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With 20% Down Payment Get 390m² Villa in Korpenta Heliopolis Compound

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Villa for sale 330m in Korpenta Heliopolis with payment facilities

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About Korpenta Heliopolis

Korpenta Heliopolis

If you are looking for a place to live that makes you feel sophisticated and luxurious amidst an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility and escape from the pressures of life to a place that combines luxury and elegance in the heart of one of the largest complexes executed in the heart of New Heliopolis, then Korpenta Compound is the ideal solution for you, which was executed by HDG Development Company and keen to provide all means of comfort, basic and entertainment services that residents need and achieve all their desires, in addition to its distinguished location and easy access from all directions to facilitate movement for residents.

Korpenta Heliopolis was implemented in a huge area and the natural scenery enhances the sense of tranquility and comfort surrounding it from all sides, and providing a large number of units in different areas so that customers can get what suits them and is in line with their purchasing power, where you can own their private unit that carries the address of sophistication at great prices, with easy and installment payment systems over a long period without any interest.

Behind every door, you will find coordinated, sophisticated details that give an exceptional mix of luxury and beauty just for your comfort, and provide the dream home you've always dreamed of!!

 Location of Korpenta Heliopolis

Korpenta Heliopolis Compound is a sophisticated integrated service architectural edifice designed to the highest quality standards containing a huge amount of advantages ranging from its distinguished location and unique designs, through the varied areas to the incomparable prices.

Inside Korpenta Heliopolis you can enjoy a private life infused with sophistication and luxury where the natural scenery makes the place a paradise on earth, next to its proximity to many vital areas, main axes and facilities, and government institutions, enabling residents to move from it to anywhere else easily without any effort.

The most important areas near Korpenta Heliopolis include:

  • Korpenta Heliopolis Compound is located on Suez Road and is 3 minutes away from Ismailia Road.
  • Korpenta Heliopolis is 15 minutes away from Cairo International Airport.
  • You can go from Korpenta Heliopolis to Downtown Cairo in 40 minutes.
  • The most important feature of Korpenta Heliopolis Compound is its proximity to Sarayat El Korba villas.
  • Korpenta Heliopolis is easily accessible within minutes of the Valley Sheraton compound, which is one of the most luxurious residential projects in the area.
  • Korpenta Heliopolis is located near Madinaty.

Design of Korpenta Heliopolis

The most distinctive feature of Korpenta Heliopolis Compound is its unique designs, which demonstrate skill and innovation. The developer hired a large team of competent engineers, used the latest construction equipment, and followed modern technological methods. It includes a group of adjacent five villas that have one common garage entrance, each with its own garden and swimming pool, providing a high degree of privacy.

The owning company was keen to provide great diversity in the units and different areas so that customers can buy what suits them and provides a high degree of privacy. The developer focused on providing a different living experience than the traditional lifestyle by making good use of space to provide all the elements of comfort for all residents.

The facades of the villas at Korpenta Heliopolis drew the attention of residents with their elegant classic design and calm colors that captivate the eye, surrounded by vast green spaces that bring joy and happiness to the soul, at very special prices with a flexible payment system over a long period without any interest.

Services provided by Korpenta Heliopolis

Because you deserve it; HDG Development executed Korpenta Heliopolis, the address of sophistication and excellence among residential projects in the area. It was designed in a wonderful modern style and includes unique services, most notably:

  • Korpenta Heliopolis is interested in skin and body care enthusiasts, providing a health resort with spa, sauna, and jacuzzi units for the residents to get a high degree of relaxation.
  • There are gyms equipped with top sports equipment so that residents can exercise and maintain their physical fitness and strengthen their muscles with the help of a large team of specialized trainers.
  • Korpenta Heliopolis project is characterized by a social club where residents can engage in various social and recreational activities with their family and close friends.
  • There is a large group of restaurants and cafes in Korpenta designed to a world-class standard offering the most delicious meals from international and local cuisines under the supervision of the most famous chefs.
  • Korpenta Heliopolis provides an entertainment area that contains all games suitable for all age groups so that residents can play and have fun times with family members.
  • There are nurseries inside Korpenta Heliopolis dedicated to children containing games suitable for their ages and parents feel reassured about them.
  • The most important feature of Korpenta Heliopolis is the presence of international schools and universities providing the best educational level and helping students develop their skills and abilities.
  • There is a commercial area containing several malls and shops inside Korpenta Heliopolis with the most famous international brands for residents to have an unforgettable shopping experience.
  • The most important thing that distinguishes Korpenta Heliopolis is the medical center that contains all specialties and a large team of skilled doctors to provide the best medical care and work to improve the health of the residents.
  • There are pharmacies designed at a high level inside Korpenta Heliopolis containing many medical and cosmetic supplies that residents are looking for, and a drug delivery service at any time around the clock.
  • Korpenta Heliopolis provides a large library for reading enthusiasts to provide them with a comfortable atmosphere to practice their favorite hobbies.
  • There is a large cinema hall with large display screens so that residents can watch the latest Arabic and English films and spend fun times with family members.
  • For pet lovers, there are places allocated to take care of them at Korpenta Heliopolis and a private walkway for strolling with them inside the compound.
  • There are maintenance centers that work to repair defects inside the units and provide a comfortable life for the residents by solving all their problems inside Korpenta Heliopolis.

