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138m Apartment With Attractive Price and Charming View in Bloomfields Compound

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138 M2
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Duplexes For Sale in Bloomfields 328m²

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328 M2
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With Installments Up To 5 years Buy a Townhouse in Bloomfields Starting From 260m²

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260 M2
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4 Bedrooms Apartments For Sale in Bloomfields 190m²

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190 M2
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The Most Distinctive Apartment For Sale at Bloomfields Mostakbal City With An Area of 141m

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141 M2
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112 Meters Apartments For Sale in Bloomfields

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112 M2
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Details About Sale Of a Twin House Starting From 195m²​​​​​​​ in Bloomfields Mostakbal City

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195 M2
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Duplex With 50m² Roof and An Area Starting From 250m² in Bloomfields Project

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250 M2
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2 Bedrooms Properties For Sale in Bloomfields

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138 M2
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Find Out The Price Of An Apartment Starting From 180 Meters in Bloomfields Compound

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180 M2
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2 Bedrooms Apartments For Sale in Bloomfields 125m²

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125 M2
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Great opportunity of 245 m² Twin House With Installments Over 11 years in Bloomfields Tatweer Misr

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180 M2
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About Bloomfields Mostakbal City

Enjoy the Lifestyle of Luxury with Bloomfields

Bloom Fields project is considered an icon among residential projects launched in Egypt, it is a luxury residential compound located in the prestigious Mostakbal City. It’s hard to account for all the advantages of living there, but we will attempt to do so in this article. The developing company, Tameer Misr deserves the remarkable place it occupies among the major real estate companies.

Bloomfields Mostakbal City Location

Bloomfields compound is not only located in Mostakbal City, but more importantly, it has an ideal geographical location near Fifth Settlement and New Cairo, and between the Golden Square on the Central Ring Road and New Administrative Capital, which is directly in front of Madinaty. It’s also within steps from vital projects and strategic routes that facilitate the transition to and from it.

Most Important Landmarks Near to Bloomfields:

  • Sabbour and Hassan Allam compound: A few minutes away from Bloomfields project.

  • The American University: only 10 minutes away from the compound.

  • Cairo International Airport.

  • Regional road.

  • Al-Ain Al-Sokhna: about 45 minutes away.

Bloomfields Project Area

With an extensive space of 415 acres, you'll find all sorts of residential units occupying 320 acres, surrounded by green spaces, services, and facilities spanning 90 acres.

Standalone apartments, duplexes, twin houses, townhouses, and villas, all can be found within the compound, with different spaces room division (1 to 4 rooms).

Each building has a ground floor and four upper floors. To ensure privacy, each floor contains only two apartments, which is unique to this compound only. Outside Bloomfields compound, most buildings in Mostakbal City have a ground floor, plus six more floors.

The latest phase of the project included the launch of fully finished apartments, which includes many residential units of varying sizes even in the same type, as follows:

  • One-bedroom apartments starting from 74 to 76 m2.

  • Two-bedroom apartments starting from 112 to 153 square meters.

  • Three-bedroom apartments starting from 205 square meters to 285 square meters.

  • Duplex apartments ranging from 207 square meters to 333 square meters in Bloomfields.

  • Townhouses start from 225 square meters to 260 square meters.

  • Twin Houses start at 260 square meters.

  • Standalone villas start at 306 square meters inside Bloomfields.

Villas retain their own distinctive designs, as they are designed according to a system called "Flying Villas" which includes the construction of top floor swimming pools. The complex design was implemented with the help of major engineering consulting company Gianluca & Partners, under the supervision of engineer Raif Fahmy.

Get to know the most important Mostakbal City compounds.

Don't miss this opportunity, be part of the amazing The Vues phase waiting for you!

Within the Bloomfields project developed by Tatweer Misr in Future City, several phases have been allocated for the project, with special focus on "The Vues" phase. This phase is designed to provide residential units overlooking vast green spaces covering up to 10 acres, making it a haven for those seeking distinctive and quiet living. This phase offers multiple unit options, ranging from spacious one-bedroom apartments to three-bedroom apartments, with areas ranging from 75 to 210 square meters. The phase also includes villas, twin units, and townhouses with luxurious designs, sound-insulating glass facades that allow natural lighting, and modern finishes that cater to all tastes thanks to a team of professional engineers and designers.

The company takes into account the financial situation of clients in this phase, offering competitive prices and flexible payment plans that allow customers to pay with a low down payment and installments over 10 years. These facilitated policies aim to provide everyone with the opportunity to enjoy a refined lifestyle and live in a place that easily fulfills their dreams.

Get ready to immerse yourself in an experience you won't find anywhere else, and be part of the innovative vision we offer in the unique and advanced Down Town phase

Tatweer Misr works on providing diverse and attractive real estate options for its customers, not only creating the Bloomfields compound in Future City but also innovating new phases with international specifications. The Down Town phase stands out as a major attraction offering a range of semi-finished apartments, giving clients a unique opportunity to design their own spaces according to their personal tastes. The available areas in this phase range from one-bedroom apartments to three-bedroom apartments. This phase has been designed to include all health, entertainment, educational, and essential services close to the units to achieve the highest levels of comfort for residents.

