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For sale with installments a Villa of 234meters in Azailya Sodic East New Heliopolis

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234 M2
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Buy a Villa Starting From 250m² in Azailya Sodic East

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250 M2
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With 10% Down Payment Get 240m² Villa in Azailya Sodic East New Heliopolis Compound

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240 M2
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260m Villa for sale with less than market price in Azailya Sodic East New Heliopolis

New Heliopolis Compounds

260 M2
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275m Villa with attractive price and charming view in Azailya Sodic East Compound

New Heliopolis Compounds

275 M2
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Special offer of 300m Villa for sale in Azailya Sodic East New Heliopolis with distinctive location

New Heliopolis Compounds

300 M2
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The most distinctive Villa for sale at Azailya Sodic East New Heliopolis Compound with an area of 280m

New Heliopolis Compounds

280 M2
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For lovers of sophistication Villa for sale in Azailya Sodic East with area of 290m

New Heliopolis Compounds

290 M2
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About Azailya Sodic East New Heliopolis

Enter a world of creativity and distinction with Azailya Sodic East New Heliopolis

Inside Azailya compound you can enjoy a vibrant private life infused with luxury and sophistication amid natural scenery and elegant recreational amenities. Here you can find everything you seek and ample privacy.

Azailya compound is one of the premier residential projects executed by Sodic Real Estate in the heart of Cairo, specifically in New Heliopolis, one of the most upscale neighborhoods. It connects many vital areas and main roads, allowing easy transit anywhere and escaping the stresses of life to a serene destination pulsating with life yet far from congestion and pollution.

The developer poured its extensive expertise into Azailya Sodic compound, attentive to every detail to make it a leading modern residential project appealing to discerning tastes. It was built on a massive area to provide a wealth of essential and recreational amenities sought by customers. It has expansive green spaces that instill joy and delight. With competitive prices unrivaled by others and flexible payment systems, purchasing is facilitated.

Experience unmatched opulence and hospitality and entertainment at Azailya Sodic East New Heliopolis!

Visit the ideal Azailya Sodic site renowned for its strategic location

A key principle of the project is attaining everything you wish for in one place, starting with an ideal location to facilitate transit, passing by the refreshing vibrant air, and ending with carefully selected external designs.

The developer focuses on choosing the right geographic location to execute its project, knowing its utmost importance to customers for making all their dreams reality. Thus it selected the New Heliopolis area in the heart of Cairo, one of the most upscale residential neighborhoods, near vital roads and main axes. Key roads near Azailya New Heliopolis compound include:

  • A key feature of Azailya Heliopolis compound is its location between the Cairo-Suez Road and the Cairo-Ismailia Road.
  • Sodic Heliopolis project can be accessed from Madinaty compound in just minutes.
  • Azailya Sodic East is located near the New Administrative Capital.
  • The project is a very short distance from downtown Cairo.
  • Azailya New Heliopolis compound is easily accessible via the Ring Road.
  • Sodic Heliopolis New location is ideal for its proximity to major international schools and hospitals.

Enjoy an unparalleled experience in architectural design with Azailya Sodic New Heliopolis

Inside Sodic East Heliopolis New project, the splendor of Spanish cities comes to life, combining magic, creativity and innovative engineering designs in one place to create unique external and internal designs.

The developer pooled its extensive experience spanning many years into Azailya Heliopolis New project by consulting a large team of engineering experts and utilizing state-of-the-art construction equipment for proper implementation. The company contracted the top design firms to produce designs suiting those seeking sophistication and modernity in one place.

The real estate developer was keen to provide full safety and security in Azailya compound and maximum comfort and luxury so customers feel psychological stability inside their units.

Behind each door you will find coordinated, elegant details giving an exceptional blend of luxury and beauty just for your comfort, providing the dream home you always envisioned!!

