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Your unit with 420m in Allegria Compound

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A villa in Allegria Sheikh Zayed with ​​620m

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Buy a 1600m villa in Allegria Sheikh Zayed

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Villa in Allegria Compound, with facilities up to 8 years

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Details about villas in Allegria Sheikh Zayed

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Villa 329m in Sheikh Zayed Allegria Compound

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About Allegria SODIC Sheikh Zayed

Enjoy Modern Luxury Accommodations in Allegria Sheikh Zayed Compound

Living within Allegria Project means enjoying the never-ending luxury and a comfortable lifestyle, thanks to its comprehensive services and entertainment venues. This compound offers you the opportunity to live and invest in luxury real estate at fantastic prices, all of which have made it a popular destination among the residential projects of the region.

Allegria Compound Location

Allegria had to be set up in an upscale location such as Sheikh Zayed to be worthy of its luxury level. Not only did the company choose Sheikh Zayed, but it specifically picked the heart of the city so that Allegria compound is surrounded by various roads and all the main axes, such as Rawd Al-Faraj Axis and Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.

You won't have any trouble traveling to and from Allegria compound, as it can be easily accessed by the Dahshur link, as well as the most important cities of Greater Cairo and some other areas within walking distance of it, such as:

  • El Mohandiseen: The inhabitants of Allegria compound can reach it in 25 minutes.

  • Heliopolis (Misr El Gedida): Compound residents can go there in less than an hour (about 50 minutes).
  • Sphinx International Airport: Compound residents only need 5 minutes to reach the airport.

Some of the largest and most distinguished projects surround Allegria compound, mainly: Westown Hub, Forty West, Polygon SODIC, in addition to SODIC Compound, Patio Zahraa Compound, Beverly Hills Compound, and Etapa Compound. This guarantees that you’ll be living in an upper-class area with the elite of society.

There’s also plenty of important landmarks next to Allegria compound, such as the large golf club, you can also enjoy a fantastic shopping experience in the famous Arkan Mall, which is only 12 minutes away.

Everything you wanted to know about Sheikh Zayed Compounds.

Available Space

Sheikh Zayed's splendor is embodied in its large space, which is decorated with greenery, landscape, water elements, and recreational facilities such as golf courses, all of which occupy the largest proportion of the compound land. The residential units and other buildings occupy 30% of Allegria project space only.

The owner company puts customer satisfaction first, which is why it offers multiple sizes for the compound units (whether apartments or standalone villas) to suit everyone:

  • Apartments: The smallest is estimated at 150 square meters and the largest is 280 square meters.
  • Separate villas: The smallest is estimated at 300 square meters and the largest space is 384 square meters, all of which extend over a wide space of course and enjoy a great deal of luxury, some with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a kitchen, and a reception room. Some villas have up to 6 and 7 bedrooms for larger families in Allegria.

Residents will not complain about any external noise while they’re staying in their units, because Allegria compound is designed to preserve privacy with plenty of space between each building and the next, which is then filled with gardens and green spaces to provide a wonderful view for all the units.

Project Services and Benefits

Allegria Compound enjoys unprecedented demand from customers because it offers them the luxuriant lifestyle they dream of and provides them with all the services they may need, such as:

  • Comprehensive security services, including trained guards and security cameras in every corner of Sodic Sheikh Zayed compound, not to mention the tall fence surrounding the premises within Allegria.
  • The units are equipped with extra rooms for students, as well as for house servants.
  • The best medical services provided by health centers and pharmacies, open 24 hours a day.
  • Famous restaurants such as Tempo Restaurant, offering all kinds of meals and catering services for events and parties, including birthday parties and engagement parties.
  • Luxurious cafes treat their customers like the elite they are.
  • All units are equipped with electric elevators to make it easier to reach any floor.
  • Health and wellness centers, such as gyms, spas, and Jacuzzis.
  • Several clubs, including health clubs and sports clubs, all are provided with the best and latest equipment.
  • The intense luxury of every apartment within the compound, all of which are fully finished and ready to be moved in upon receipt. They also have a fantastic view of the golf course and the nearby Westown units.
  • The entire compound is equipped with central air conditioning so that you can enjoy optimum weather no matter where you are.
  • A large number of swimming pools with a variety of shapes and sizes to suit every age, while at the same time giving the compound a beautiful view.
  • An impressively designed clubhouse with lots of fun in store.
  • Pet owners will appreciate the dedicated pet facilities within the compound.
  • All units have a beautiful view of golf courses, green spaces, and artificial lakes, making it feel like you’re permanently residing in a major park.
  • Plenty of open spaces for taking a stroll, or practicing sports such as jogging or cycling in safe areas away from cars.
  • Dedicated event venues where you can host parties and events, including outdoor BBQ parties.
  • Children’s playgrounds where they can be entertained in a safe environment.
  • A group of artificial lakes that add a touch of beauty to the outdoor landscape of the compound.
  • Open seating areas amongst gardens, where you can enjoy the surrounding greenery and fresh air.

