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Lower of market, 170m² Super lux-finished apartment in Jayd New Cairo

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170 M2
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Book a Unit Starting From 165m² in Jayd New Cairo by Secon Development

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165 M2
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Take the opportunity with unbeatable price per 129m² in Jayd compound New Cair0

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120 M2
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Invest in a 194m² unit in Jayd compound

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194 M2
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Your Unit With 60m² Garden and An Area Starting From 145m² in Jayd by Secon

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145 M2
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Own Duplex with 0% downpayment in New Capital within Jayd Project

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260 M2
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The cheapest 4-rooms Duplex with immediate receipt and 8 years facilities in Jayd

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265 M2
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Apartment for sale with ‎immediate delivery at Jayd Compound New Cairo

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150 M2
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160m² apartment with attractive price and charming view in Jayd New Cairo by Secon

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160 M2
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An apartment ready for receipt at Jayd compound with full finishing and an area 140m

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140 M2
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210m² apartment for sale with less than market price in Jayd Secon

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210 M2
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Properties for sale in Jayd 290M

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290 M2
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About Jayd New Cairo Compound

Enjoy the most Luxurious Residential Units in Jayd Compound

Jayd compound by SECON is an upscale residential project in New Cairo, with modern architectural facades, beautiful vistas, and comprehensive services, all of which to make it an exceptional and competitive project.

Jayd Compound New Cairo Location

Living in a unit within Jayd Compound means that you will be able to wander around New Cairo and its various suburbs whenever you like, because it is located in the heart of New Cairo directly on the Suez Road, which serves as a central point surrounded by vital areas, landmarks and important cities on each side, namely:

  • Rehab City: The complex has a 900-metre façade overlooking the city

  • American University: 7 minutes from the compound.

  • Ring Road: The distance between it and the compound is 15 minutes at most.

  • Teseen St.: A large and famous street just 10 minutes from the project

  • Airport: Camp residents can reach it in just 20 minutes

  • Close to Mountain View compound 2.

  • Attorney General's Office.

Jayd compound is only 3 minutes away from Suez Road, and is very close to Rehab Road along the Sadat axis, making it very accessible.

Available Unit Spaces inJayd

The project covers 68 acres of land, which is carefully divided between residential units, services, and green areas. Residential units vary between apartments, villas, penthouses, and duplexes, with spaces starting at 145 square meters and up to 280 square meters.

There’s an estimated 120 residential buildings on the compound, divided into 1900 luxury units. Each building has a ground floor, a basement, and four upper floors. All the units are delivered to the customer fully-finished.

Jayd new Cairo Services

Jayd New Cairo offers all the basic services you’d expect to find in a Fifth Settlement compound, along with a staggering number of extra amenities, such as:

  • Green spaces that dominate the exterior design of the complex and add a beautiful touch of nature, and giving the compound a calming, peaceful atmosphere.

  • A high-end athletic club with the proper equipment for various activities and sports. Keeping track of your sporting habit should be a breeze.

  • A large Club House that covers 1.5 acres within the compound, and offers the highest degree of relaxation in a picturesque natural setting.

  • A private mosque with a magnificent architectural design that creates an unparalleled spiritual atmosphere.

  • Cafés and restaurants offering great service and a diverse local and international cuisine.

  • A shopping mall with international brand stores and essentials commodities.

  • A hypermarket where residents can buy their everyday groceries, especially since it’s within walking distance.

Compound Benefits

  • A fully-equipped spa offering outstanding services, including a sauna and Jacuzzi.

  • Swimming enthusiasts can enjoy a dip in the community pool, which is available to all the compound residents at all times.

  • The finest medical services are provided to compound residents throughout the day.

  • A fully covered and secured garage so that all residents ensure that their cars are parked in a safe place.

  • Security personnel guard the premises throughout the day.

  • A fully-equipped day care with high class education and recreational activities.

  • A gym with all the latest equipment’s and facilities, so that you can keep an exercising habit without needing to leave the compound.


Jayd New Cairo prices are the talk of the town because of how low they are, at least in comparison to the services available to the residents. Prices start at 15,500 EGP per square meter.

