.

A look into the future: Your investment in Alexandria, the key to continuous success!

Alexandria is one of the most important coastal cities in Egypt, and is an excellent place to invest in real estate and business. If you are considering investing in Alexandria, here is a list of reasons that make this city an ideal opportunity for economic growth and investment:

  1. Strategic location: Alexandria is located on the north coast of Egypt, and hosts a major seaport, making it a central point for maritime trade and international transport. The city also has an international airport that makes it easily accessible from all over the world.

  2. Advanced infrastructure: Alexandria has a wide range of advanced public facilities and commercial services, ensuring ease of operation and presence in the city. These facilities include schools, universities, hospitals, shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, trade shows and more.

  3. Great investment climate: The Egyptian government works to attract investors and provide an encouraging investment environment in Alexandria. There are many programs and initiatives that facilitate establishment and investment procedures, as well as tax exemptions and other privileges offered to investing companies.

  4. Thriving real estate sector: The real estate market in Alexandria is experiencing rapid growth, with the availability of modern and luxurious projects in different neighborhoods and areas. You can take advantage of the investment opportunities available in the real estate sector, whether residential apartments, commercial offices or industrial units.

  5. Booming tourism: Alexandria is a major tourist destination in Egypt, ensuring strong demand for hospitality and real estate tourism. You can invest in hotels, resorts, or furnished apartments for rent to tourists and visitors.

  6. Diverse industrial sector: Alexandria includes a wide range of industrial sectors, including the most advanced industries such as petrochemicals, clothing, packaging, electronics and automobiles. You can take advantage of investment opportunities in these emerging and thriving industries.

  7. Diverse services: Alexandria is a modern and vibrant commercial center, with many shopping malls, modern markets and major stores. You can take advantage of investment opportunities in the retail sector and diverse services to meet the needs of local residents and tourists.

Investing in the city of Alexandria is a smart and opportunity-saving step, as the city provides advanced infrastructure and an encouraging investment environment, in addition to real estate, tourism and diverse industrial sectors. Search and explore more about potential investments in Alexandria, and don't miss the opportunity to benefit from the growth of this great city.

For those seeking excellence and proximity: The best compounds adjacent to Palm Hills Alexandria Compound!

Alexandria is an ideal destination for living and investing, and is very popular among local residents and investors alike. Among the residential compounds adjacent to Palm Hills Alexandria Compound, there are many amazing options that provide a luxurious integrated living and a range of distinctive services and facilities.

  1. Sawary Alexandria New Compound:
    Sawary Alexandria New Compound is characterized by a modern and contemporary architectural design, and provides a variety of apartments and villas that meet different housing needs. The project is also distinguished by its excellent location near investment areas in New Alexandria, and enjoys stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.

  2. Alextend Compound King Mariout:
    Alextend Compound King Mariout is one of the best living destinations in Alexandria, providing a variety of residential units with modern designs and high build quality. The compound also includes various facilities such as swimming pools, social clubs and commercial areas.

  3. Antoniadis Compound:
    Antoniadis Compound is considered one of the best compounds in Alexandria. It is distinguished by its elegant and luxurious design, and provides diverse residential units characterized by spacious areas and excellent finishes. The compound also provides integrated facilities including green spaces, recreational areas and sports facilities.

  4. Valore Maamoura Resort:
    Valore Maamoura Resort is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Alexandria, and is characterized by a stunning waterfront. The resort provides luxurious residential units featuring modern décor and panoramic sea views. In addition, the resort includes luxury facilities and services such as restaurants, fitness clubs and spas.

  5. Terrace Somouha Compound:
    Terrace Somouha Compound is an ideal destination for comfortable and sophisticated housing in Alexandria. The compound includes luxurious residential units featuring modern designs and high quality finishes. The compound also provides various service facilities such as social clubs, barbecue areas, and children's gardens.

These compounds adjacent to Palm Hills Alexandria Compound are distinguished by their unique and luxurious designs and modern facilities, making them ideal options for living and investing in one of the most important coastal cities in Egypt.

Smart buying: Discover how to maximize your benefits in Palm Hills Alexandria Compound with offers!

Here are the steps to purchase a unit at Palm Hills Compound in Alexandria through Aqar website:

  1. Browse the website:
    Before starting the process of purchasing a unit in Palm Hills Compound Alexandria, you should visit the website which provides many options and information about properties available in the project. This platform is characterized by a wide range of services and features that will help you find the ideal unit.

  2. Determine requirements:
    Before starting to look for a unit in Palm Hills Compound Alexandria, you need to determine your specific requirements. Are you looking for a residential unit with a certain number of rooms? Do you want a certain area within the community? Do you want to check payment plans available? Defining these factors can help you identify suitable options for you.

  3. Use search filters:
    On the website, you can use the search filters to specify the criteria you want. You can select required area, number of rooms, amenities and other features. These filters will help narrow your search and save time and effort.

  4. Review results:
    Once you set the criteria and use the filters, matching results will appear according to your needs. Review the listed options and check unit details and photos. Compare available choices and select the unit that best suits you based on your features and requirements.

  5. Contact us:
    After choosing the appropriate unit, contact the seller for more details and to arrange a unit visit. The website provides contact information to interact with the team so you can communicate with them and ask any additional questions you may have.

  6. Site visit:
    Before making a purchase decision, visit the site yourself to inspect the unit and check the community facilities. You may also need to talk to community members and current residents to get their opinions and experiences.

  7. Purchase process:
    Once you are satisfied with the unit, completed the inspection, and received all necessary information, start the purchase process. You will need to sign the contract, pay the agreed amount, and submit required documents.

  8. Handover:
    After completing the purchase, handover is arranged and the ready unit is delivered. Make sure to check the condition of the unit and all available facilities and services before final handover.

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