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Your unit with 161m in Uptown Cairo compound

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In New Cairo, book a villa in Uptown Cairo

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For sale in installments Twin House 287m in Uptown Cairo

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Hurry up to book in Uptown Cairo, units of 472m

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Buy your apartment of 187m in Uptown Cairo New Cairo

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Villa in Uptown Cairo with facilities up to 7 years

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Own your unit now in Uptown Cairo at great prices

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Details about Uptown Cairo compound apartments

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Villa 304m in New Cairo, Uptown Cairo

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Twin house for sale 310m in Uptown Cairo

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About Emaar Uptown Cairo

Exclusive and detailed information about the Magic and Beauty Compound Uptown Cairo

It is one of the most important residential projects in New Cairo, it is an integrated compound with services and facilities in a way that makes life in it extremely comfortable, as it is located far from sources of pollution, noise, and hustle to take you far away to feel the utmost relaxation and psychological comfort, so looking for Apartments for sale in Uptown Cairo Compound should be your priority.

Compound Location

Uptown project is the most beautiful compound in the heart of New Cairo, its location is great, close to all the main roads and axes that make access to it very easy, the advantages of its location include:

  • The compound is located in Mokattam and is designed to have three entrances to connect the residents to their homes in several ways.
  • A strategic location that is easily accessible from the side of Ramses extension from its first entrance.
  • Its second entrance can be reached from the Mokattam side, right after Al Nafoura Square.
  • Reach the third entrance of the project from the side of Al shahid axis, about 5 minutes from the Fifth Settlement.
  • The location is very close to the Ring Road, and October Bridge, so you will find it quite far from the crowded places.
  • From Uptown Cairo Emaar, you can reach downtown Cairo in a few minutes.
  • Accessing the location through Maadi and Heliopolis is very easy.
  • The distance from the location to Maadi is only about 10 minutes.
  • The compound is located close to Madinaty.
  • The project is separated from Nasr City for 10 minutes at the most.
  • Reaching the administrative capital from the compound only takes a few minutes by car.
  • Its location is privileged and close to all vital sites, as it can reach Cairo International Airport in just 15 minutes.
  • You can reach Mohandessin in just 15 minutes.

Uptown Cairo Compound Mokattam Space

Uptown Cairo project that includes a lot of services, as its large space helped it to be integrated with services, reaching 1,100 acres, or about 5.4 million square meters.

Uptown Cairo Emaar is characterized by the height of the land on which it is built, about 200 meters above sea level, and this makes the climate in it mild and refreshing in all seasons of the year.

This vast space was divided with great professionalism, which achieves the residents' enjoyment and psychological comfort, as the largest part of it has been allocated to recreational services, green spaces, gardens, and parks, making all units overlook a wonderful view Within Uptown Cairo.

The buildings and facilities have been given the smallest space of Uptown Cairo Compound, thus ensuring your children living in pure healthy weather free from pollution and noise.

The project includes a variety of spaces and shapes of units, which allows all customers to choose the space that suits them, where apartments for sale are available in Uptown Cairo, small studios, as well as duplexes and luxury villas in Uptown Cairo.

There are also twin houses, in addition to apartments for sale with larger spaces.

The offered spaces were as follows:

  • Apartments spaces start from 64 m² up to 321 m².
  • The spaces of villas for sale range from 304 m² up to 368 m².
  • The spaces of the twin houses and townhouses range from 270 m² up to 280 m².
  • Duplexes are available with spaces starting from 282 square meters up to about 414 square meters.

HILLTOP GOLF VILLAS phase within Uptown Cairo

Hilltop Golf Villas in Mokattam, New Cairo, is a captivating retreat that offers residents the chance to wake up every day amidst breathtaking natural surroundings, where gentle breezes and enchanting landscapes rejuvenate the soul and delight the eyes. These villas are not just homes but represent a unique living experience in one of the most prestigious areas.

