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Buy a Twin House Starting From 320m² in Mivida New Cairo

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Villas For Sale in Mivida 278m²

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278 M2
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298m² Apartment With Attractive Price and Charming View in Mivida New Cairo Compound

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300 M2
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3 Bedrooms Apartments For Sale in Mivida 270m²

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270 M2
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Hurry Up To Buy a 227m² Twin House in Mivida Compound

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227 M2
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Your Unit With 90m² Garden and An Area Starting From 220m² in Mivida Compound by Emaar Misr

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220 M2
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355 Meters Twin Houses For Sale in Mivida

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355 M2
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Own Your Villa in Mivida New Cairo Compound Starting From 520m²

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5 Bedrooms Villas For Sale in Mivida

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200m² Attractive Apartment For Sale in Mivida Compound With Imaginary Price

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Villas For Sale in Mivida

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The Most Distinctive Villa For Sale at Mivida Compound With An Area of 391m

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About Mivida New Cairo Compound

Mivida Fifth Settlement Compound Advantages

An urban and secure residential community that guarantees its residents all the elements of a life of luxury, sophistication and extravagance. In this eco-friendly compound you will enjoy stunning views of the vast green spaces and landscapes, sprinkled with water bodies in various forms and dimensions that create a sense of relaxation and recreation.

Mivida is the product of real estate development giant Emaar properties, which has allocated 80% of the compound space to the green areas. It was also keen to make the prices of the apartments very accessible.

Mivida Compound Location

Mivida compound is one of the finest residential communities strategically located in the heart of Fifth Settlement, making it easy for residents to reach a number of vital areas of Cairo in a few minutes, since the compound is located right on the Southern Teseen Street.

Major Landmarks Near to Mivida:

  • Just 15 minutes from Nasr City and New Cairo.

  • It is 10 minutes from Cairo International Airport and 5 minutes from The American University.

  • The site also connects a number of important roads within and outside Cairo, such as The Suez Road and Al Ain Al Sokhna Road.

Mivida Emaar Misr Designs

Mivida New Cairo compound is built with attractive architectural designs, inspired from the Spanish-styled Santa Barbara village in California, USA. It also borrows from several European influences with the end-goal of combining simplicity and sophistication.

Mivida compound has won the Gold Nugget award for its environmentally-friendly design. It establishes a new concept of the residential city that offers integrated services that provides the population with all their basic needs and recreation.

Mivida New Cairo is designed with plenty of parks, gardens, breathtaking landscapes and a good harmony of colors. It includes water bodies with different sizes, dimensions and designs, in addition to residential units, integrated infrastructure, and sophisticated service facilities of all kinds. Moving here is a guarantee for a high standard of life in the heart of New Cairo.

Mivida Project Services

Mivida Fifth Settlement project is offers a diversity of units, between residential, service, administrative and leisure facilities, all in order to create an integrated community on Egyptian territory.

All the services you need will be found in close proximity to you without the need to leave the compound, including basic daily and recreational services that raise the standard of living of the inhabitant.

The services available are detailed as follows.

  • Large green spaces close to all residential units for recreation, walking and cycling.

  • Water bodies with distinct designs ranging from swimming pools for adults and children, and private swimming pools for women, in addition to artificial waterfalls and lakes surrounded by stunning landscapes inside Mivida New Cairo.

  • Various gyms with the best equipment, for practicing different types of sports.

  • An integrated medical center that provides the population with the necessary medical care from all specialties.

  • A business district with a number of shops that meet all the daily needs of the population, and includes the most famous international brands in Mivida.

  • A food court for restaurants and cafés with beautiful views of the stunning landscape.

  • An integrated children's recreation venue with indoor and outdoor play areas.

  • International and language schools for all educational levels.

  • The latest surveillance technology and security personnel.

Get to know the best Fifth Settlement compound.

Advantages of Mivida Fifth Settlement

  • There is a wide variety of unit spaces and locations, including apartments, villas, twin houses or commercial units.

  • Private car parks for each building, only belonging to the residents.

  • The project offers a number of interior and exterior venues with beautiful designs, these can be used for barbecue parties, birthday celebrations, and special events.

  • Clean energy sources (such as solar power) are used to power and illuminate the apartments, roads, parks, and outdoor areas of the project.

  • Competitive prices for all units within the compound.

All these features and more have made the compound units in very high demand. This includes all units, whether apartments, villas, twin houses, or commercial units.

Available Spaces in Mivida Emaar

Built on an estimated 3.8 million square meters, the compound offers a total of 5,000 units between twin houses, standalone apartments, administrative offices, commercial units, and villas of various sizes. The compound also includes a 30-acre central garden connected to the green landscape that covers most of the project.

