Azha Sokhna Resort

Al Ain Al Sokhna Resorts

5,500,000 EGP


Project Details

Starting Price :5,500,000 EGP
Delivery Date :1 Year
Project Size :380 M2
Project type :Summer


Project Description Video

Project Description Video


Enjoy the most luxurious services in Azha Ain Sokhna Resort

Azha is the beacon of the tourist villages in Ain Sokhna because you will find everything you await in it, including modern designs, service facilities, and recreational facilities. A charming place that separates you from the hustle and bustle of life and makes you spend the most beautiful times in a world of endless fun and luxury, so it will be your first and last choice every time you look for a distinctive tourist village.

Azha Madaar Developments Location

Azha Resort takes you away from the annoying world full of noise to the charming nature, where the calm and stunning views of the beaches in the heart of Ain Sokhna, where the resort is located, to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere all the year and stay in a lively and easily accessible place due to the presence of many prominent signs near it, such as:

  • Stella Di Mare Resort: It is very famous in the area and the distance between it and Azha Project is only 7 km.
  • Ain Sokhna gates: village residents need to cross only 11 kilometers to reach them.
  • Cairo: Traveling from the village to Cairo does not take long hours, because the distance between them is only 126 kilometers.

Spaces Of Azha Project

Choosing Azha Resort Ain Sokhna means that you spend your summer vacation among hundreds of acres of green plants and trees and inside the most luxurious units and the most beautiful view ever because the village extends over 380 thousand acres (1.500.000 m2) and the sea is just steps away from it.

With this vast space of the resort, it had to be thousands of meters deep, specifically 2,300 meters, while its width exceeds 700 meters along the sea, so it was natural that there would be a charming beach next to it with beautiful golden sands of the same space (700 meters), specifically on Gulf of Suez.

The residential buildings in the village, consisting of chalets, villas, and townhouses, occupy 18% of its entire space, while service facilities, shops, and recreational facilities were built on 120,000 acres, and you may be surprised when you know that Crystal Lagoons alone occupies 150 acres.

You will surely find the right unit with the space you are looking for inside Azha Resort because it provides many spaces for its customers. For example, you will find chalets with two rooms with a space of 97 meters up to 115 meters, but if you want to book larger chalets, you will find another group of three rooms with larger spaces, starting from 125 m² up to 145 m², and finally, villas and townhouses, with spaces ranging from 145 up to 318 m².

Azha Madaar Developments, Services, and Features 

Any means or service that can help in your well-being and comfort you will find most likely available in the project, its services and features are:

  • All the residential buildings are completely safe throughout the day due to the permanent presence of men responsible for guarding, attached to a private garden, and a balcony overlooking a beautiful view. It is also equipped with places for pets, in addition to a car garage and maid's room.
  • A strategic location, which is one of the best locations in Ain Sokhna, especially as it facilitates visiting the most important places in the city due to its proximity.
  • Enjoy the quiet, romantic atmosphere while you eat and drink, because all the restaurants and cafes of the resort overlook the sea.
  • Diversity in units,  you will not only find chalets within the resort but villas and townhouses are also available, to ensure that all needs are met.
  • There are multiple entrances to Azha Ain Sokhna, which makes it easy to access it from more than one side, and at the same time ensures that the movement of entry and exit is not obstructed by overcrowding.
  • The village extends over thousands of acres, so it was necessary to provide small cars (golf cars) dedicated to transporting its guests to any place inside it they wanted to go to.
  • The beach is easily accessible as it is close to the village, with an entrance alone.
  • The finest exterior, interior, and architectural designs for all units of chalets and villas, surrounded by beautiful green spaces and crystal lagoons.
  • All residents can easily exercise on a daily or weekly basis, as there is a gym for women and another for men.
  • Global engineering planning and design for Azha resort.
  • All units are fully finished according to the latest international finishes and are offered at the best price in the market.
  • The extreme sophistication of its commercial centers and stores, which are in line with the high social level of its guests.
  • Giving the opportunity to get away from any stress by relaxing in the clubhouse or playing fun games inside the sports fields.
  • Diversity of recreational facilities between a wonderful central garden, Crystal Lagoons, large social clubs, and many more.
  • Ease car parking for all residents as there are a number of garages available to them.
  • The sauna and spa in the resort are integrated to ensure that the residents are as comfortable as possible.
  • Swimming pools are not limited to a particular category but are available to everyone, and vary in size greatly.
  • Azha Resort has two hotels, one of them is 5-star and the other is 7-star, in addition to the presence of other hotels designed differently (the floating system) to provide a more wonderful experience for the guests.
  • A number of beaches are equipped with accurate and modern surveillance cameras to suit children and are completely safe for them.
  • Integrated health care and services within the medical center, where there are a number of the most efficient doctors in many specialties, in addition to the fact that it contains the latest and highest quality equipment, and there are cosmetic centers that are no less efficient than the medical center in Azha.

