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Your apartment is 220m in 6th of October Mountain View iCity

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About Mountain View iCity October

Book Your Unit within Mountain View iCity Compound

Mountain View iCity October is a huge residential complex, implemented by Mountain View In 6 October to compete with the most luxurious residential projects in that area. Mountain View iCity October is unique in its magnificent designs inspired by the finest architectural styles, and it is equipped with different types of units and full of a huge amount of services. This project is truly unique and unmatched by any other residential project, it is an excellent choice for those seeking calm and sophistication.

Mountain View iCity October Location

The project was implemented in a strategic and vital location, surrounded by many important services and places.

Major Landmarks Near to Icity October:

  • It was carried out near Juhayna Square, which is only 4 minutes away.
  • Located in front of the shooting club.
  • Mall of Arabia is just 5 minutes from Mountain View iCity compound, while Mall of Egypt is 20 minutes away.
  • It takes only 10 minutes to reach the Nile University from the compound.
  • Dar Al-Fouad Hospital is 10 minutes away.
  • Only a few kilometers away from 26th of July Axis.
  • It’s easy to reach Mountain View iCity compound from the Ring Road and other main roads in western Cairo.

This impressive location has contributed to the increased search for apartments for sale in Mountain View iCity October by a large number of customers who want to enjoy luxury and recreation.

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Available Unit Types and Spaces

A large space was allocated by the developer to implement project, reaching up to 500 acres. The largest percentage of the land was reserved for green spaces, while the rest was left to construction and service facilities.

The most important feature of the compound is that it includes various types of residential units, including apartments, townhouses, villas, and twin house.

All unit types have been implemented in different sizes to ensure that each customer is able to find the right unit for them. Unit types and spaces are listed below:

  • The apartments were implemented in different sizes from 100 square meters to 240 square meters, consisting of 3 bedrooms and a large lounge as well as a kitchen and bathroom.
  • The villas have spaces ranging between 220 square meters and 565 square meters, they typically have 3 floors and plenty of bedrooms.

Prices in Mountain View iCity

Mountain View offers great prices that are suitable for a large segment of customers, bearing in mind the comprehensive services, great location, high-end architectural designs, as well as various unit spaces.

Mountain View iCity October prices are really excellent with no competitor, with the average price being 10,000 EGP per square meter, which is one of the best prices in this location ever.

Don't miss the opportunity, be part of the amazing project waiting for you in Mountain View Club Park ICITY Phase

Mountain View Club Park ICITY is one of the stages of the massive residential edifice Mountain ViewI CITY October, which was built on an area of 500 acres of the project. This stage enjoys luxurious residential units numbering 14,000 units ranging in area from 100 up to 220 square meters, and Sun Roof units with an area of 130 to 155 square meters, villas with an area of 220 up to 270 square meters, townhouses with an area starting from 260 up to 265 square meters, twin houses with an area of 325, and grand villas starting from 350 square meters.

Check your dreams and expectations for a better future with us on the distinctive Mountain View Laguna Beach Park October journey

Mountain View Development Company launched the Laguna Beach Park October stage over a large area of the project to include diverse residential units. The area of the beach houses in the project starts from 180 up to 250 square meters, in addition to the presence of IVilla Garden units with an area ranging from 175 to 205 square meters, IVilla Roof units with an area of 190 to 215 square meters, residential apartments with an area of 115 to 180 square meters, and townhouses with an area of 260 to 265 square meters.

Seize the opportunity and start an exceptional journey with MOUNTAIN PARK Phase

Mountain Park stage is characterized by complete privacy for tranquility and relaxation lovers. It was designed at a height of 40 square meters so that all units overlook the green spaces, water bodies and enjoy fresh air.

Join us and enjoy a world full of creativity and uniqueness in the unique ROYAL PARK Phase

One of the most luxurious stages included in Mountain View ICITY October project is the Royal Park stage, which was launched on an area of up to 50 acres, carefully divided between residential units, green spaces and plazas that provide relaxation and comfort to its residents, and is unique with European classic designs.

Get ready to embark on a unique adventure, be part of innovation and brilliance in the distinctive CENTRAL PARK Phase

For luxury and sophistication lovers, Mountain View Company has launched the Central Park stage, which is characterized by its residential units designed in the latest styles and modern decorations that suit all tastes, in addition to providing all the services and features needed by the residents.