At Hilltop Golf Villas, you'll find a wide selection of villas featuring modern and unique designs, making them stand out significantly. Each unit is adorned with exquisite decor and architectural designs that reflect unparalleled luxury, adding a special and distinctive character to living there.

The residential complex in Mokattam boasts exceptional features, overlooking an expansive eighteen-hole golf course designed in collaboration with leading companies in the field. The project also provides vast green spaces that add natural beauty and attractiveness, allowing residents to enjoy the captivating beauty of nature daily.

Hilltop Golf Villas have been designed to meet the aspirations of different families in terms of privacy, quality finishes, and the stunning views each unit overlooks. The villas are available for families of various sizes, whether you're looking for a home suitable for a small or large family.

Hilltop Golf Villas includes numerous features such as sprawling green spaces, swimming pools, a large crystal lake, and a commercial area comprising a wide range of shops, all of which make the project a comprehensive place that meets all your aspirations.

For those seeking luxury living, Hilltop Golf Villas offers diverse units starting from 350 square meters up to 750 square meters, with suitable prices and flexible payment systems that provide maximum flexibility for owners, making investment in this project highly attractive and appealing.

FOUNTAIN SIDE phase in Uptown Cairo

In the heart of Mokattam, Fountain Side rises as a distinctive part within the charming composition of Uptown Cairo, providing quick access to vital areas such as Maadi and Heliopolis, adding more flexibility for your easy movement in the heart of the capital. Thanks to its strategic location, this phase serves as an ideal starting point for accessing Cairo's bounties.

Within the walls of Fountain Side, you'll find yourself surrounded by views of dancing fountains interspersed with vast water features, not only embodying artistic creativity but also providing moments of astonishment and visual beauty. This scene enhances the daily living experience in a way that elevates the quality of life.

Fountain Side offers a luxurious and modern lifestyle, where all elements of comfort and luxury are combined in one place to provide its residents with a unique experience. Among the corridors of the place, international schools and health centers are distributed alongside a diverse collection of high-specification swimming pools suitable for everyone.

Fountain Side also includes residential apartments designed to meet the needs of all families, with areas starting from 157 square meters and reaching about 319 square meters, with varying prices to offer options that suit different tastes and budgets. This diversity enables each family to choose what suits them easily and conveniently.

Uptown Cairo Mokattam reflects an exceptional experience surrounded by stunning artificial lakes that add new dimensions to luxury, inspired by the genius of modern design and planning to ensure high and unique quality of life for its residents.

GOLF RESIDENCES phase in Uptown Cairo Mokattam project

While searching for a lifestyle that ensures luxury and privacy, Golf Residences in Mokattam stands out as an exceptional choice within the Uptown Cairo complex, where this sector of the project is a window to a sophisticated residential experience that blends luxury with easy access to Cairo's vital centers such as Maadi and Heliopolis.

The location is distinguished by its proximity to main areas, facilitating commuting and reducing time spent on daily trips. Also, residents enjoy architectural designs that enhance the sense of visual extension and provide green spaces that wrap the residential complex with visual and psychological comfort.

The green spaces and recreational facilities scattered throughout the place form a meeting point for beauty and relaxation. Residential units vary from studios and duplexes to apartments consisting of multiple rooms, elegantly designed to suit different tastes and needs. Each unit is prepared to provide the highest levels of comfort and privacy, in addition to designs that respect the distances between units, enhancing the feeling of independence within the compound.

Besides that, the compound includes special cycling paths, separated from car roads to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Unit areas range between 52 and 254 square meters, providing diverse options suitable for all needs and budgets, with prices starting from 5,362,000 Egyptian pounds, making Golf Residences a gateway to comfortable living in the heart of Cairo.

GOLF VISTAS phase in Uptown Cairo Emaar

In the heart of Mokattam, Uptown Cairo compound stands as a unique residential icon that breaks through the horizons of luxury and excellence. The complex is distinguished by an architectural design that combines elegance and functionality, embracing residential units of various sizes ranging from spacious three-bedroom apartments to luxurious duplexes and modern studios, all embracing sophistication in interior and exterior design.