Mivida compound is generally divided into 25 different districts, each is characterized by its own nature and design. These districts are connected with green walkways, open gardens and jogging and hiking trails.

Standalone apartment district: Mivida project includes an integrated area of apartments for sale, surrounded by a number of recreational service centers such as a large artificial lake, an integrated commercial venue, a sports club, various commercial units, international language schools for all educational stages, and a medical center for all specialties.

Villa district: Includes an integrated area dedicated to villas adjacent to each other while maintaining adequate space between each unit to ensure privacy. The villa district includes an integrated commercial venue with the most famous international brands, sports clubs, health centers and spa, as well as international schools for all stages and health center with all specialties.

Twin house district: Featuring a magnificent view of a central garden, a sports and health club, an integrated medical unit, schools and a hotel.

Commercial district: includes commercial units such as offices, clinics and shops with the right to use a public parking lot, a 24-hour security center, and an integrated commercial venue. This district enjoys a striking view of an artificial lake surrounded by beautiful green spaces inside Mivida New Cairo.

The size of the units varies greatly from residential apartments to villas and twin houses, to satisfy the largest possible segment of buyers.

  • Apartments: 191 square meters, 229 square meters, 233 square meters, and 244 square meters.

  • Twin houses: 277 square meters, 285 square meters, 331 square meters, and 348 square meters.

  • Villas: 331 square meters, 500 square meters, 521 square meters, 738 square meters, 770 square meters, and up to 779 square meters.

Mivida Project Prices and Payment Systems

The price per square meter differs depending on the type of unit, but the payment systems are the same for everyone. The prices can be estimated as follows:

  • Apartment prices start from 3,956,888 EGP and up to 7,094,888 EGP.

  • Twin house prices start from 6,190,888 EGP and up to 9,632,888 EGP.

  • Villa prices start from 12,102,888 EGP and up to 17,777,888 EGP.

As for the payment facilities provided by Emaar Misr, they are as follows:

A downpayment of 5% upon signing the contract, then another 10% after 3 months. The rest is divided over installments for a period of 6 years.

Disadvantages of Mivida Compound

Despite the attractiveness of the Mivida New Cairo project, some clients remain hesitant to purchase properties under construction. However, purchasing from a reliable company like Nile Company is an excellent investment opportunity. Investors can benefit from the current low prices, and look forward to an increase in the value of the property upon delivery, making it a profitable deal.


About the Developer, Emaar Misr

Emaar Properties is the company that developed and implemented this project. This company is known for its high quality and sophisticated designs. They also ensure that each project creates an integrated community with a luxurious lifestyle. Emaar has worked on several projects in New Cairo and the North Coast, such as:

New Cairo Compounds: The Perfect Blend of Elegance and Modern Technology!

New Cairo compounds are the perfect blend of elegance and modern technology.

These compounds are characterized by their distinguished facilities and services.

They are located in exclusive and vibrant areas in New Cairo, making them an ideal choice for living and investing.

These compounds contain many facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, shopping centers, international brand shops, restaurants and cafés.

They also provide modern medical centers, international schools and recreational areas for children. A high-level security system ensures safety and security within the compounds.

Spacious green spaces are available in these compounds, creating a calm and comfortable environment for the residents.

Different payment options are offered, where a small initial deposit is paid first then the rest is paid in installments over a long period.

We presented some of the most popular New Cairo compounds that are in high demand.

The review included information about the compounds' locations, available services, and payment options.

New Cairo compounds are the ideal example of the perfect balance between elegance and modern technology.

These compounds are characterized by their unique and modern designs that combine beauty and modern functions.

These compounds include spacious residential areas, modern facilities and various services to meet the residents' needs.

Beside the beautiful green spaces and calm atmosphere, residents can enjoy freedom and comfort in a safe community.

New Cairo compounds are an ideal choice for individuals and families looking to live in a modern, urban and comfortable environment.

Experience the Luxurious Life at Your Fingertips in Fifth Settlement!

Fifth Settlement is characterized by several advantages as it is considered one of the most elegant areas in Greater Cairo.

Fifth Settlement is uniquely located between Suez Road to the north and Al-Qatameya - Ain Sokhna Road to the south.

This exclusive location makes Fifth Settlement an ideal place for living and permanent residence.

It has many green spaces and gardens, as well as a third generation city design.

It provides a diverse range of housing and services that meet the residents' needs.

In addition, Fifth Settlement contains vibrant facilities, commercial stores, international schools and lively streets such as 90th Street.

One of the most important features of Fifth Settlement is its location in the heart of Greater Cairo.

Although located in a big city like Cairo, it enjoys a quiet and comfortable environment.