Check your dreams and desires for a bright future and join us in our distinctive project that combines luxury and modern design CREEK PARK

Creek Park stage is characterized by Greek designs that feature colors harmonious with nature between white and blue, which provides a sense of comfort and relaxation when living in the project. The company built it on an area of up to 64 acres, which was professionally divided so that green spaces occupy the largest part of the area and the rest is for buildings and residential units.

Payment Systems of Mountain View iCity October

The payment systems available within this enormous project are flexible and convenient, to make it easier to buy a unit:

The customer pays a down payment of 5% when booking the unit, and the remaining amount is paid in installments over 7 years.

The company has announced and pledged to its customers that all booked units will be delivered within 4 years from the writing of the contract, with the possibility of choosing the finishing type (full finishes or semi-finishes)

Available Services in Mountain View iCity

The luxury services at the compound have made it an attractive choice of residence. The most prominent services include the following:

  • The green spaces occupy a large part of the compound, providing residents with comfort, recreation, and a stress-free environment.
  • Swimming pools are implemented in different designs and sizes, so they are suitable for children and adults alike.
  • Lush gardens with a variety of the most beautiful trees and plants.
  • Artificial fountains are executed with great designs, giving the compound a very beautiful look.
  • Takeaway and fast food lovers can head to any of the restaurants within the compound, with their high-end services and innovative varieties.
  • Cafés have a charming view, making customers relax while enjoying their favorite drink.
  • A social club with a wonderful design that occupies a large space to be suitable for family gatherings.
  • A gym with many stadiums allowing residents to engage in their favorite sports activity.
  • Mountain View residents can get all their needs by touring the huge mall in the compound.
  • The company has taken a significant interest in the entertainment aspect, providing the compound with a clubhouse, a spa, and a gym, all of which are provided with the finest equipment to ensure outstanding customer service.
  • Healthcare services are available within the compound through a pharmacy and medical center, providing various medical services throughout the day without interruption.
  • There is an open-air barbecue venue for fun gatherings.
  • Residents' cars can be protected and preserved inside the covered garage located at the side of the compound.
  • The security service is fully operational throughout the day to keep the compound safe.
  • Modern surveillance cameras have been distributed throughout the compound to monitor all movements and thus provide maximum protection to the population.

All this has increased the demand on the compound’s units, because customers are aware that having plenty of services close to their place of residence will provide them with a comfortable life, and that all their requirements and needs will be steps away from them.

Disadvantages of Mountain View iCity October Compound

Mountain View iCity October Compound has many advantages, and despite its location on Al Wahat Road, which may seem far from the lively areas of October, its proximity to Sheikh Zayed and its location in the Creative City area makes it an ideal connecting point between East and West Cairo.

Owner Company Portfolio

Mountain View iCity is owned by one of the largest real estate companies, Mountain View, which has provided a large number of successful projects, through which it has been able to prove its worth and gain the trust of its customers, most notably:

Make your investment in 6th of October City your gateway to amazing profits and a luxurious lifestyle!

6th of October City in Egypt is your gateway to amazing profits and a luxurious lifestyle.

Investing in real estate in this city is considered one of the most successful and secure investments.

6th of October City provides all the necessary services and modern facilities that make daily life easy for the residents.

6th of October City is located 38 kilometers from Cairo and its elevation above sea level prevails over its temperature.

The city extends over an area of about 119,200 acres and its population is around 1.5 million.

6th of October City includes upscale and distinctive residential neighborhoods characterized by high quality design and beautiful natural scenery.

The city provides a diverse range of housing units such as apartments, villas and townhouses, at prices suitable for different budgets.

In addition, real estate development companies in 6th of October City offer flexible and convenient payment systems to facilitate the purchase process and reduce financial risks.

This gives investors the opportunity to achieve high profits and increase their investments.

In short, if you want to own a luxurious home and invest your money safely and securely, you should consider investing in 6th of October City.

Here you will find an ideal living environment that combines luxury and safety, and you will get a great opportunity to make good financial profits from your investment.

Within the lights of innovation and aspirations: 6th of October City, where your dreams come true!

The 6th of October City is renowned for its stunning beauty and elegant facilities.

It truly offers something unique for anyone looking for an unforgettable experience.

Whether you're looking for a modern apartment in a luxury complex or a lavish villa with all the comforts, the 6th of October has it all.

The advanced infrastructure and numerous activities for both adults and children make 6th of October a great place to live.