These spacious areas, starting from 58 square meters, allow living in an environment that brings joy, with a focus on providing unparalleled quality of life. The project is surrounded by greenery of gardens and stunning landscape areas that allow you to enjoy breathtaking natural scenes while inside your home, especially in the Golf Vistas phase which overlooks the horizons of the 18-hole golf course, highlighting the beauty of the place and making it an ideal location for residence.

In addition, this compound includes comprehensive recreational and service facilities including sports fields, a fully equipped health club, charming artificial lakes, and various services that meet the needs of residents and provide them with a life full of comfort and safety.

CELESTA HILLS phase in Uptown Cairo Mokattam Emaar

In the heart of Cairo, Celesta Hills compound in Mokattam stands out as a prominent residential attraction, thanks to the wide range of features it offers. This location is distinguished by its extreme proximity to specialized facilities, and it is just minutes away from Cairo International Airport, providing ease of access and mobility.

The compound also offers a quiet haven enjoying stunning nature, distancing it from the city's hustle and continuous congestion, allowing residents to immerse themselves in a quiet and comfortable life as if they were living in the midst of rich natural gardens.

In addition, Uptown Cairo project by Emaar includes integrated commercial facilities including a shopping mall that meets all needs, and a spacious garage that maintains the order and visual appeal of the place. There is also an area dedicated to restaurants and cafes located near the residential units, which enhances the quality of life inside the compound.

Residing in Celesta Hills is a unique experience where every step reveals angles of beauty and colors of joy. The project also includes luxurious villas that vary in areas, starting from 287 square meters, with prices starting from 14,763,000 Egyptian pounds, making it an ideal choice for those seeking luxury and privacy in one of the most prestigious areas in Cairo.


CELESTA BY THE LAKE 2 is characterized by its strategic location within the advanced phases of Uptown Cairo compound in Mokattam, situated close to vital and important centers, facilitating access to it from all parts of Greater Cairo with ease. This excellent location makes returning home very comfortable and quick for residents who work outside the compound.

In addition, CELESTA BY THE LAKE 2 offers a highly private and luxurious lifestyle through providing a collection of elegant villas designed with meticulous architectural details that suit the tastes of its distinguished clients. These villas allow residents the opportunity to enjoy a quiet and independent life within the compound's environment that stimulates comfort and relaxation.


CELESTA BY THE LAKE 3 is distinguished as one of the most prominent phases within the Uptown Cairo project in Mokattam, enjoying an exceptional location close to important residential and commercial areas. The project offers a diverse collection of properties focusing on villas of different styles, including standalone villas and townhouses, all available in multiple sizes to meet the needs and tastes of residents.


In this ideal place, you can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle amidst stunning natural landscapes, while maintaining active social connections thanks to multiple facilities and activities with neighbors. Here, you'll find tranquility and luxury at their highest levels, away from the hustle of daily life.

Uptown Cairo project offers a striking diversity in facilities, including the spacious social and sports club, in addition to artificial lakes and fountains that contribute to creating an atmosphere of beauty and relaxation. Also, a wide variety of residential units from villas and townhouses are available, which come with spacious areas and competitive prices, ready to meet all your needs and desires.


The experience of living in a place that meets all your needs and desires is an unparalleled pleasure. This place gives you the ability to enjoy luxury and privacy, in addition to the tranquility and stability you aspire to achieve in your daily life.

Owning an apartment is not just owning a property but an investment in an integrated community that surrounds you with all the services and advantages you need. The Fourteen Golf Residences project in Mokattam, the new phase within Uptown Cairo compound, offers a modern lifestyle full of diverse facilities that enhance the quality of life.

