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About Karma Mall Alexandria

Realize your dreams and expectations for a better future with us in our distinguished project within Karma Alexandria

If you are looking for an integrated commercial and administrative project in one of the most distinctive strategic locations, in the heart of Alexandria in Sidi Bishr, which was launched by Karma Real Estate Company, which was keen to make great efforts to provide the best it has, which is Karma, located in the heart of Alexandria, as it connects the most important roads and main axes, and a short distance from vital areas and a short distance from prestigious places frequented by many clients.

The real estate company also succeeded in determining the huge Karma project to be in a huge area, which was divided in a unique engineering manner. We find that the green spaces of the landscape and plaza surrounding it reflect the most beautiful unique appearance that helps you enjoy the most unique business times. As for the internal units, they are different and consist of "administrative, commercial" units with varying areas, which gives you the first choice of the unit you want.

Karma Real Estate Company always strives to provide the best integrated services to meet all the requirements of customers and investors by searching for all their constant aspirations, as well as competitive prices within Karma Mall that are the best ever, and to facilitate the purchase process for everyone, it offered flexible payment methods to pay the total amount over many years without interest, so you can seize that golden opportunity within the most important commercial projects in the city of Alexandria, so take the initiative to book now....!!!

Discover the unique location of the compound that combines the charm of beauty and the advantage of strategy - Karma Alexandria

Karma Mall project is one of the most prominent huge commercial malls located in the heart of the most important strategic locations, as it is in the heart of the city of Alexandria and specifically in the famous Sidi Bishr area. The distance between it and vital and service areas does not exceed a few minutes, and you can reach the most important huge projects in that area from Karma Compound in a few minutes, in addition to its location on the most famous important streets.

The most important features of Karma Mall Sidi Bishr location:

  • Karma Mall - Karma Mall Alexandria is located in East Alexandria and specifically in Sidi Bishr area.
  • Karma Alexandria is also on the famous Mustafa Kamel Street, 70 square meters wide.
  • Karma Mall Sidi Bishr is located on Al-Nakheel Street, about 16 square meters wide.
  • Karma Mall Alexandria is located on Mohammed Amin Street, about 16 meters wide.

Let the innovative design of our project inspire your dreams and paint the ideal picture inside Karma Alexandria Mall

The huge commercial project Karma, established in the heart of the city of Alexandria, which is distinguished by many elegant and unique advantages, and Karma Real Estate Company has been keen to provide within its commercial project unique and elegant architectural designs after fully relying on the largest engineering companies that planned it strategically. It is designed in the same elite architectural styles, as Karma Mall is also established on a vast area that is divided between green spaces, beautiful natural landscapes that occupy the largest percentage of the total area. The largest possible number of different units has been provided within it so that all customers looking for an unparalleled integrated project have the first choice.

Choose from our great selection of meticulously designed units to suit your tastes inside Karma Alexandria

Karma Real Estate Company has recently launched its huge commercial project called Karma, which is distinguished by many elite advantages and provides you with the largest amount of integrated services, making it the focus of many as it has great value. It was keen to design it to include the largest number of units that differ in terms of areas. In general, Karma Alexandria Mall consists of 37 buildings, each containing 11 floors.

Different areas have been provided within it, starting from 89 square meters, up to 180 square meters. As for the units of the first phase inside Karma Mall, their areas start from 99 square meters up to 159 square meters. The units are delivered with a super luxury finish system, each designed in European architectural styles and enjoying elegant decorations that suit the level of many customers.

Take a look at the unique and exceptional features provided by our project inside Karma Alexandria Mall - Karma Mall Alexandria

Karma Real Estate Development Company seeks to implement a new concept of successful investment through Karma Alexandria Mall; Where it provides customers with a different working environment that is full of ingredients that provide them with a calm and comfortable place to practice their various activities, and it is distinguished by many advantages, which are:

  • Karma Mall Sidi Bishr - Karma Mall Alexandria has been designed in an international style. The largest engineering companies with extensive experiences have been consulted. They have worked to put the best modern touches inside, so it has become the most prestigious huge projects in the region and attracted many customers.
  • Karma Mall Sidi Bishr enjoys many advantages, the most important of which is the strategic location, which is one of the most important features that attracted many customers to it. It connects the most important roads and main axes and is a short distance from vital and service areas, thus facilitating access for everyone easily.
  • The area on which the huge commercial mall, Karma, is located is vast and designed to include the largest landscape and plaza, which reflects the most civilized appearance that attracts the spirit to it and helps enjoy the most unique working times, and all units overlook it.
  • Karma Mall has been designed with double glazed facades that reflect external lighting and prevent the entry of sound for an elegant and quiet work environment.
  • The units inside Karma Alexandria Mall are designed in an international luxury style with distinctive touches, and they vary in terms of areas and types so that customers can choose the most suitable for them.
  • On each floor there are fully equipped bathrooms in Karma Mall Sidi Bishr, some of which are designated for men and women for more comfort for visitors.
  • A maintenance center inside Karma Mall Sidi Bishr, which constantly works to detect any malfunction for a trouble-free work life that suits the taste of elite customers.
  • Providing a distinctive service inside Karma Alexandria Mall to answer inquiries from customers and present all requirements and suggestions to management.
  • A mosque has been established in Karma Alexandria Mall that is sufficient for the largest number of worshipers, in order to perform prayers throughout the day.
  • Karma Mall Sidi Bishr is designed with infrastructure designed in the same elite architectural style, which includes all the basic necessary services that maintain the civilized shape.
  • A distinctive area has been allocated to receive incoming customers in Karma Mall.