Fifth Settlement is characterized by a moderate climate all year round due to its large area and high elevation above sea level.

Additionally, Fifth Settlement enjoys diverse and round-the-clock transportation, facilitating residents' access to other areas in Greater Cairo.

Fifth Settlement has a designated bus line and taxi parking spots. There is also an integrated network of commercial stores, restaurants and cafés that meet the residents' needs.

Fifth Settlement is a lively and developed area with a group of large malls and commercial centers, such as Downtown Mall, Cairo Festival City Mall, The Downtown Mall and others.

South 90th Street and North 90th Street are also major streets that contain all types of services and commercial stores.

Overall, Fifth Settlement enjoys a strategic location, modern facilities, comfortable living and a quiet environment.

This place is suitable for living and investment, attracting many people to move to this upscale area in New Cairo.

More Beneficial: Get to know the compounds that are worth paying attention to!

The Fifth Settlement area in Cairo is known for its luxury and quality, as it includes many distinctive residential projects characterized by diverse and excellent services, including many compounds that provide individuals with the utmost comfort and distinction.

In this article, we will share with you the most prominent distinguished services provided by some of the luxurious compounds in the Fifth Settlement, which make your life more comfortable and easier.

1- Silvia Compound:
Silvia Compound is considered one of the most prominent luxury residential projects in the Fifth Settlement, as it provides residents with a distinctive view, unique design, and a variety of units in different areas, making it an excellent choice.

2- Acasa Mia Fifth Settlement:
Acasa Mia Fifth Settlement compound includes a large collection of different restaurants and cafes that make it an ideal place to enjoy leisure time and spend time with family and friends.

3- Amara Residence:
Amara Residence in the Fifth Settlement offers many services and facilities that help make your life more comfortable and easier. The villas have private pools, green spaces, and beautiful natural views, making them ideal for modern life.

4- Cattleya Compound:
Cattleya Compound is one of the most important luxury projects in the Fifth Settlement, as it provides residents with many advantages and services that make it an ideal choice for those who love luxury and tranquility. Key services include international schools, a commercial plaza, and a variety of housing units.

5- Waterway Fifth Settlement:
The Waterway Fifth Settlement site is located on Main Road 90, and is one of the best projects in the area. It provides many distinguished and sophisticated services that help ensure a comfortable and easy life.

6- Rivali Compound:
Rivali Compound in the Fifth Settlement provides integrated security services and luxury services including advanced surveillance cameras and security personnel, making it a safe and ideal place to live.

Therefore, if you are looking for your dream home in the Fifth Settlement, you should look for luxurious compounds that provide you with the best services and ideal places for living.

Comfort and Confidence: How to Buy Your Unit Without Any Obstacles Through aqar-finder.com?

Aqar Finder is a modern and convenient way to search for properties for sale or rent across Saudi Arabia. If you are planning to purchase a property unit in the geographic area you live in, this option provides an opportunity to get a property listed for sale without wasting time searching for available properties. So in this article, we will guide you step-by-step on how to buy your unit without any hiccups through aqar-finder.com.

  1. Register on aqar-finder.com

To start using the aqar-finder.com service, you first need to register on the website. Create a new account with your email and follow the steps on the page. You can also subscribe to the email list that sends you a newsletter containing the latest properties listed for sale.

  1. Use the search options

Determine the location you want to live in and select search options such as property type, area, price, and other important criteria for properties you want to acquire. Be sure to search for available properties for sale in a detailed way and precisely to get accurate results.

  1. Make contact

When you find the property you want, you can contact the property owner or assigned agent to sell the property, and agree on a site visit. You must be careful to review the property thoroughly, verify the legal papers of the property, and not sign anything before verifying the validity of the documents.

  1. Conduct a thorough inspection

When you agree to purchase the property, you must review all aspects of the unit in detail. Make sure there are no problems in the internal structure of the unit, and you should also inspect the bathrooms, kitchen and other internal aspects. You should also check the condition of buildings externally and surrounding areas of the property. All this ensures you get a good property without any problems.

  1. Final Steps

After taking the above steps, you can take concluding steps such as filling out a form with the required information and signing it, and paying the required amount on time. If the full required amount is paid, you can take actual possession of the unit, and obtain the key for the property unit.

It should be noted that the aqar-finder.com service is an easy and convenient way to find properties for sale based on your most important selection criteria, and excellent real estate offers that meet all your needs are presented in the areas you want to live in. If you follow the steps we mentioned, you will easily be able to purchase your housing unit without any obstacles.


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  • Shared Pool
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  • Cycling Lanes
  • Pedestrians
  • Clubhouse
  • Medical Center
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