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Get a Townhouse in Mountain View October Park Starting From 340m²

6 October Compounds

340 M2
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Twin Houses For Sale in Mountain View October Park 207m²

6 October Compounds

207 M2
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Details About Sale Of a Townhouse Starting From 279m²​​​​​​​ in Mountain View October Park Compound

6 October Compounds

279 M2
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316 Meters Duplexes For Sale in Mountain View October Park

6 October Compounds

316 M2
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200m² Townhouse For Sale With Less Than Market Price in Mountain View October Park 6 October

6 October Compounds

200 M2
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3 Bedrooms Properties For Sale in Mountain View October Park

6 October Compounds

275 M2
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ivilla For Sale 269m in Mountain View October Park Compound, With Payment Facilities

6 October Compounds

269 M2
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355m² Villa For Sale in a Very Unique Location Within Mountain View October Park

6 October Compounds

355 M2
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Own I-Villa in Mountain View October Park Project Starting From 272m²

6 October Compounds

272 M2
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Villas With Garden For Sale in Mountain View October Park 218m²

6 October Compounds

218 M2
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Special Offer of 355m² Villa For Sale in Mountain View October Park With Distinctive Location

6 October Compounds

355 M2
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Your Villa With 60m² Garden and An Area Starting From 228m² in Mountain View Park

6 October Compounds

228 M2
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About Mountain View October Park

Enjoy the High-End Residence in Mountain View October Park Compound

A unique residential project that barely needs an introduction, because it has gained a far-reaching reputation in the real estate market since its launch. Mountain View October Park has already attracted thousands of customers to book units within it thanks to the luxurious life it provides to its residents. Everything within October Park is fully-equipped with everything you may need, whether it is residential units or various other facilities in Mountain View October Park.

October Park Location

October Park’s location in 6 October City has undoubtedly added a lot to it, because it has a vital strategic location that attracts many customers who want to live in quiet high-end neighborhoods, but also ensures easy movement to and from it because it is close to service facilities and many central areas, such as:

  • Major malls, such as the Mall of Arabia right behind it, and Mall of Egypt which is within 20 minutes from the compound.
  • Juhayna Square: It is only 4 minutes away from the compound.
  • The Ring Road is only a few minutes away from the compound.
  • Shooting Club: It is within 5 minutes from the compound.
  • Smart Village: compound residents can reach it in about 7 minutes.

With all these landmarks near Mountain View October Park compound, its customers will not face any problems relating to the location. The compound is also close to major service centers such as Dar Al-Fouad Hospital, which can be accessed in 10 minutes, and Nile University, which also takes the same time to reach.

Everything you need to know about the best compound in 6 October City

Available Spaces

The compound looks as if it were a collection of picturesque islands because it spans 54 acres and is divided into six sections that take the form of islands and are connected to each other through its main streets. Each section has a distinctive shape and is equipped with all services, it is also provided with green spaces that surround each residential unit.

The developing company has provided units in a variety of sizes to meet the needs and aspirations of all its customers:

  • There are villas for sale in Mountain View October Park consisting of 3 floors, a varied number of bedrooms, and attached gardens. This type of unit has a spacious interior estimated at 359 square meters.
  • Townhouse units consist of a spacious lounge and 3 bedrooms, as well as a kitchen and bathroom, with spaces ranging from 260 to 265 square meters. Some units in this category are fully finished, while others are semi-finished.

Services and Features

Mountain View October Park compound provides its residents with every essential and entertainment service they may need, which is why they don’t need to travel long distances. Mountain View October Park’s services are many and they cover a variety of needs, for example:

  • Integrated security system, where guards are present throughout the day in addition to installing modern electronic gates to provide greater security within Mountain View October Park.
  • The sophistication that dominates everywhere within the compound because it is almost entirely covered in green spaces.
  • The car garage is designed to provide more safety inside to protect cars from robberies and weather conditions.
  • There is a range of luxury cafés that provide all kinds of beverages to their customers from the compound’s population.
  • The restaurants within the compound are just as luxurious as the cafés, and they prepare all kinds of cuisine that you may be craving.
  • There is a medical center with a group of the most qualified doctors in various disciplines, so residents don’t need to look for doctors far from home.
  • Stroll through the most beautiful gardens ever without travelling far, because they are already inside Mountain View October Park compound.
  • A range of swimming pools everywhere that can be enjoyed both in summer and winter, as they contain cold or warm water depending on the weather.
  • Gardens are not the only entertainment venues available, because children and adults can play many games and recreational activities within their designated areas.
  • There’s a large clubhouse where you can relax and enjoy a variety of services.
  • Spend a great time with family and friends by throwing barbecue parties in their designated venues.
  • The compound has plenty of event venues where you can host parties and other gatherings, so you don’t have to travel far from home.
  • All products or items and household items can be purchased simply, as there is a large commercial area with plenty of shops and stores.
  • A social club where you can find all kinds of activities, so the residents will never feel bored and will always have something to do.
  • The Pyramids of Giza are somewhat far from the compound, but they’re still visible from it, giving it a fantastic view.
  • The Compound is surrounded by many main roads, service centers, and leisure facilities, mainly sports clubs.
  • The villas within the compound have a luxurious modern design that is inspired from American Villas.
  • There’s a complete service area within the compound, which also happens to have a luxurious and beautiful design. For example, it has a dancing fountain and a number of artificial lakes.
  • Tennis lovers can enjoy their favorite sport on their designated courts.
  • The facilities at the health club ensure maximum comfort for Mountain View October Park compound patrons.