Do not miss the opportunity to invest in our new real estate project that combines innovative design and modern facilities in a strategic location where Karma Mall Sidi Bishr is located, so take the initiative to book now....!!!

Comfort and luxury are now closer to you with our distinguished services - Karma Mall Alexandria

Karma Real Estate Company did not only focus on the prestigious location of Karma Mall, which makes it close to all services, facilities and basics in Alexandria, Sidi Bishr; But it allocated within it an uncountable number of services and advantages that are not found anywhere else; This indicates a brilliant success for all activities and businesses that will be invested inside Karma Alexandria project, and these services are:

  • Inside Karma Mall Sidi Bishr - Karma Mall Alexandria, the maximum amount of security services has been provided, which operate around the clock, to ensure the preservation of property and ensure stability within it and for more complete safety.
  • The owning company of Karma Commercial Mall project decided to maintain the civilized form, so garages were designed under the building designated for cars sufficient for the largest number of them, in order to maintain its elite form, and prevent congestion in front of it.
  • Two gates for entrance and exit private to Karma Mall Sidi Bishr, which facilitate traffic flow and ensure no congestion and crowding in it.
  • A number of surveillance cameras were distributed inside Karma Alexandria Mall, operating around the clock to monitor events throughout the day, and are reviewed periodically to provide a distinctive work environment.
  • A high-speed internet network has been distributed inside the units of Karma Mall Sidi Bishr, which helps you accomplish your work in the least time and with the highest quality.
  • And for the most beautiful experiences, a huge central air conditioning system has been provided inside the building of Karma Alexandria Mall, which works to distribute cold air inside it for a unique unmatched work environment.
  • ATMs have been distributed inside Karma Alexandria Mall, which helps all customers easily withdraw and deposit money, in order to keep them within its scope.
  • Meeting rooms inside Karma Alexandria Mall have been designed in the same international style in terms of luxury and high quality, and devices dedicated to sound and display are provided, for a unique work life.
  • Modern elevators have been installed inside Karma Mall Sidi Bishr, which help you move between floors easily and reduce congestion for more customer comfort and enjoy an unparalleled shopping experience.
  • Electric stairs between floors at Karma Alexandria Mall that operate continuously, helping you move between floors easily, preventing congestion and overcrowding inside it.
  • Distinguished medical services inside Karma Mall Sidi Bishr, by the presence of large clinics containing a number of sophisticated devices, and the best medical services are provided in them.
  • There is also a large pharmacy inside Karma Alexandria Mall that contains the largest amount of imported medicines and there is a delivery service around the clock.
  • Restaurants and cafes designed in an international style inside Karma Mall, where luxury and sophistication, and characterized by distinctive decorations that suit your high level, where you can have your favorite meal and drink amid romantic atmospheres.
  • Karma Alexandria Mall operates according to the system of modern establishments where you can control lighting remotely, thus providing you with a distinctive business life that suits elite customers.
  • Kids Area for children inside Karma Alexandria Mall, containing many fun games that help them spend the best times with their friends.
  • The internal units in Karma Mall Sidi Bishr contain a number of air conditioners that work to distribute clean, cool air, thus providing you with a distinctive business environment and the best unmatched shopping experience.
  • An electric power generator is provided in Karma Mall Sidi Besh, which works automatically for a trouble-free work environment.
  • Fire alarms inside Karma Mall Sidi Bishr, Alexandria, and there is an emergency exit to preserve the lives of all customers in case of any sudden fire.

Do not hesitate, seize the opportunity now and own your integrated unit and enjoy a range of unique services in Karma Mall Sidi Bishr....!!

Explore the real value with payment plans available to us and our competitive prices inside Karma Mall Sidi Bishr

If you are a commercial or administrative business owner and are looking for a huge project that provides you with high profits and is distinguished by many unique features and provides the largest amount of services that work to meet all your requirements and what you are looking for inside Karma Mall Sidi Bishr, here the owning company Karma has decided to serve its customers. It announced a range of competitive prices that allow you to buy the unit you want and offered flexible payment methods to pay the total amount over many long years, which are:

  • The price of the unit inside Karma Alexandria Mall - Karma Mall Alexandria starts at: 1,300,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • You can pay a down payment of 190,000 Egyptian pounds and the longest payment period up to 54 months.
  • Units are delivered in a super luxury finish system inside Karma Mall Sidi Bishr.