Units Prices in Azha Resort

Enjoy unlimited luxury at the best possible price within Azha Ain Sokhna, which offers its units at reasonable prices compared to its luxurious facilities. We review the prices of some units as follows:

  • Townhouses: average prices range from 5.500.000 EGP up to 6.000.000 EGP, but the largest in space and the highest in specifications, the price increases from 7.700.000 EGP up to 9.200.000 EGP inside Azha.
  • Penthouse units: You can own a unit for a minimum of 10.500.000 EGP while the most luxurious units of this type have a price of 12.000.000 EGP.

Payment System in Azha Ain Sokhna

In Azha Project, you will not find a single method of payment, but rather you will have a unique opportunity that enables you to choose the most suitable payment method for you among the 4 offered and very easy methods, which are:

  • Installment of unit cost over 9 years after paying 10% down payment of its total price.
  • Installment of the unit costs over 8 years after paying a 15% down payment for the reservation of its total price.
  • Installment of the unit costs over 6 years after paying a 15% down payment for the reservation of its total price in Azha.
  • Installment of the unit costs over 4 years after paying a 15% down payment for the reservation of its total price.

It is noteworthy that the cash system is available for customers who wish to do. All customers can receive their fully-equipped units within 3 years without incurring any additional interest.

The Owner Company Of Azha Project

Madaar Developments the owner of Azha Project has proven its extreme genius by choosing the best locations to launch its project and providing it with the finest designs and the latest services while offering it at a price that satisfies customers.

The company won the title of the best and most important Egyptian real estate company among a group of other companies, especially after it launched a large number of commercial and residential projects and luxury hotels that have the name (Sun Rise), which achieved wide fame and great success inside Azha.

The secret behind the success of the company's projects lies in its keenness not to work alone, but rather to cooperate with other major companies, such as Barton Company, Wilmer Company, Mixty Company". to benefit from their expertise to reach their real estate investments to 7 billion pounds.

The village is one of the company's first projects, and due to its vast area, the enormity of Azha project, and a large number of its units and facilities, it had to be established in several stages, including:

  • Phase One (Mosca): This phase included the launch of a variety of recreational facilities, a number of units such as villas and townhouses, and other services.
  • The second phase (Pavo): It included a group of chalets, some on the ground floor and others on the first floor, in addition to the design of a group of swimming pools.

It is worth noting that the company plans to launch a number of new projects in different regions within Egypt, including:

  • North Coast
  • Sheikh Zayed
  • Fifth Settlement
  • The New Administrative Capital


Payment plans

10% Down Payment and The Rest Via Installment Up to 9 Years.


Private Jacuzzi
Private Garden
Private Gym
Shared Gym
Maid's Room
Study Area
Dressing Room
Private Pool
Shared Pool
Pets Allowed
View of Landmark
Shared Spa
Children's Pool
Retail Outlets
Children's Play Area
Barbeque Area
Cycling Lanes
Crossover Bridges
Medical Center
Golf Area
Commercial Area
Crystal Lagoon
Air Conditioner
Private Beach

Project Video

Project Video