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The cheapest 177m Apartment for sale in Antoniadis Compound

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177 M2
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Lower of market, 190m Apartment in Antoniadis

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190 M2
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200m Apartment with attractive price and charming view in Antoniadis Compound Alexandria

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200 M2
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Apartment for sale 180m in Antoniadis Compound with payment facilities

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180 M2
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Hurry Up To Buy a 210m² Apartment in Antoniadis Alexandria

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210 M2
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With 25% Down Payment Get 230m² Apartment in Antoniadis Project

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230 M2
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Units With An Area of 217m² For Book in Antoniadis Compound at Alexandria

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217 M2
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Details About Sale Of An Apartment Starting From 225m²​​​​​​​ in Antoniadis Compound

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225 M2
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About Antoniadis Compound

Seize the opportunity and start an exceptional journey with our unique project Antoniadis Alexandria

Antoniadis Compound is one of the largest prestigious residential projects launched by the leading real estate company Antoniadis for Tourism and Urban Development, which was keen to provide a unique project with the greatest advantages, complete services that allow you to enjoy a luxurious residential life that suits your elegant level. In addition, it enjoys a strategic location in the heart of Alexandria, specifically in the Smouha district, which includes the largest institutions, various projects, and is close to the main roads and axes that facilitate the movement of everyone in a few minutes.

The company also decided to establish the Antoniadis project on a huge area, which was divided between green spaces, charming natural scenery, and occupies the largest percentage of Antoniadis compound's land. As for its internal residential units, they are different in types and sizes, allowing you the opportunity to choose the most suitable for you and your family, as they have elegant architectural designs made by the largest engineering companies that gave it exceptional artistic touches that are incomparable.

The owning company has worked to provide the largest possible number of integrated services that meet all your requirements and what you are looking for everywhere, exclusively here within the Antoniadis residential compound. It also announced a package of competitive prices that allow you to easily purchase the unit, as well as flexible payment methods that allow you to pay the total amount over many long years. So all you have to do now is take the initiative to book your unit in the best huge residential compounds, Antoniadis, take advantage of the opportunity now...!!!

Experience the quality of life in the best locations with tranquility and elegance within Antoniadis Alexandria

Antoniadis company chose the best strategic location for its luxury residential project in Alexandria, as it connects the most important roads and main axes. The distance between it and vital places is only a few minutes, and the distance between it and important institutions in the area is very short. Thus, you will be able to move in the least few minutes, away from congestion and overcrowding.

The most important features of Antoniadis Compound Alexandria location:

  • Antoniadis Compound Alexandria is located in the middle of the Agricultural Road and the Reconstruction Axis.
  • The distance between Antoniadis Compound and the airport is only a few minutes.
  • Antoniadis Alexandria project overlooks Al Mahmoudiya and Antoniadis Gardens.

Let the innovative design of our project inspire your dreams and paint the perfect picture Antoniadis Compound Alexandria

Antoniadis Compound is one of the huge residential projects that the owning company was keen to implement on the ground on a huge area of ​​about 20 feddans in the middle of the city. It provided the largest division between green spaces, charming natural scenery that reflects the most beautiful sights and spreads positive energy around it.

It diversified between units, enabling all customers to choose the most suitable for you and your family within Antoniadis Compound Alexandria, and relied on the largest engineering companies with extensive experiences that put the best elite touches to suit your unique level while observing international quality standards and modern urban planning, using the latest technologies.

Please choose from our diverse units and practical areas that embody comfort and luxury Antoniadis Compound Alexandria

Antoniadis Compound Alexandria is one of the most important luxury residential projects that includes the largest number of integrated services. It was also keen to provide it with the largest number of integrated services that meet all your requirements and desires. The units inside it were diversified, which are residential apartments that differ in terms of areas and designs. As for the decor, it is characterized by elegance and luxury to suit your refined level, starting from 177 square meters up to 330 square meters. Thus, you will be able to buy the unit you want with the area you want.