Uptown Cairo compound is rich with a wide range of upscale facilities including vast golf courses, distinguished educational institutions, integrated sports fields, and shopping centers that meet all your needs, in addition to special entertainment areas for children.

Uptown Cairo project also offers a variety of residential units that enjoy stunning views of the golf courses and surrounding artificial lakes, adding natural beauty to daily life and unique architectural designs that enrich your residential experience.

Units are offered with areas starting from 137 square meters and competitive prices starting from 6,367,000 Egyptian pounds, and flexible payment options are available that enable you to own your apartment with all ease and convenience.

The unique community where nature's splendor meets strategic location in the ALBA SPENDIA phase

Emaar Misr for Real Estate Development has unveiled the launch of the ALBA SPENDIA project within the framework of Uptown Cairo compound in Mokattam, which represents an architectural masterpiece blending Latin sophistication with Egyptian authenticity. The project draws its name from the Latin word for "dawn," reflecting a new sunrise of elegance and captivating beauty. The phase includes a collection of luxurious villas with stunning views enjoying the sight of charming nature and the magnificent golf course. The units are equipped with private pools and children's play areas with diverse games suitable for all ages, along with areas prepared for hosting barbecue parties that add more joy to the enchanting nights of Mokattam.

Meticulously crafted units await you inside the ALBA phase! Choose what harmonizes with your elegance

In the heart of captivating Cairo, the ALBA project elevates standards of luxury and excellence, where each unit has been precisely designed to suit the finest tastes. This project is located next to the golf club in Uptown compound, including a collection of luxurious villas that provide stunning views of the charming natural landscapes and prominent landmarks of the city. ALBA is the ideal place for those seeking seclusion in luxurious comfort away from the hustle of daily life, providing an exceptional and integrated life experience.

Explore the exclusive opportunities and benefits offered by the ISADORE phase to achieve your dreams

This phase of the project is considered a wonderful and unique addition to the world of residences, known as a closed residential complex rich with vivid details that make you feel refreshed every day. The area is characterized by the presence of 34 villas containing modern designs and attractive colors that contribute to creating an atmosphere of comfort and uniqueness while moving around. The villas are located near essential services and important facilities, allowing residents easy access to them and ensuring a comfortable and integrated daily life.

Discover exclusive opportunities and unparalleled features in the AURORA phase and build your future with us

Wake up every day to a new beginning in "Aurora," the unique haven located in the heart of Uptown Cairo compound in Mokattam, where 155 residential units are available varying in their areas to suit all tastes, from elegant and compact spaces to spacious and roomy ones. Each apartment has been designed with utmost precision, using the finest materials and latest engineering techniques by a group of experts and consulting engineers, to ensure providing a luxurious and modern living experience worthy of your desires.

A unique experience in creativity and design, enjoy the sophisticated life you deserve inside the REYNA phase

REYNA is synonymous with elegance and modernity, offering a luxurious residential complex that includes 39 luxurious villas surrounded by walls inspired by the grandeur of major cities, and these villas are located within the distinguished Uptown Cairo project. This place provides a unique opportunity to experience sophistication amidst pioneering architectural designs and unparalleled services. Seize the opportunity to own luxury at exceptional prices and convenient payment options.

A journey towards luxury and elegance, the distinctive services of the ELEVA phase reflect sophisticated design and absolute luxury

Discover your future in ELEVA where luxury and safety meet! This distinctive place offers luxurious residences, strategically located near prestigious educational centers, mosques, and Emaar Square center for you to enjoy a civilized and integrated living experience. ELEVA provides 172 twin house units, distinguished by their location in the southeastern corner of Uptown Cairo, with each unit enjoying spacious areas ensuring you complete privacy and comfort. Seize the opportunity now to be part of this unique community!