For more information, you can contact us....!!

Get to know the leading real estate developer who turns your dreams into reality - Karma Developments

Karma Company, a leader in the Egyptian real estate market, which was established in 2015, and since then it has been launching the creation of many different projects and has become the largest series of achievements in various sectors, including residential, commercial, coastal. It has left its mark on architectural designs within different units, which made it one of the most distinguished companies and swept many lands in New Cairo, the North Coast, the New Administrative Capital, and is keen to take into account international quality standards, efficiency, creativity and achievement. It recently launched its commercial project, which was named Karma, which enjoys many advantages and includes the largest amount of services, and it obtained the ISO "quality certificate" in appreciation of what it provides.

Karma Company's most important projects:

  • Inizio Mall, the New Administrative Capital.
  • Lotus North Coast project, Plot 54, Fifth Settlement.
  • American University project, Plot 42, Fifth Settlement.
  • Cornfel project, Plot 73, Fifth Settlement.
  • Andalus project, Fifth Settlement, Plot 443, Plot 477, Plot 585.
  • Beit El Wattan project, Fifth Settlement, Plot C6, and Plot 621.

You deserve true luxury...and it's in Alexandria City Malls!

Alexandria is a great shopping destination with luxurious malls that provide unique and exciting shopping experiences.

In Alexandria itself, "Green Plaza" offers a great shopping experience combining entertainment activities and elegant restaurants while "San Stefano Mall" provides a luxurious shopping experience and also has the best gaming halls for children.

Additionally, visitors can enjoy a quick shopping tour at "Smouha Mall" or visit "Royal Mall" which features elegant retail stores and a great view of the park gardens.

For those looking for movie fun, "Agami Star Mall" provides an unforgettable experience with its distinctive movie theaters.

Alexandria always maintains its glamor and appeal thanks to these elegant and luxurious malls which feature many international brands and provide unforgettable shopping experiences.

So don't miss the chance to visit these malls and enjoy true luxury in Alexandria.

Alexandria City Malls: Where Modern Technology Meets Elegant Luxury!

Alexandria is one of the most prominent coastal cities in Egypt and is characterized by its long history and rich heritage.

The city contains many elegant shopping malls that combine modern technology with elegant luxury.

Among the most famous malls in Alexandria is "City Light Mall" which is an ideal destination for shopping and luxury enthusiasts.

The mall contains hundreds of retail stores and famous international brands known for their quality and reasonable prices.

The mall also contains a large entertainment area with game rooms for children and adults, in addition to elegant restaurants and distinctive cafes.

Next is "Zahran Mall", which is one of the oldest and most famous malls in Alexandria.

The mall is characterized by its wonderful design and unique location near Borg El Arab Airport.

It contains hundreds of retail stores and international brands, in addition to restaurants, cafes and an entertainment area.

"San Stefano Mall" is one of the most prominent malls in Alexandria and is directly connected to the famous "San Stefano" hotel.

The mall is distinguished by its wonderful location overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and contains many retail stores and international brands, in addition to the food court and movie theaters.

Finally, "City Center Mall" is an ideal shopping destination in the heart of Alexandria.

The mall contains a diverse selection of retail stores, fashion, and accessories, in addition to many restaurants and cafes.

The mall also provides entertainment through game rooms and movie theaters.

You can find all your needs in Alexandria malls whether you are looking for international brands or want to spend fun time with the family.

They combine shopping and entertainment and are characterized by elegance and luxury.

Visiting these malls will certainly be an unforgettable experience for anyone visiting the city of Alexandria.

Choose Luxury and Comfort with Karma Mall Units in Alexandria!

Explore a new concept of luxury and comfort with Karma Mall units in Alexandria.

These units are among the most beautiful commercial facilities in the city as Karma mall enjoys a strategic location on Fouad Street near the Smouha area.

Karma mall is characterized by its modern and attractive design, where elegant architecture meets unique elegance in this place.

Karma Mall units offer a wide selection of retail stores, restaurants and cafes where visitors can enjoy a luxurious shopping experience and eat delicious meals.

The stores available at Karma mall include globally renowned brands in various fields including fashion, electronics, jewelry and cosmetics.

Additionally, Karma mall also contains movie theaters and entertainment areas for children making it an ideal destination for families.

The excitement and entertainment are not limited to retail stores only.

Karma Mall also provides free modern parking lots, in addition to an advanced security system to provide comfort and safety for visitors.

If you are looking for a luxurious and unique shopping experience in Alexandria, Karma Mall units are the ideal choice.

Get ready to enjoy elegant atmosphere and an unforgettable shopping experience in this unique place.

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