Discover how our advantages make Antoniadis project unique and exceptional within Antoniadis Compound Alexandria

Antoniadis Compound Alexandria is one of the huge residential projects that enjoy many unique advantages. If you are still looking for an exceptional place for a luxurious life, a community that pulsates with every detail of beauty and luxury, a new life that was planned just to make you happy and meet your needs, these advantages are as follows:

  • Antoniadis Compound Alexandria is distinguished by the best unique advantages, most notably its strategic location that connects the most important roads and main axes, and close to the vibrant areas frequented by many, which makes it easy for you to reach any other place.
  • The area on which Antoniadis Compound Alexandria is located is vast, accommodating the vast green spaces and charming natural scenery that reflect the most beautiful sights on it and spread positive energy around it, providing you with an unparalleled residential environment.
  • The landscape and water bodies designed in the same global style within Antoniadis Compound Alexandria surround Antoniadis project from all directions, giving it a unique civilized appearance.
  • The residential units in Antoniadis Compound Alexandria are designed in global styles, by the largest experts, and have unique designs. They vary in terms of areas so that you have the freedom to choose what suits you and your family.
  • A distinctive infrastructure design within Antoniadis Compound includes basic services such as electricity, natural gas and sanitation.
  • Large maintenance centers within Antoniadis residential project that operate around the clock to detect and repair faults.
  • Under the residential units in Antoniadis Compound Alexandria are large garages designed to accommodate the largest number of owners' cars, avoiding congestion and maintaining its civilized appearance.
  • Large parks around Antoniadis Compound Alexandria with many seating facilities to enjoy quiet times.
  • To get rid of garbage and maintain the elegant appearance of Antoniadis Compound in a distinctive way in order to maintain the cleanliness of the place and provide an unparalleled luxurious residential life.
  • Antoniadis Alexandria project is environmentally friendly and uses renewable solar energy to preserve and streamline electricity consumption well.
  • A large area has been created for young children within Antoniadis Compound Alexandria with various age-appropriate games to spend the best recreational times and enjoy the best elite times.
  • There are large elevators inside the residential units of Antoniadis Compound Alexandria that facilitate easy movement and more comfort for everyone.

Behind every door you will find coordinated luxurious details that give an exceptional mix of luxury and beauty just for your comfort, and provide the dream home you have always dreamed of within Antoniadis Compound Alexandria, so take the initiative to book now...!!!

Let your life be crowned with a touch of luxury thanks to the advanced and integrated services of our project within Antoniadis Compound Alexandria

Once you own a residential unit in Antoniadis Compound Alexandria, you have come to a golden opportunity to benefit from all the services and advantages available within Antoniadis project, which are difficult to compare with any other compound; So there is no need to think, take the initiative to book your place now, and get the best prices and flexible payment systems. The services are as follows:

  • The owning company of the Antoniadis Alexandria project has provided security bases within it, as it has appointed a number of security guards who work 24 hours to safeguard all properties.
  • Distributing the largest number of surveillance cameras within Antoniadis Compound Alexandria that operate around the clock to monitor ongoing events, providing more protection and security for residents.
  • There are swimming pools within Antoniadis Compound Alexandria, distinguished by their different sizes and elegant designs to spend quality times with the family.
  • Designing a number of tracks designed in the global style within the Antoniadis Alexandria project, qualifying you to practice walking, away from the car road.
  • There is a health club within Antoniadis Compound Alexandria, which includes a sauna, sauna and Jacuzzi for more luxury and enjoyment of the best and most unique times.
  • For barbecues and barbecues outdoors within Antoniadis Compound Alexandria, a distinctive area has been designed to enjoy the most elegant recreational times with friends.
  • You can enjoy your favorite meal inside the largest restaurants and cafes in Antoniadis Compound, designed in global style amidst the beautiful luxurious decor.
  • There is a sports club within Antoniadis Compound Alexandria designed on a huge land area, including a number of different courts to enjoy distinctive times full of activity and vitality.
  • A huge commercial mall within Antoniadis Compound Alexandria that includes the largest number of different shops displaying international brands that suit people of refined taste for an unparalleled shopping experience.
  • A large hypermarket within Antoniadis Compound Alexandria that includes all the needs and requirements of customers and a distinctive delivery service around the clock.
  • Within Antoniadis Compound Alexandria there are large clinics with various specializations that operate 24 hours a day to serve patients, with the most competent doctors.
  • A pharmacy has also been provided within Antoniadis compound that operates around the clock and includes imported medicines and various treatments, and there are delivery services to homes.
  • To maintain fitness and build the body, a sports gym was established within Antoniadis Compound Alexandria on a large area, equipped with exercise equipment and top coaches.
  • Appointing cleaning workers within the scope of Antoniadis Alexandria, operating around the clock to maintain its elegant general appearance.
  • The prices for the Antoniadis Alexandria project are distinctive and commensurate with the purchasing desires of customers, and there are flexible payment methods that help you pay the total amount over many years.

Enjoy a luxurious life in the heart of Alexandria with high quality facilities and charming views when investing in Antoniadis Compound, so take the initiative to book now...!!!