Enter a world where life is designed to achieve perfection, and enjoy every detail of the ALTO phase that has been specially designed for you

In the heart of Uptown Cairo compound, the ALTO phase stands out with residential options that pulsate with elegance and luxury. The available apartments range from two to three bedrooms, in addition to penthouse units designed with refined taste that elevates modernity and elegance. These units are surrounded by stunning natural landscapes, giving residents a rare opportunity to breathe in pure natural atmospheres and enjoy unprecedented privacy. Enjoy a life of luxury in an integrated environment that includes vast green spaces, sophisticated recreational facilities, and multiple commercial services, all designed to enhance the luxurious living experience.

Make luxury and excellence daily in your life with the collection of luxurious services we offer in LEVANA phase

LEVANA represents the beginning of a new era of sophistication and luxury in the heart of Uptown Cairo. This area sits on an exceptional site next to Uptown Golf Clubhouse and rises in a way that gives you stunning views. Here, safety and quality of services are unparalleled, blended with the charm of captivating nature, all combined to create an unprecedented living environment that meets all your needs and exceeds your expectations in luxury.

Get ready to immerse yourself in an experience you won't find anywhere else, and be part of the innovative vision we present in the unique and advanced TERENCIA phase

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience in TERENCIA, where absolute luxury blends with the charm of stunning nature. This area is located in the heart of the elegant golf community, where a collection of luxurious villas meticulously designed is available. These villas benefit from their elevated location to offer their residents wide and breathtaking views including Cairo scenes and the green expanses of golf courses, ensuring you get an unparalleled living experience.

With our distinctive services in THE SIERRAS phase, be assured that comfort and luxury will be an essential part of every day in your life

This phase is characterized by an innovative and unique architectural style that elevates the concept of modern architecture in residential compounds, where every detail has been designed to reflect simplicity and ensure the privacy of its residents. The residential units enjoy entrances with towering heights, adding a touch of classic elegance. Residents of the heart of Uptown Cairo enjoy an experience that combines comfort and luxury in an integrated environment.

Services and Features

As previously said, Uptown Cairo project is a residential complex with integrated facilities and services, in a way that makes it look like a self-sufficient small residential city, and its most important services are:

  • Wide green spaces provide a stunning view of all units, and there are artificial lakes and water fountains that add more charm and beauty to the place.
  • Large, well-equipped sports fields.
  • Uptown Cairo has a large marketing area built on a space of 250,000 square meters.
  • Excellent golf academy.
  • Large and distinctive tennis courts.
  • The most luxurious health club with all modern sports equipment and devices.
  • Excellent play area for children.
  • Carrefour Market to buy all goods and needs.
  • A large commercial area with stores that provide goods with international brands.
  • Luxurious educational services where there are nurseries and international schools, in addition to an American university.
  • Luxurious cafes and restaurants offering the most delicious food.
  • A wide range of swimming pools of varying sizes to suit adults and children.
  • Walking and biking tracks are completely off the road.
  • A huge commercial mall, and branches of the largest banks and companies.
  • Five-star luxury hotels, including The Address Hotel.
  • The project was designed with modern decorations in the Spanish and Italian style, with the addition of oriental Egyptian touches that make it a masterpiece of great beauty.
  • Modern surveillance cameras work around the clock to monitor all movements in the compound.
  • 24/7 Guard and security services, without interruption or vacations.

Prices and Payment Systems

When looking at the luxurious services provided by the compound, some are afraid to ask about the prices of apartments, thinking that they will be exaggerated, but the reality indicates that they are considered reasonable compared to other residential compounds.

The company that owns Uptown Cairo has divided it into 13 phases, each of which offers various units at flexible prices.

As for the prices of Celesta Phase, in which there are twin houses and standalone villas, the prices are as follows:

Standalone villas of 305 square meters are available at prices ranging from 20 million EGP, and Uptown Cairo Villa prices at this phase are about 23 million EGP.

  • There are villas of 387 square meters, with a price starts from 26 million EGP.
  • The compound includes villas of 478 square meters with a price range from 39 million EGP up to 40 million EGP.
  • There are villas with large spaces of about 720 square meters, the price starts from about 68 million EGP.