You can golf, shop, relax and enjoy a night out with friends. There are first class health spas, gyms and even playgrounds for kids.

From breathtaking scenery to educational institutions, 6th of October has something for everyone.

If you're looking for a new place to call home, the 6th of October is ideal.

With numerous upscale compounds, there is something for everyone to make their dreams come true.

Major shopping malls and theme parks offer something truly unique and provide many comforts and entertainment.

There are many residential compounds in 6th of October that offer special pricing, so don't wait long to make your dreams of a lavish lifestyle come true.

The Ideal Choice: What Distinctive Compounds Surround Mountain View I City October Compound?      

The 6th of October City is one of the best Egyptian cities located in Giza Governorate, and it represents the ideal blend of elegance and modern technology. This area is one of the most important cities in Egypt, as it is characterized by modern and elegant architecture, and the advanced technology that most compounds located in it excel in. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the most important landmarks and real estate compounds in the 6th of October City:

1- Casa Dor Zed West Compound::
Casa Dor Zed West Compound is distinguished by the ideal combination of classic elegance and modern technology. It is designed with the latest techniques and modern standards to ensure complete comfort for the residents. This compound is known for its calm, comfortable atmosphere, great location, and residential unit designs that include everything residents need in terms of services and facilities.

2- Joulz 6 October Compound:
Joulz 6 October is considered one of the most prominent real estate projects in Egypt, offering an integrated residential environment that includes modern and elegant architecture. This project includes a large group of luxury villas and residential units, which are characterized by extreme luxury and splendor. Residents can enjoy the best services and recreational facilities including a gym, a large garden, a swimming pool, and many other services.

3- West Woods Compound:
West Woods Compound represents the living example of a luxurious and distinctive lifestyle. It includes many modern services and advanced technology. This compound is one of the most famous compounds in the 6th of October City, combining extreme luxury and psychological comfort. This project includes a large group of distinctive residential units characterized by elegant designs and modern technology.

4- October Plaza Sodic Compound:
Sodic is one of the most prominent real estate development companies in Egypt, and many of its compounds are located in the 6th of October City. These compounds are characterized by advanced technology and modern architecture, as each compound includes many services and facilities that meet the residents' needs in terms of luxury and comfort.

5- Lavande 6 October Compound:
Lavande 6 October Compound is one of the newest real estate projects in the 6th of October City, distinguished by its unique and elegant design and advanced technology. This project is a display of splendor that has surpassed the limits of beauty and comfort found in Fifth Settlement compounds.

In short, the 6th of October City is the ideal place to live, as the city offers an integrated living environment that provides luxury and comfort, reflecting the ideal blend of elegance and modern technology. So if you are looking for comfort and luxury elegance, the 6th of October City is the ideal place to live.     

Expert Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Buy a Property on!      

Purchasing real estate online has become much easier these days. With online real estate sites, people can easily find a home suitable for them without having to visit multiple properties. Among these useful real estate sites is, which provides specialized customer service in real estate and investment. Here are some tips you'll need to easily purchase property on

  1. Study Properties

When searching for a property on, make sure you have thoroughly read about the different properties being offered. Don't immediately apply upon finding any property that catches your attention. Instead, you should carefully explore the site while identifying your preferred area. And when you find a property of interest, you should read its details carefully to make the right decision.

  1. Contact Property Representative

Once you find a specific property on the site, you can directly communicate with the property representative advertised by calling the phone number in the ad. This will help you get basic information about the property. You can also schedule a visit to see the property at a time that suits you.

  1. Negotiate

If you are interested in the property, the first thing you should do is negotiate the price. Make sure you know current prices for properties in this area. But don't let price affect your decision too much. And if price isn't your main concern, you'll need to read other documents related to the property, such as property health and lack of legal issues.

  1. Legal Proceedings

One of the most important questions to ask the property representative is whether any legal issues related to that property are reported. You must verify that the property is free of all problems and that all legal documents are present and valid. Don't hesitate to contact your lawyer to verify document accuracy.

  1. Payment

Once an agreement has been reached on price and legal documents, you'll need to pay a property reservation fee to indicate your interest in purchasing the property. After that, you'll need to pay the deposit and full purchase amount. Therefore, you must verify the timeline for payments and ensure it aligns with the specifications of the advertisement.

Congratulations! Your property has been easily and smoothly purchased through The site can support customers with comprehensive information about properties and real estate markets across the country. So if you are looking to purchase property in Egypt, is the ideal choice for you.



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