The company has shown understanding of customer needs by offering units of varying sizes at suitable prices. It also provided flexible payment plans allowing customers to purchase units with a small down payment and installments over long periods. These steps make the Down Town phase the ideal choice for those looking for an integrated residential environment and an unmissable opportunity for investment or housing.

Seize the golden opportunity and start an unparalleled journey with us in the heart of the unique Cluster phase that combines excellence and creativity

Tatweer Misr Real Estate Company presents the Bloomfields compound project, where spacious residential units and duplexes are offered within the new Cluster phase. This phase, designed by elite engineering consultants in Egypt and the Arab world, provides complete privacy for residents by separating units with lush gardens and artificial lakes that enhance the beauty of the place. It is also characterized by a design that ensures a quiet life and places dedicated to relaxation, yoga, and holding special celebrations outdoors, in addition to health care centers such as spa and jacuzzi. This exclusive offer not only includes unique features but also competitive prices and flexible payment plans that open the door for a wide segment of customers to own a luxurious unit and enjoy the refined and integrated lifestyle they have long sought.

Services in Bloomfields

Living in Bloomfields Tatweer Misr, you won’t be needing anything from outside the compound. The project offers basic and recreational services, some of which are unique in Mostakbal City. These services include:

  • The ideal location in Mostakbal City, which is known for its sophistication and the integration of its services. It’s close to many important parts of Egypt, for example, it’s only 35 km from Cairo-Ismailia Road, about 20 minutes from New Cairo, about 3 km away from El-Shorouk City, and 5 km from El-Obour market. The city also enjoys comprehensive security and public transportation inside and outside the city.

  • There is an educational district with three international schools and an American international university, which is the University of New Jersey so that it is easier for students to attend major schools and universities without having to travel long distances.

  • Bloomfields New Cairo is equipped with green spaces, gardens, landscapes, and a golf course.

  • A large number of swimming pools, water games, water fountains, and artificial lakes reflect a spectacular view of its clear, sparkling waters.

  • A commercial district with a range of large malls that offer only world-renowned brands of high quality.

  • A number of cafés and a range of restaurants competing to provide the best service to their customers.

  • A health club with top-level equipment and services.

  • The highest level of security within Bloomfields due to the use of security personnel as well as the installation of surveillance cameras throughout the compound.

  • The units are equipped with state-of-the-art Smart Home systems.

  • A spa and a gym with all the necessary equipment.

  • Sports clubs for various types of sport.

  • Tracks for walking, running, or cycling in a safe and relaxed atmosphere.

  • A social club that provides a great opportunity for compound residents to spend quality time with their family or friends.

  • Party venues and barbecue party venues, making it easier to celebrate various events within the compound.

  • Club House where you can kick back and relax.

  • A private parking garage for residents only.

  • Additional benefits are rarely provided in residential compounds, such as Business Park and Crystal Lagoon.

  • A high-quality squash court for fans of the sport.

  • Children’s entertainment venue where little ones can have fun in a safe environment,

  • Units have glass facades to give an optimum view of the stunning green landscape.


Bloomfields Prices

The project offers a range of competitive prices, which of course will depend on the type and size of the unit. In general, prices start from 9,750 EGP per square meter. Prices per unit can be estimated as follows:

  • Small apartments with two bedrooms range from 1,072,500 to 1,267,500 EGP.

  • Larger apartments start at 1,170,000 EGP up to 2,340,000 EGP.

  • Standalone villas and twin houses start at 2,681,250 up to EGP 3,042,000.

  • Small apartments with semi-finishing can be as low as 990,000 EGP

  • Duplex units with half finishing start at 4,100,000 EGP.

  • Semi-finished townhouses can be purchased for 5,800,000 EGP and more.

Payment Systems

Besides the premium pricing, Tatweer Misr offers flexible payment systems for their customers. These are detailed as follows:

  • First system: A downpayment of 5% of the total unit price with the remaining amount being divided over 7 years, without interest,

  • Second system: A downpayment of 10% of the total unit price with the remaining amount being divided over 10 years, also without interest.

Book your unit now to enjoy all the benefits that unique to this compound, and your unit will be delivered after 4.5 years. In other words, you won’t need to pay the full amount to move there right now.

Disadvantages of Bloomfields Compound

Bloomfields Al Mostakbal Compound is an example of distinction and luxury. However, some may feel that the delivery date of four years is relatively long. But investing in residential units now, while they are under construction, is a golden opportunity to take advantage of the potential rise in prices, making it a rewarding and smart investment.

Owner Company Portfolio

The project was developed by Tatweer Misr, a major company launched since 2015 by a large group of business leaders, including Dr. Ahmed Shalabi, Engineer Ashraf Arafa (owner of Arafa Group), Dr. Samir Aref, Hamada Dawood, and Sami Zaytoun (a consultant to the Ministry of Housing).