Luxury and opulence are within your reach with the magnificent amenities at Sodic East Heliopolis

Because you deserve the best, Sodic Real Estate developed Azailya compound - the hallmark of sophistication and excellence among existing residential projects in Cairo. It was designed in a wonderful contemporary style with unique advantages, including:

  • A commercial area contains many retail stores and world-famous brands for Azailya residents to enjoy an unparalleled shopping experience and purchase all their needs.
  • Azailya Sodic East Heliopolis New has thoughtfully equipped nurseries with the highest standards for children to develop their skills as parents feel reassured.
  • An integrated medical center provides all specialties Azailya residents may need, operating round-the-clock to deliver optimal healthcare.
  • A number of pharmacies provide all the medical supplies Azailya compound residents may need so they don't have to leave.
  • A variety of restaurants and cafés serve the most delicious Oriental and Western cuisine by top chefs to suit all tastes.
  • Spacious sports fields enable residents to practice their favorite sport like football and tennis at Azailya Sodic East Heliopolis New project.
  • A well-equipped gym features state-of-the-art equipment and expert coaches to help visitors maintain their fitness.
  • A key feature of Azailya compound is the international schools and universities so residents' children can attain high-quality education.
  • A social club allows Azailya New Heliopolis residents to engage in diverse recreational and social activities.
  • An innovatively designed conference hall is equipped with top-notch audiovisual equipment for important meetings.
  • Public transportation stations in Azailya Sodic compound facilitate resident mobility effortlessly.
  • Azailya Sodic East Heliopolis New has an entertainment zone containing games for all age groups so residents can spend fun times with family.

Discover Azailya Sodic East Heliopolis New's unique features tailored to meet all your needs

Sodic Real Estate based Azailya compound not just on its ideal location near all services and facilities in New Cairo, but equipped it with countless unmatched amenities and advantages, most prominently:

  • The convenient geographic location makes it the first choice for all customers, near major cities, vital roads and main axes.
  • An elegantly designed mosque in Islamic style welcomes worshippers and follows precautions for cleanliness.
  • Numerous power generators automatically activate during electrical blackouts.
  • The developing company is keen on an eco-friendly, healthy environment at Azailya Heliopolis compound using solar panels.
  • A high-level security system automatically prepares for fires and other emergencies at Sodic East Heliopolis project.
  • Azailya focuses on advanced security via state-of-the-art surveillance cameras everywhere to monitor the situation round-the-clock.
  • Large security forces of highly trained personnel are deployed at Azailya New Heliopolis compound to protect residents and intervene swiftly in crises.
  • Continuous maintenance and cleaning preserve Azailya Sodic's civilized ambiance.
  • A large garage accommodates the maximum number of cars to reduce congestion and preserve the beautiful façade.
  • Landscaping and delightful colorful blooms bring joy and delight at Azailya Heliopolis New compound.
  • Crystalline artificial lakes and water features create an exquisite visual canvas.
  • Azailya Sodic East provides relaxation areas for meditation so residents can eliminate negative thoughts and escape life's pressures.
  • Well-secured cycling tracks away from motorways serve those wishing to walk or ride bikes.
  • A key feature of Azailya Heliopolis New compound is dedicated lanes for people of determination to move freely.
  • Electronic elevators transport residents effortlessly.
  • Central air conditioning evenly distributes cool air inside Azailya Sodic East Heliopolis New units.
  • Unit exterior glass at Azailya project insulates from noise.
  • Kids' areas enable children to engage in diverse outdoor activities and have fun times with close friends.
  • Azailya's innovatively designed swimming pools have varying depths to suit all ages, with ladies-only timings for privacy.
  • Top-speed internet fulfills Azailya Sodic East Heliopolis residents' desires for seamless work and tasks.

Diversity and innovation define our collection of units at Azailya

Azailya Heliopolis New project was built on 650 acres, equivalent to 2,730,000 square meters - a huge area optimally utilized between green spaces, buildings and facilities.

The developing company provided a large number of units for all customers with diverse options including detached villas, townhouses and twin houses in varying sizes to suit different clients' segments and purchasing power. At Azailya New Heliopolis compound, unit sizes are:

  • Detached villas occupy around 44% of total units at Azailya, while townhouses and twin houses comprise about 56% of project units.
  • Residential unit sizes at Azailya Heliopolis New start from 234 square meters up to 435 square meters.

Competitive pricing and convenient payment plans contribute to Azailya Sodic's success

Sodic Real Estate aims for its prices to be distinctively competitive so all customers can purchase their own units in return for a set of unique amenities and privileges. Pricing at Azailya New Heliopolis is:

  • The price per meter starts at EGP 18,550 at Azailya Sodic East Heliopolis New.
  • Townhouse prices at Azailya Heliopolis New compound start from EGP 3,900,000.
  • Twin house prices start from EGP 4,600,000.
  • Azailya Sodic villa prices range from EGP 5,250,000 up to EGP 6,000,000.