As for the prices available in the other phases of the project, they are as follows:

  • Golf Vistas Phase

In this phase, there are residential apartments only, where apartments are available starting from studios with a space of 57 square meters, with prices starting from 3,300,000 EGP

As for apartments, they are available in space ranging from 140 square meters up to 175 square meters and consist of 2 or 3 bedrooms.

And the prices of apartments for these units start from 5,700,000 EGP up to 8 million EGP.

  • Street of Dreams

This phase has been allocated for twin houses units, with spaces starting from 300 square meters, and prices ranging from 21 million EGP up to 26 million EGP.

In the interest of the customers, the company has announced easy and convenient ways to pay, starting with paying a 5% down payment of the total unit price upon contracting, and the rest of the amount being paid in equal installments for 8 years without any interest.

It is worth noting that the villas or apartments for sale in Uptown Cairo are fully finished, super luxe, for all units.

Disadvantages of Emaar Uptown Cairo Compound

It is difficult to find flaws in an outstanding project like Emaar Uptown Cairo. However, some people may consider receiving some units within 3 years a disadvantage. However, for many investors, this is seen as an excellent investment opportunity, as the property can be purchased during the construction phase at lower prices, ensuring good returns in the future, given the increase in apartment prices after construction is completed.

Emaar Misr The Owner Company of The Project

A gigantic project, of course, belongs to the achievements of a giant company that has its name in the Egyptian real estate market, Emaar Misr Developments, one of the largest companies in Egypt with a long history of achievements and experience that made it one of the most successful companies in Egypt.

Among the most important projects presented by the company are the following:

  • Marassi Resort North Coast
  • Cairo Gate Compound Sheikh Zayed
  • Mivida Compound New Cairo

In addition to Uptown Cairo, which emphasized leadership and success and gave it more confidence and credibility, so do not miss this opportunity and own your dream home and enjoy a classy and elegant life that you will not find anywhere else.

Live your best life in Mokattam's compounds!

Mokattam's compounds are among the most prominent real estate projects in Cairo, providing a luxurious and comfortable residential environment for residents. This area is characterized by many modern and integrated compounds that meet the diverse needs of residents.

Mokattam includes a number of prestigious compounds that offer a variety of uniquely designed residential units. These compounds are characterized by modern and luxurious architectural designs and beautiful natural scenery, creating a comfortable and attractive environment for residents.

Mokattam's compounds offer many services and facilities that meet the needs of residents, including vast gardens and green spaces, sports fields, swimming pools, shopping and entertainment centers, and places for family entertainment. In addition, these compounds also provide safety and protection for residents through an advanced security system and 24-hour guarding.

Mokattam is an ideal location for those looking for a quiet and secluded home away from the hustle and bustle of the city, while benefiting from a variety of services and facilities nearby. In addition, Mokattam is located near Cairo's main areas, facilitating access to neighboring cities, commercial and recreational areas.

In general, Mokattam's compounds meet residents' aspirations in terms of quality of life and luxurious housing. Thanks to the availability of diverse services and facilities, they are an ideal choice for individuals and families looking for a quiet and comfortable residential community in the heart of Cairo.

Looking to the future: Your investment in Mokattam, the key to continued success!

Mokattam is one of Cairo's most promising areas, and is considered one of the most important places worth investing in. It has many advantages and business opportunities that make it a great destination for investors. Here are some reasons why investing in Mokattam is a good idea:

1. Strategic location:
Mokattam is located in the heart of the Egyptian capital, giving it the advantage of an ideal geographic location. It is easily accessible from all over Cairo, and is a hub for many major roads, facilitating transportation and distribution.

2. Advanced infrastructure:
Mokattam is characterized by the availability of modern and advanced infrastructure, with a network of comfortable and spacious, well-equipped roads. The area also contains many vital facilities such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls and recreational sites, further enhancing the area's appeal to investors.