The company has invested heavily in the implementation of the project, amounting to 28 billion EGP for residential units, and an additional 5 billion for the construction of educational buildings. The total investment amount in three of its projects has reached 55 billion EGP, including Bloomfields compound in Mostakbal City.

In addition to Bloomfields, many other projects have been launched by the company, most notably:

Enjoy true luxury living in New Cairo: Your top choice for a lavish lifestyle!

Check out the list of luxury compounds in New Cairo and choose the perfect place for you among these great options.

New Cairo has become one of the best destinations for luxurious living in Egypt.

This modern city is characterized by beautiful architectural designs, well-planned layouts, and vibrant communities.

It is known for providing everything you need to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.

In New Cairo, you will find many luxury compounds that provide you with all the comforts and amenities.

From swimming pools and gyms to courts and lush green spaces, you will find everything to suit your taste and needs.

Choosing to live in one of New Cairo's compounds means you will get the true luxury life you deserve.

You will enjoy security and privacy in gated communities with 24/7 protection.

Additionally, you get to enjoy beautiful natural scenery, spacious areas, and fresh air.

Do not worry about access to essential facilities and utilities, they are easy to reach in New Cairo.

You will find international schools, hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, and many recreational facilities.

If you are looking for true luxury living in New Cairo, do not hesitate to choose one of its upscale compounds.

You will find comfort, beauty, and the lavish life you deserve.

Enjoy the spacious areas, great services, and vibrant atmosphere in this modern city.

Take your step towards success: Your investment in Mostakbal City is a solid step towards the future!

Mostakbal City is distinguished by its unique location in northeast Cairo, which provides attractive investment opportunities for investors. Here is a list of the most important features of investing in Mostakbal City:

1- Distinguished location:
Mostakbal City is located in a very vibrant area in Cairo, as it is easily accessible from anywhere in the capital, and is only a few minutes away from Nasr City and New Cairo.

2- Encouraging investment climate:
The Egyptian government encourages investment in Mostakbal City, providing a large investment environment to attract investors and support the country's economy.

3- Rising real estate prices:
Real estate prices in Mostakbal City are experiencing a noticeable increase, reflecting the significant increase in demand for real estate there, making the area an excellent option for real estate investment.

4- Distinguished community:
Mostakbal City provides a variety of residential, commercial and recreational facilities, making it a special place to live, work and invest.

5- Major real estate projects:
Mostakbal City attracts investors with major real estate projects, such as Mountain View Mostakbal City Compound and Jasmine Compound.

6- Luxurious lifestyle:
Mostakbal City areas provide an affluent, luxurious environment for living, with parks, gardens, shopping centers, sports complexes and golf courses.

7- Luxury property design:
Mostakbal City is known for its luxury property design that includes distinctive services such as private gardens and private barbecue areas.

8- Continuous real estate production:
Real estate production in Mostakbal City continues steadily, which means more facilities and new projects in the future.

In conclusion, Fifth Settlement makes an excellent choice for investing in real estate due to its strategic location, distinguished community and continuous real estate production. Investors are advised to be cautious and review the available options before making any investment decision.

Looking for the perfect alternative? Discover the charming compounds in the vicinity of Bloomfields Compound Mostakbal City!  

Bloomfields Compound Mostakbal City is located in a vibrant area near Mostakbal City, and is surrounded by many distinctive residential and commercial projects, which are characterized by their great location and high quality services. In this article, we will review the most important residential compounds near Bloomfields that can be greatly utilized.

  1. Aria Sabbour Compound

This compound is located in a great place near Bloomfields, and is characterized by its modern, distinctive design, and includes a variety of luxury residential units that are characterized by luxury and sophistication. In addition, the compound contains vast green spaces and various recreational areas, and is a good gateway to a world of luxury and relaxation.

  1. Haptown Hassan Allam Compound

This compound is one of the most important real estate projects in the Mostakbal City area, characterized by its distinguished location and high quality services. The compound includes residential units of different areas and designs, in addition to green spaces, recreational areas and sports courts, which makes it the ideal choice for families looking for luxury and stability.

  1. The Lakes Bloomfields Mostakbal City

This compound is located near Bloomfields, and includes many different residential units in addition to a range of luxury services, such as a swimming pool, gyms and more. It is characterized by its special design and reasonable prices, which makes it one of the most popular compounds for many families.

  1. Monark Residence Mostakbal City

This compound is a haven for luxury and relaxation, as it is distinguished by its modern, luxurious design and prime location near Bloomfields. The compound includes many different residential units, in addition to green spaces, outlets, sports clubs and luxury hotels. Looking at the prices, Monark Residence Mostakbal City is considered one of the best options for those looking for comfort and distinction.

In short, Bloomfields Compound Mostakbal City is located in an ideal area for living and settling, as it is surrounded by many distinctive real estate projects, which include many luxury services and contemporary designs. These wonderful compounds can be greatly utilized, containing residential units of various areas and designs, in addition to green spaces and varied recreational areas.

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