In addition to unrivaled prices, the developer offers flexible payment systems to facilitate the purchasing process without complications:

  • First system: 10% booking deposit, and installments of the remaining unit price over 8 years without interest.
  • Second system: 5% booking deposit, 10% after three months, 5% upon handover, and the remaining amount in 8 year installments.

Meet the leading developer making dreams reality

Sodic Real Estate is a pioneering company in the field, established in 1996 and achieving unprecedented successes that keep it in public discourse and earn customer trust by timely unit delivery and provision of all necessary amenities.

Key projects by the developer include:

  • Karmell compound in New Sheikh Zayed City.
  • October Labsa compound in 6th of October.
  • Sodic East Shorouk compound.
  • Al Kattameya Plaza Mall.
  • Caesar North Coast resort.
  • June Sodic North Coast.
  • Beverly Hills New Cairo.
  • West Town Hub Mall in 6th of October.
  • Forty West project.
  • AutoVille project.

An ideal blend of tranquility and glamor in Al Shorouk City

Al Shorouk City is characterized by being an ideal blend of tranquility and glamor.

It provides a calm and comfortable living environment while at the same time hosting many luxurious facilities and services.

The residential neighborhoods in Al Shorouk City are among the most beautiful in Egypt, characterized by their attractive and modern architectural designs.

They provide residents with the desired quality of life, comfort and luxury in housing.

Among the elite residential neighborhoods in Al Shorouk City, Al Nakhil district stands out as one of the best in the city.

It is distinguished by its prime location near the first entrance of the city, and it provides a wide range of advantages and comforts, including the advanced security system, recreational facilities and integrated services.

Next to Al Nakhil, Al Yaqout district is also an ideal option for living in Al Shorouk City.

It provides high quality and luxuriously designed villas, making it a popular choice among those looking for luxury and comfort in housing.

The district includes many vital facilities such as schools, shops and restaurants, making it suitable for families and individuals alike.

In short, Al Shorouk City is an ideal destination for those seeking a distinguished and elegant lifestyle.

It provides the ideal blend of tranquility and glamor, with the availability of all the necessary facilities and services for a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle in housing.

The ideal embodiment of comfortable and luxurious living in the heart of New Heliopolis

The ideal embodiment of comfortable and luxurious living in the heart of New Heliopolis is Monark Mostakbal City compound.

This compound is located in a prime strategic area and provides a luxurious and comfortable residential environment for residents.

Monark Mostakbal City compound is characterized by modern and luxurious designs that suit the refined tastes of residents.

The project includes a diverse range of spacious and comfortable residential units, ranging from luxury apartments to luxurious twin house villas.

In addition to the luxurious designs, Monark Mostakbal City compound provides a range of advanced and sophisticated facilities that make living there a unique and comfortable experience.

The project includes a wide range of green spaces and beautiful landscaping, as well as gyms, sports clubs, swimming pools, commercial areas and malls to meet the different needs of residents.

The credit for embodying this comfortable and luxurious life in Monark Mostakbal City compound goes to Royal Development Company, a real estate company built on standards of quality and credibility.

The company ensures the delivery of modern architectural designs and sophisticated facilities that meet customer needs.

In addition, Royal Development Company has extensive experience in real estate development, making it the ideal company to provide a prestigious residential environment in the heart of New Heliopolis.

Get your unit in Azailya Sudic East New Heliopolis and live in unlimited luxury

Get your unit in Azailya Sudic East New Heliopolis and live in unlimited luxury.

Azailya Sudic East is a luxury residential project offering high quality homes in the New Heliopolis area.

If you are looking for a place that provides you with luxury, tranquility and comfort, never look further than Azailya Sudic East.

These units are designed with the finest standards and are characterized by modern design and luxury finishes.

The project includes many facilities and services that meet all your needs.

Azailya Sudic East offers many advantages to residents, starting with the prime location in the heart of New Heliopolis, where the project enjoys easy access to major roads and vital places in the area.

The compound also provides recreational facilities such as golf courses, swimming pools, social clubs and commercial areas.

In addition, Azailya Sudic East offers security and privacy, with security and guards provided 24 hours a day, in addition to an advanced monitoring system that ensures the safety of residents.

With many facilities available such as schools, hospitals and shopping malls, Azailya Sudic East meets all your daily needs.

Get your unit now in Azailya Sudic East New Heliopolis and live the luxurious life you deserve.

The project offers comfortable payment systems up to 8 years, allowing you the opportunity to make your dream of living in your dream home come true.

Do not miss this great opportunity and book your unit now.

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