Prices vary widely according to the unit’s size. For example, a 165 square meters apartment is sold for about 2,557,500 EGP.

Get to know the cheapest compound in Fifth Settlement.

Payment Systems

SECON has provided Jayd compound customers with flexible payment systems, which are detailed as follows:

  • First plan: 5% of the total unit value as a down payment, and the rest are divided on monthly installments over 6 years.

  • Second plan: 10% of the total unit value as a down payment, and the rest are divided on monthly installments over 5 years.

Disadvantages of Jayd Compound

Compound Jayd, developed by the Egyptian Saudi Real Estate Company, offers a wide range of apartments with large areas comparable to villas. Despite some customers' reservations about limiting the offer to apartments only, these units have the advantages of villas in terms of comfort and privacy, providing residents with an excellent residential experience.

Real Estate Developer Portfolio

Jayd compound, Fifth Settlement is the property of Saudi Egyptian Construction Company (SECON), which is a well-known real estate developer since 1975.

Other projects by this developer include:

  • Blue Vert compound in the New Administrative Capital

  • Sawari compound New Alexandria

  • Zahraa El Maadi Tower

  • Lake Dream Project

  • Riyadh Project in Rehab City

  • SECON Nile Towers Range

  • Sama Tower in Maadi

  • Dura Compound in Assiut

  • Riad Towers in Maadi

  • Sama Project in Alexandria

  • SECON Residence Alexandria

  • The Champs-Elysées Towers in Alexandria

Imagine Yourself in the Heart of Modern Egypt... New Cairo!

New Cairo is considered a modern urban area characterized by its modern and professional design, where thousands of residents enjoy magnificent services and facilities.

New Cairo is located in the New Cairo Governorate, and is one of the third generation cities that was established by the decision of the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt No. 191 of 2000.

New Cairo is considered one of the largest new cities in Egypt, as it provides a diverse set of services and facilities that suit all the residents' needs.

Here you can find high-level schools and universities, modern hospitals, commercial and entertainment centers, elegant restaurants and cafes.

In addition, New Cairo is an ideal place to live and invest, as there are many modern real estate projects that provide luxurious residential units such as villas and apartments at affordable prices.

You can get your ideal residential unit by dealing with trusted real estate companies such as Aqar Ya Masr.

Finally, it should be noted that New Cairo enjoys a distinguished location, where you can easily access other areas in Cairo and its suburbs through modern road networks.

There are also many diverse residential communities in New Cairo, where homes that suit all tastes and requirements can be found.

In short, if you are looking for an ideal place to live in the heart of modern Egypt, New Cairo is the perfect choice.

Enjoy the beauty of modern design and enjoy all the advantages offered by this modern city.

Your Investment in Fifth Settlement: Your Opportunity for Profit and Growth in the Heart of Modern Egypt!

If you are looking for exciting investment opportunities in modern Egypt, Fifth Settlement is the ideal destination to consider for your next investment. This neighborhood is growing at a rapid rate and is characterized by many real estate investment opportunities. In this article, we will discuss the best investment opportunities in Fifth Settlement and why this neighborhood is the right destination for real estate investment.

  1. Investment in residential apartments
    Fifth Settlement has many distinctive residential apartments that combine luxury and comfort. Investors can invest in residential apartments by purchasing and renting them out to local residents. There are many distinctive real estate projects in the area, including the Mivida compound, which includes a unique set of residential apartments.

  2. Investment in commercial real estate
    Investors can also invest in commercial real estate in Fifth Settlement, such as commercial stores and administrative offices. There are many exciting commercial projects of interest in the area, and the area enjoys a lively location that is easily accessible from all areas of Cairo.

  3. Investment in hotel and hospitality projects
    In Fifth Settlement, there are many interesting hotel and hospitality projects that represent exciting investment opportunities. Investors can invest in developing hotels or hotel apartments and renting them out to meet the increasing local demand for luxury hospitality.

  4. Investment in medical projects
    Fifth Settlement has many interesting medical projects, such as hospitals and health centers. Investors can invest in developing medical projects and renting them out to local doctors and patients. There are many distinctive medical projects in the area, including Nile Hospital.