We offer flexible payment plans in addition to prices that suit all budgets within Antoniadis Compound

Antoniadis Real Estate Company was keen to provide the best services and multiple facilities within its residential project located within Antoniadis Compound, which is distinguished by many advantages. An excellent package of competitive prices has been announced, allowing you to purchase the unit you want, and flexible payment methods have been offered to pay the total amount over many long years, as follows:

  • Price of units within Antoniadis Compound Alexandria: Starting from 2,839,200 Egyptian pounds.
  • You can make a 25% down payment of the unit price within Antoniadis Alexandria, and pay the rest over 4 years.

For more information, you can contact us....!!!

Discover the insightful vision and long-standing expertise of our real estate developer - Antoniadis Real Estate

Antoniadis Company for Tourism and Urban Development is one of the leading companies in the Egyptian real estate market recently, which has implemented many projects with many advantages and attracted many customers and investors, as well as launching a luxury residential project in the heart of Alexandria called Antoniadis, which is distinguished by many different advantages.

It also strives to include the largest number of integrated services that meet all the requirements of customers, and seeks to launch many different projects in all parts of Egypt and the Middle East, and plans to diversify between residential, commercial and multiple service units, in order to satisfy its customers, and works to gain customer trust and maintain credibility between them.

You deserve true luxury...and it's in Alexandria City Compounds!

You deserve to have everything you need within reach, and this is what compounds in Alexandria provide.

These compounds are characterized by great architectural planning and strategic locations that ensure easy access to all services and facilities.

Alexandria compounds are an ideal destination for living and investing, providing an environment filled with beauty and comfort.

If you are looking for your dream home in Alexandria, exploring its compounds will provide you with ideal options that match your requirements and budget.

Whether you are looking for a small apartment or a luxurious villa, you will find that Alexandria city compounds offer a diverse selection of residential units in different sizes to suit all needs.

And don't forget that these compounds include all the services and amenities you dream of, such as swimming pools, sports clubs, shopping areas, and beautiful gardens.

Invest in Alexandria city compounds and enjoy a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle in a place where you deserve true luxury.

Alexandria City Compounds: Where Modern Technology Meets Elegant Luxury!

Alexandria, the bride of the Mediterranean, is one of the most beautiful and elegant Egyptian cities.

It is distinguished by its long history, enchanting natural beauty, and is one of the favorite residential destinations for many people.

In this wonderful city, there are many luxurious compounds where modern technology meets elegant luxury.

One of the best compounds is "Al Karma Compound". It is located in East Alexandria in the new Sidi Bishr area, covering an area of 24,000 square meters. The compound is characterized by great engineering designs and a distinctive layout, executed with exceptional quality by Al Karma Real Estate Investment Company.

The compound also enjoys an excellent strategic location, as it is situated on main streets such as Mustafa Kamel Street, Al Nakhil Street, and Mohamed Amin Street. It offers residential units ranging between 90 to 200 square meters, with prices up to 4 years payment plan.

"Abrar Al Safwa Towers" is another luxurious compound in Alexandria.

It is located on Al Qasim Street in Sidi Gaber area and includes apartments, villas and duplexes with areas ranging between 100 to 160 square meters.

The location is distinguished by its proximity to the international road and important commercial markets, in addition to its proximity to Alexandria's beaches, parks and inhabited areas.

Additionally, the compound provides various facilities and services such as a social club, green spaces and a shopping mall, along with easy payment plans.

There is also "The Extend King Mariout Compound" and "Spring House King Mariout Compound", which are elegant residential compounds located in King Mariout area in Burg Al Arab.

Both compounds are characterized by delightful interior designs and comfortable layouts, as well as the ability to enjoy vast green spaces.

The compounds also include a selection of apartments, villas and duplexes in various sizes.

These compounds are among the best real estate projects in Alexandria, combining elegance, luxury and privacy.

They are distinguished by providing all the services and facilities needed by the residents, in addition to their strategic location that facilitates access to the main venues in the city.

If you are looking for an elegant and comfortable life in Alexandria, these compounds are the ideal choice for you.

Choose Luxury and Comfort with Antoniadis Compound Units in Alexandria!

Antoniadis Compound offers the possibility of living in a luxurious and comfortable environment that meets all your needs.

Antoniadis Alexandria compound contains a diverse selection of residential units characterized by their contemporary and elegant design.

The unit sizes range from small to large, allowing you to choose the right size for your needs and lifestyle.

The units are distinguished by high quality finishes and the use of high quality materials in construction.

Additionally, the units enjoy wonderful natural scenery and breathtaking city views.

Antoniadis compound also provides a range of recreational facilities and services such as swimming pools, sports clubs, and beautiful gardens.

It also contains shopping areas, restaurants and cafes, making your life easier and more comfortable.

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