Unit Prices

There’s no comparison between prices in Allegria compound and the surrounding projects in Sheikh Zayed despite all its advantages, the price per meter starts at 14,000 EGP. To get a better idea of the total unit price, take a look at the examples below:

  • Some units in the compound have a minimum price of 2,100,000 EGP.
  • The minimum price of villas is 5,384,000 EGP.

Payment Systems

You’ll not only be able to receive your unit with full finishes, but you can also divide the payment on installments lasting many years. The owner company has two of the best payment systems that you can choose from, which are:

  • Plan 1: No down payment, with the total amount divided over installments for 8 years.
  • Plan 2: 5% down payment, and the remaining amount is paid in installments for 8 years.

Disadvantages of Allegria Sheikh Zayed Compound

Despite the lack of villas in the Allegria Zayed complex, the EGI project compensates for this by offering residential units with areas of up to 234 square meters, making them ideal for families wishing to own a villa in October. In addition, there are wide green spaces that increase the beauty of the views and provide a high level of privacy, similar to the experience of living in villas.

Owner Company Portfolio

Allegria compound’s popularity is just another testament to the success of its creator, SODIC Developments, which aims to provide customers with luxury residential projects that meet the customers' demands.

The owner company is one of the largest and most prominent companies in the real estate sector, not just in Egypt but in the entire Arab world. It is listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange.

Over two decades, the company has worked on numerous projects within Egypt and has earned plenty of awards for its residential, commercial, and administrative projects. Its portfolio includes the following:

Get ready for a new experience: Choose Sheikh Zayed City and discover the benefits of modern living!

In Sheikh Zayed City, you can experience a modern, advanced life in all aspects.

This city is characterized by sophisticated infrastructure and services that meet all your needs.

Here are some of the advantages you can enjoy in Sheikh Zayed City:

  1. Advanced infrastructure: The city has advanced transportation, electricity, and telecommunications networks, making it easy for you to move around and access facilities and services.

  2. Job opportunities: The city offers extensive job opportunities in various fields such as trade and services, giving you a chance to achieve professional success.

  3. Entertainment: The city provides you with a wide range of recreational activities such as restaurants, theaters, and parks, where you can have fun times with family and friends.

  4. Schools and education: High-quality schools and educational institutions provide outstanding education for students. This ensures your children get a good education and develop their skills.

  5. Safety and security: Sheikh Zayed City is one of the safest cities in the world. The advanced security system and low crime rate provide a sense of safety and stability.

  6. Community life: In the city, you can also integrate into the local community and enjoy the local culture and traditions. This gives you the chance to meet new people and expand your network.

Choosing to live in Sheikh Zayed City means you will enjoy a modern, comfortable life with many advantages.

So do not hesitate to choose this city to explore the benefits of modern living!

Sheikh Zayed: Distinction, elegance and comfort beyond expectations!

1- Hospital complex:
Sheikh Zayed City is a healthcare destination in Giza, with highly specialized government and private hospitals that meet the needs of the population. In addition, there is a government medical center in the whole city, as well as the Sheikh Zayed Specialized Hospital.

2- Services and facilities:
Sheikh Zayed City provides all the services and facilities needed by the population. All services are available in all neighborhoods, including markets, service centers and mosques. The neighborhoods in the city are also suitable for all residential categories.