Advantages you can get when owning your private unit at Korpenta Heliopolis

Are you still looking for an exceptional place to live a luxurious life, a community that pulsates with every detail of beauty and luxury, a new life that was planned just to make you happy and meet your needs? You should choose Korpenta Heliopolis Compound; where there are exceptional units, diverse services, and wonderful advantages, and the owning company enables you to receive your residential unit and enjoy all the features and services of the project at affordable prices and flexible payment methods, most importantly:

  • The most important feature of Korpenta Heliopolis is its privileged location and proximity to vital areas and main axes.
  • The developer was keen that the designs of Korpenta Heliopolis be unique and cannot be found in any other competing project.
  • Using solar panels to generate electricity and provide a healthy life for all Korpenta Heliopolis residents.
  • Existence of a large number of electric power generators that work automatically in case of any problem with the electric current.
  • Korpenta Heliopolis provides designated places for garbage collection and maintaining the aesthetic appearance of the project.
  • There are designated tracks for cycling, exercising and walking under the golden sunshine, and breathing fresh air.
  • There is a large mosque designed in an Islamic style, following precautionary procedures and sterilization, and accommodating a large number of worshipers to perform religious rituals.
  • Large garages are built inside Korpenta Heliopolis to accommodate the largest number of cars, reduce congestion and reduce environmental pollution.
  • There are electric elevators and stairs for easy movement between units without any effort.
  • The landscaping and what it contains beautiful natural scenery enhance the feeling of happiness and improve the psychological state of Korpenta Heliopolis residents.
  • There are water surfaces and dancing fountains from which crystalline blue water flows, making Korpenta Heliopolis a complete artistic painting.
  • Korpenta Heliopolis is concerned with advanced security means and the installation of modern surveillance cameras in all corners.
  • The owning company has contracted with the most important security companies and deployed a large number of security personnel inside Korpenta Heliopolis.
  • The most important feature of Korpenta Heliopolis is its strong management that constantly works on developing the project, solving all the problems faced by the residents, and meeting all their needs.
  • Spread ATMs so that residents can withdraw money at any time and buy everything they need.
  • There are places allocated for meditation sessions amidst the charming nature of Korpenta to help residents get rid of negative thoughts that dominate their minds.
  • Korpenta Heliopolis provides designated places for barbecues and provides all necessary equipment.
  • One of the advantages of Korpenta Heliopolis is the double glazing used for the units, which isolates sound and noise.

Seize the opportunity now and get your integrated unit, and enjoy the best-unmatched services at Korpenta Heliopolis!!

Space and types of units at Korpenta Heliopolis

Korpenta Heliopolis was implemented in a large area, to provide a large number of distinctive units for all customers. It includes a group of five villas designed on a Clusters system with private gardens that prevent the feeling of tranquility and psychological stability, with varied areas to suit the different needs of customers. The unit areas in Korpenta Heliopolis start from 317 square meters up to 400 square meters, so that customers can buy what suits their needs and financial capabilities.

The villa consists of 3 floors with a private garden containing beautiful flowers that add a touch of magic and beauty to the place. It is finished in two systems, either full or half finishing according to the customer's request. It is possible to agree on the delivery of the units immediately or after one year from the date of contracting.

Prices and payment systems at Korpenta Heliopolis

The developer always strives to satisfy its customers, so we find that it implements successful projects and announces competitive prices that are incomparable to others and is keen to be affordable to everyone so that customers can buy their dream home and feel happy and enjoy the best recreational atmospheres.

The price of units at Korpenta Heliopolis starts from 2,700,000 Egyptian Pounds. In addition to that, the developer company was keen to make its payment systems flexible and easy so that customers can get their units without any complications. A reservation deposit of 20% of the total unit price is paid, and it is agreed that the rest of the amount will be paid in equal installments over 5 years without any interest.

For more information, you can contact us!!

Disadvantages of Korpenta New Heliopolis

HDG Company succeeded in launching a project that has no drawbacks, however some individuals may notice the relative distance of New Heliopolis city and the location of Korpenta New Heliopolis compound. However, thanks to the modern road infrastructure, accessing this area has become very easy. Additionally, the value of Korpenta New Heliopolis project is expected to increase significantly after the inauguration of the Administrative Capital, making it an excellent investment option at the present time.

About the real estate developer

HDG is one of the major leading companies in the Egyptian market in the field of real estate development, working to change the traditional lifestyle and develop residential projects, keen to achieve everything its customers want and gain their trust, which gives it a good reputation in the market and makes it the first choice for businessmen and high net worth individuals.

The owning company has gathered its long experience in the market in the heart of its Korpenta Heliopolis project, providing a unique living experience, working to change the architecture in New Cairo with investments amounting to 600 million Egyptian pounds, and following global quality standards.