3. Economic prosperity:
Mokattam is experiencing continuous economic growth, as it is a destination for many different companies and commercial businesses. This means there are great opportunities for investment and business expansion, regardless of the sector you work in.

4. Diverse business activities:
Mokattam includes a wide range of different commercial and industrial activities. It is known for the presence of food, clothing, electronics and many other industries. This provides promising opportunities for investors to join different sectors and achieve good profits.

5. High returns:
Based on the increasing demand for real estate and commercial units in the area, high investment returns can be obtained in Mokattam. Whether you want to rent properties or build a new commercial project, there are great opportunities to achieve profitable returns.

6. Environmental sustainability:
Mokattam strives to apply environmental sustainability principles, pursuing renewable energy projects and promoting the use of green technology. This attracts investors interested in achieving sustainable profits and providing additional environmental value.

For those seeking excellence and proximity: The best compounds near Emaar Uptown Cairo!

  1. Belle Vie Sheikh Zayed Compound:
    Belle Vie in Sheikh Zayed is considered one of the most prominent luxury residential communities in the area. It is characterized by modern architectural designs and vast green spaces. The compound offers a range of exclusive services such as swimming pools, fitness clubs, restaurants, and shops.

  2. Mivida Business Park Mall Fifth Settlement:
    Mivida Business Park Mall in Fifth Settlement provides a modern and ideal business environment. The mall contains a diverse range of retail stores, restaurants, and office spaces available for rent. Additionally, the mall has beautiful outdoor areas and places to relax.

  3. Mivida Boulevard Residence Fifth Settlement:
    Mivida Boulevard Residence Fifth Settlement is one of the most luxurious residential projects in Cairo. The compound is characterized by luxurious designs and top-notch facilities such as swimming pools, fitness clubs, and sports fields. The project offers a diverse range of residential units suitable for all needs.

  4. Cairo Gate Sheikh Zayed:
    Cairo Gate Sheikh Zayed is located in a prestigious area in Sheikh Zayed, and provides luxurious residential spaces with modern and beautiful designs. The compound contains upscale facilities such as swimming pools, social clubs, restaurants, and shops. It also provides shopping and entertainment spaces for residents and visitors.

  5. Mivida Fifth Settlement Compound:
    Mivida Compound in Fifth Settlement is one of the most luxurious residential communities in Cairo. The compound offers diverse residential units, as well as premier services such as swimming pools, fitness clubs, and beautiful gardens. Mivida is an ideal place to live for those looking for comfort and recreation.

Shop smart: Discover how to get the most out of Emaar Uptown Cairo with aqar-finder.com offers!

If you are looking for upscale housing with great location and integrated services in New Cairo, Emaar Uptown Cairo compound may be the ideal choice for you. To purchase a unit in this amazing compound, you can follow these steps on aqar-finder.com:

  1. Visit aqar-finder.com and enter "Emaar Uptown Cairo compound" in the search engine.
  2. You will see a list of available properties in the compound, with information about unit sizes, number of rooms, and prices.
  3. Determine the required specifications for your unit, such as size, number of rooms, floor, and finishes.
  4. When you find a suitable unit, contact the sales team on Aqar Finder for more information and to arrange a unit visit.
  5. Inspect the selected unit and ensure it meets all your housing requirements. Inquire about any additional property details, such as services and facilities available in the compound.
  6. If you wish to purchase the unit, sign the sales contract and purchase agreement with the real estate agent.
  7. You may need to pay a down payment before completing the purchase and registering the property in your name.
  8. Then, pay the remaining amount and sign all necessary documents and papers to complete the sales transaction and transfer ownership to you.
  9. To ensure a safe transaction, you can inquire about construction guarantees and property licenses before completing the purchase.
  10. Once the legal procedures are complete and all agreed amounts are paid, you will have become the owner of a unit in Emaar Uptown Cairo compound.
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