Compound Prices

The company has succeeded in providing the compound with all kinds of services while offering the best prices on the market.

There are apartments for sale within Mountain View October Park at a variety of prices depending on the size of the apartment, its location within the compound, and many other specifications, this applies to townhouses and villas, for example:

  • Villas are for sale at highly affordable and differentiated prices. In general, they start from 2,500,000 EGP to 5,000,000.

Payment Systems

Customers of this compound will not have millions of pounds at once, but will have the opportunity to split the unit price through one of the best and easiest payment systems: you only need 5% of the total unit value as a down payment, and then split the rest of the amount over a period of 7 years.

problems of Mountain View October Park

Despite the many amenities and advantages offered by Mountain View October Park compound, some clients may express concerns that the great diversity in residential units could lead to a noisier lifestyle, which may not suit those who love tranquility and quietness. In response to these concerns, Mountain View Real Estate has taken thoughtful steps to ensure comfort for all residents, designing spaces between units that guarantee privacy and maintain calmness within the compound, thus providing an ideal residential environment that meets the needs and preferences of all inhabitants.

Owner Company Portfolio

The secret behind this Mountain View October Park’s uniqueness lies in its real estate company, Mountain View, which is famous for carrying out giant and sophisticated projects that adhere to international standards, as witnessed by all its previous excellent works.

Most of the company's projects bear its name, because this is essentially enough to draw attention to the project once it is launched because it bears the name of an established company, the most prominent of which are:

  • Mountain View iCity: the Company’s first project in 6 October City, which is characterized by its extensive entertainment services and high quality of its various equipment.
  • Mountain View Executive Residence

6th of October City: Your Key to a Better and Brighter Life! 

6th of October City has witnessed tremendous development in recent years. This modern city is located in Giza governorate and is considered one of the most important industrial and residential cities in the country.

6th of October City was established and a large area of land was allocated for the city's development on the initiative of late President Mohamed Anwar El Sadat, the event that gave the city its name.

6th of October City is characterized by its meticulous and organized planning. It was designed as an integrated industrial and residential city. The city includes many different residential neighborhoods, commercial areas, industrial zones, as well as schools, universities, hospitals and advanced means of transportation.

Thanks to its diverse and prosperous industrial sector, 6th of October City is an important hub for many major companies and factories in Egypt. The city includes numerous industrial parks, manufacturing industries and specialized industrial complexes, which contributes to providing business and job opportunities for citizens.

The city is a center for innovation, scientific research and technology. It is home to many pioneering research and technical centers and projects. The Egyptian government promotes scientific and technological development in 6th of October City and aims to encourage innovation and develop heavy industries and modern technology.

In recent years, 6th of October City has witnessed a significant increase in population, residential and commercial facilities. Many new residential projects have been developed in the city to meet the increasing demand for residing in this modern and prosperous area.

Development in 6th of October City is not limited to economic and industrial aspects only, but it also cares about improving the quality of life of its residents. The city includes many recreational and cultural facilities, providing citizens with entertainment and leisure opportunities, such as shopping malls, restaurants, theaters and beautiful parks.

6th of October City is a story of Egyptian success in urban development and growth. With the government's continued support and development of the city, it is expected to maintain its position as one of the most important industrial and residential cities in Egypt and the region.

Undoubtedly, 6th of October City will continue to attract the attention of major companies and investors thanks to its thriving business environment and sustainable development. This modern city will continue to shape the future of Egypt and enhance its economic and social progress.

Turning Dreams into Reality: The Distinctive Services in 6th of October City! 

6th of October City is one of the new cities in Egypt and is considered one of the most important residential and commercial destinations in the country. This city is distinguished by providing many exceptional services that meet the needs of residents and make it an ideal destination to live and invest in. In this article, we will review the most prominent services provided by 6th of October City.