The most important projects it has implemented include:

  • Korba Heights Heliopolis project.
  • New Korba Compound, New Heliopolis.
  • Meadow Mall, New Heliopolis.
  • Ozone Mall, New Cairo.
  • Elegantry Mall, Fifth Settlement.
  • North Plus project, New Cairo.

Be at the forefront of the future with Heliopolis compounds: a life of luxury awaits you!

Heliopolis compounds represent one of the most prominent modern and distinctive residential communities in Egypt. These compounds are characterized by their contemporary and innovative design, in addition to the luxurious services and diverse entertainment programs they provide for their residents.

Heliopolis compounds provide comprehensive services for residents, such as schools, medical facilities, mosques, shopping centers, and sports clubs. These compounds also ensure a safe environment and high quality recreational facilities.

Thanks to its strategic location and modern facilities, Heliopolis compounds are an ideal choice for individuals and families looking for a comfortable and safe life in an advanced and integrated environment.

Without a doubt, Heliopolis compounds set a new standard for modern and luxurious living in Egypt, making it an ideal destination for living and investing.

Heliopolis compounds are characterized by their elegant architectural designs that combine modernity and authenticity, providing residents with a unique and distinctive housing experience. These compounds include a variety of residential units of different sizes to suit the needs of individuals and families.

The benefits of living in Heliopolis compounds are not limited to comfortable and luxurious housing, but also include integrated recreational facilities and services such as restaurants, swimming pools, sports courts, schools, hospitals, and shopping centers, making it an ideal destination for vacations and entertainment.

In addition, investments in Heliopolis compounds are an ideal opportunity for investors to achieve lucrative financial returns, due to the continuous increase in property values ​​and growing demand for housing in these modern and developed places.

In this way, Heliopolis compounds continue to reflect a remarkable development in the real estate sector in Egypt, and provide an ideal environment for living and investing, attracting many individuals and families looking for a distinctive and stable lifestyle.

Your investment in Heliopolis: your key to success and progress in the heart of modern Egypt!

Investing money in real estate projects is an important strategic step to achieve financial success and future stability. One of the most promising modern developments in Egypt is Heliopolis, which offers attractive investment opportunities and a wide range of financial, cultural and social benefits.

Financial benefits of investing in Heliopolis:

  1. High real estate value: The city of Heliopolis is experiencing rapid growth in the real estate market, which will increase the value of your investments over time.
  2. Job opportunities: With a new city under development, Heliopolis opens its doors to new and varied job opportunities for residents and visitors.

Cultural and social benefits:

  1. Diverse residential areas: Heliopolis provides a variety of housing units to meet the needs of all households and social classes.

  2. Advanced infrastructure: Heliopolis is characterized by modern infrastructure that includes schools, hospitals, shopping centers and recreational areas, making it an ideal place to settle and relax.

Additional services provided by Heliopolis:

However, Heliopolis provides more services that attract investors, such as:

Service Benefit
Modern shopping centers Opportunities for shopping and relaxation close to the place of residence.
Advanced medical centers Peace of mind with good health care availability.
Advanced transportation Ease of transportation and access to many destinations.

For those looking for excellence and proximity: The best compounds adjacent to Korpenta Compound New Heliopolis!

  1. Piccadilly New Heliopolis Compound

    • It is distinguished by unique designs and high quality finishes.
    • It includes distinctive residential units with varied natural facilities.
  2. Sodic East New Heliopolis

    • It is considered one of the most popular compounds.
    • It is located in a prime location in Fifth Settlement.
  3. Porto Heliopolis Compound

    • It is one of the best compounds adjacent to Sodic East.
    • It includes diverse residential units with modern designs and integrated facilities.
  4. Azailya Sodic East New Heliopolis

    • It is one of the best residential complexes in the area.
    • It is characterized by a luxurious design and strategic location in New Heliopolis.
  5. La Vida New Heliopolis Compound

    • It provides excellent services and a vibrant community atmosphere.
    • It combines luxury and comfort to provide an exceptional housing experience.

Ease of dealing: Follow these steps to purchase your unit in Korpenta Compound New Heliopolis on aqar-finder.com!

  1. Visit the site:

    • Go to aqar-finder.com and search for Korpenta Compound New Heliopolis.
    • Review the information and photos of available units and services provided.
  2. Review the details:

    • Read and explore details of different units such as area, design, and prices.
    • Check the compound features such as security, facilities, and services.
  3. Contact us:

    • Contact the relevant entity through the site to inquire about additional details and arrange a visit to view the unit.
  4. Visit and negotiate:

    • Visit the compound and explore the unit yourself.
    • Ask any additional questions and start negotiating the price and payment terms.
  5. Confirm the deal:

    • After agreeing on the terms, confirm booking the unit and complete the purchase transaction.
  6. Legal procedures:

    • Make sure all paperwork and legal contracts are ready and properly signed.
  7. Receive the unit:

    • Once all procedures and payments are complete, arrange to receive the unit and sign the delivery contracts.
  8. Enjoy your new unit:

    • Once the unit is handed over, enjoy living in Korpenta Compound New Heliopolis and take advantage of all the facilities and services available.
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  • Medical Center
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