  5. Investment opportunities in the New Administrative Capital
    In addition to Fifth Settlement, investment in the New Administrative Capital provides attractive investment opportunities. The New Administrative Capital is characterized by state-of-the-art engineering designs and modern facilities, making it a unique destination for many investors.

In summary, Fifth Settlement provides great investment opportunities in modern Egypt. The area has many exciting investment opportunities of interest, whether residential apartments, commercial real estate, or hospitality projects. Investors can also consider investing in the New Administrative Capital for further growth and profit. Therefore, if you are thinking about real estate investment in modern Egypt, Fifth Settlement is the ideal real estate investment destination.

Luxury is Not Exclusive to Jayd Compound: Enjoy Surrounding Housing Options!

If you are looking for the highest level of luxury and privacy in the New Cairo area, Jayd Compound in New Cairo is the perfect choice for you, but if you are still looking at other options in the area, here are the best compounds adjacent to this luxurious resort:

  1. Mountain View iCity
    These set of compounds are on the same level as Jayd Park, and are characterized by a strategic location in New Cairo. Mountain View residents enjoy the privacy they dream of, and there are many excellent options to purchase your own units, and you will enjoy the most beautiful views of the area.
    Price per meter starts from 18,000 EGP.

  2. District 5 Compound
    District 5 Compound is located in the heart of New Cairo, and is distinguished by spacious areas and beautiful views of the area. The compound also provides the facilities and services you need, and is characterized by a modern and elegant design.
    Price per meter starts from 19,000 EGP.

  3. Azad Compound
    Azad Compound is located in the New Cairo area, and is characterized by an elegant design and a quiet, fun area to live in. The compound is also distinguished by the various benefits it provides, and offers affordable prices.
    Price per meter starts from 14,000 EGP.

  4. Sarai Compound:
    Sarai Compound is located in a strategic location in New Cairo, and is characterized by a modern and beautiful design. The compound provides spacious and luxurious spaces, and also provides the facilities and services you need to live happily and comfortably.
    Price per meter starts from 12,000 EGP.

In short, if you are looking for the best options to live in the New Cairo area, these compounds adjacent to Jayd Park will provide you with new perspectives and affordable prices, and will make your life full of comfort and luxury.

Real Estate Investment Without Limits: How to Finance and Buy Confidently Through aqar-finder.com!

If you are looking to purchase a new residential unit, aqar-finder.com may be the right site for you. The site provides services to search for residential units available for sale in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that suit your requirements and budget. If you are interested in obtaining real estate financing, you can use the real estate financing companies recommended by the site.

Please note that using aqar-finder.com requires some important steps that you should know before starting the search for a residential unit:

  1. Determine Location and Budget:
    First, you must determine the location where you want to purchase the residential unit, as location is one of the most important aspects to consider when looking for a residential unit. You should also detail your financial budget so that the site can display units that suit your specified budget.

  2. Search for the Right Unit:
    After determining the location and financial budget, you can search for the appropriate residential unit by entering your specified data and requirements into the site's search engine. You can choose from many options, such as unit type, number of rooms, unit area, and other requirements.

  3. Contact the Seller:
    If a residential unit is found that suits your requirements and specified budget, you can contact the seller directly through the site by clicking on "Contact Seller", where you will be referred to a page that allows you to schedule an online tour of the unit and negotiate prices.

  4. Obtain Real Estate Financing:
    If you need real estate financing, you can contact the real estate financing companies that partner with aqar-finder.com, which will provide you with the necessary financial assistance to purchase a residential unit, based on your budget and specific requirements.

Therefore, if you want to purchase a residential unit, aqar-finder.com can provide implementable and effective solutions to meet your needs, whether you are looking for real estate financing or just looking for a suitable residential unit. It depends largely on determining the location and financial budget, then searching for the appropriate unit and contacting the seller to follow up on procedures.


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  • Private Garden
  • Private Pool
  • Shared Pool
  • Parking
  • Retail Outlets
  • Cycling Lanes
  • Pedestrians
  • Clubhouse
  • Medical Center
  • Commercial Area
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