1. Advanced infrastructure:
6th of October City is characterized by providing modern and advanced infrastructure. This infrastructure includes a wide network of paved roads, an integrated sewage system, electricity generation facilities, and an advanced communications network. This provides comfort and modern utilities for residents of the city.

2. World-class schools and universities:
6th of October City includes a large number of prestigious international schools and universities. Residents can benefit from the excellent educational services provided by these institutions, providing diverse educational opportunities for their children and helping them succeed in their academic and professional lives.

3. Parks and gardens:
Parks and gardens are among the most prominent services in 6th of October City. The city provides vast open areas full of beautiful green spaces and scenic landscapes. Residents can enjoy their time exercising and having recreational activities in these parks and gardens.

4. Advanced medical centers:
6th of October City includes many advanced hospitals and medical centers. This provides residents with excellent healthcare and high-quality medical services. Regardless of their medical needs, residents can rely on the modern medical facilities available in the city.

5. Shopping malls:
Shopping malls are among the most important shopping destinations in 6th of October City. The city includes many huge shopping malls and complexes containing a wide range of stores, restaurants and cafes. Residents can enjoy a fun shopping experience and relaxation in these modern shopping centers.

6. Security and public safety:
6th of October City provides a safe and secure environment for residents. Local authorities take strict measures to ensure public safety in the city and provide protection for citizens and property. Residents live in a stable and secure environment, giving them peace of mind and reassurance.

It can be said that 6th of October City provides a wide range of exceptional services that make it an ideal residential and commercial destination. Thanks to the advanced infrastructure, prestigious education, beautiful parks, quality healthcare, enjoyable shopping, and public safety, residents can enjoy a modern and comfortable life in this modern city.

Explore the Bright Aspects of the Compounds Adjacent to Mountain View October Park Compound

  1. Sun Capital 6 October Compound:

    • Sun Capital compound is located in the heart of 6 October area.
    • It provides a modern and comfortable residential environment.
    • It features a unique design and beautiful natural scenery.
    • It includes various facilities such as swimming pools, sports clubs, and commercial areas.
  2. Badya Palm Hills Compound 6 October:

    • Badya Palm Hills enjoys a prime location in 6 October.
    • It features a contemporary and unique engineering design.
    • It offers diverse housing units that suit the needs of different families.
    • It provides recreational and service facilities such as green spaces, gardens, and sports fields.
  3. Keeva Sabbour Compound 6 October:

    • Keeva Sabbour compound is located in the upscale 6 October area.
    • It features a luxurious and contemporary design.
    • It provides luxurious villas and comfortable apartments.
    • It includes high-quality recreational and service facilities.
  4. Palm Parks Compound 6 October:

    • Palm Parks offers a prime location in 6 October.
    • It provides high-quality and luxurious housing units.
    • It includes recreational areas for children, BBQ areas, and walking trails.
    • It contains vast gardens and green spaces.
  5. Grand Heights Compound 6 October:

    • Grand Heights is considered one of the compounds adjacent to Mountain View October Park.
    • It offers a safe and tranquil residential environment.
    • It includes homes with contemporary designs and various facilities such as swimming pools and sports clubs.
  6. O West Orascom Compound 6 October:

    • O West Orascom compound is located in 6 October area.
    • It provides modern and luxurious housing units.
    • It includes commercial areas, green spaces, and recreational facilities for residents.

Here are easy steps to own your new unit at Mountain View October Park Compound through website:

  1. Visit and search for Mountain View October Park compound in the list of available properties.

  2. Browse the units offered for sale in the project, explore different sizes and available amenities, and check attached details and photos.

  3. Choose the unit that suits your needs and budget. Make sure to review the advertised price, area, number of rooms and bathrooms available in the unit.

  4. After identifying the suitable unit, contact the real estate developer for more information and arrange a site visit if needed.

  5. You can also use to negotiate the appropriate price and payment duration for you. Fill out the form on the site and request more details about available payment methods.

  6. After reaching an agreement, submit the required deposit to book the unit and secure your right to it.

  7. Complete the agreed payment process to purchase the unit. Available payment methods can be cash or installments as per seller's agreement.

  8. Once payment is complete, you will be able to sign the official contract to purchase the unit and obtain necessary paperwork for title transfer.

  9. The unit is handed over and title transferred on the agreed project handover date. Make sure to comply with agreed payment dates to avoid any delay in receiving your unit.

  10. Enjoy a luxurious living experience at Mountain View October Park compound and benefit from the facilities and amenities available on site.

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  • Shared Pool
  • Parking
  • Retail Outlets
  • Cycling Lanes
  • Pedestrians
  • Clubhouse
  • Medical Center
  • Commercial Area
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