3- Advanced infrastructure:
Sheikh Zayed City is a modern city with advanced infrastructure. It has continuous electricity and clean water. The city also includes large green spaces covering 40% of the city's area, giving it a special glamor and attractiveness to the population.

4- Healthy and green environment:
Sheikh Zayed City is an environmentally friendly city, devoid of any industrial zone or source of pollution. The city is characterized by the vast green expanse, which enhances the quality of air and environment. This aspect makes it an ideal choice for housing for individuals who care about preserving the environment.

5- Beautiful architectural design:
Sheikh Zayed City is distinguished by its beautiful architectural design, which has been exceptionally implemented to suit modern life and provide the best residential experience for the population.

6- Public green spaces:
Sheikh Zayed City has wide green spaces. The city enjoys beautiful public gardens and stunning natural landscapes that enhance the natural beauty of the city and provide places for the population to relax and entertain.

7- Security and safety:
Sheikh Zayed City is one of the safe places to live, with advanced security systems and an active police force to ensure the safety of the population and protect the city from any threats.

8- Recreational facilities:
Sheikh Zayed City accommodates all entertainment needs, as the city includes sports clubs, shopping centers, restaurants, cafes and places to practice recreational activities, providing opportunities for the population to enjoy their free time.

In summary, Sheikh Zayed City in Giza Governorate provides a diverse range of services and features that make it an ideal choice for housing. In addition to the advanced infrastructure and vast green spaces, the city also provides highly specialized hospitals, medical centers and recreational facilities suitable for families. Sheikh Zayed City in Giza Governorate is a symbol of modernity and architectural beauty, with a healthy and safe environment for housing.

Discover the options: Compounds similar to Elegria Sheikh Zayed Compound near you!     

  1. La Colina Sheikh Zayed Compound:

    • It is located a short distance from Elegria Sheikh Zayed.
    • It is distinguished by its luxurious design and modern facilities.
    • It includes diverse residential units of different areas.
    • It contains swimming pools, recreational areas, sports fields, and beautiful gardens.
    • It is located near shopping centers, restaurants and schools.
  2. Nmq Compound:

    • It is located next to Elegria Sheikh Zayed in a vibrant area overlooking the water surfaces.
    • It provides residents with a calm atmosphere and complete privacy.
    • It is characterized by beautiful natural scenery and elegant architectural engineering.
    • It includes luxurious residential units including villas and apartments.
    • It contains shopping centers, restaurants and health clubs.
  3. Vye Sodic Compound:

    • It is located near Elegria Sheikh Zayed and SODIC project.
    • It is characterized by diverse residential units including villas and twin houses.
    • It contains high quality finishes and modern designs.
    • It includes facilities such as swimming pools, children's playgrounds, and golf courses.
    • It provides residents with places to relax and enjoy nature.
  4. Karmell Compound:

    • It is located next to Elegria Sheikh Zayed and Al Ahly Club.
    • It provides a distinctive and comfortable lifestyle for residents.
    • It is characterized by spacious green spaces and beautiful natural scenery.
    • It includes luxurious residential units with modern design.
    • It contains recreational facilities and services such as swimming pools and sports areas.
  5. Badya Palm Hills:

    • It is located near Elegria Sheikh Zayed and Arab Mall.
    • It is characterized by its elegant architectural design and integrated services.
    • It provides a variety of residential units of different areas.
    • It contains recreational areas and beautiful green spaces.
    • It offers stunning views of the surrounding natural scenery.

These compounds similar to Elegria Sheikh Zayed Compound are great options for individuals and families looking for luxurious homes in the Sheikh Zayed area. These compounds are characterized by modern designs, luxurious facilities, prime locations, providing residents with a quiet and comfortable lifestyle. Whether you are looking for tranquility and privacy or recreational facilities and shopping centers in a nearby place, these compounds meet your expectations and ensure you have a distinctive housing experience.

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Step Four: Contact the Owner or Real Estate Agent
When you decide to finalize the purchase deal, you can contact the owner directly or the real estate agent via the contact information available on the housing unit's page. You can negotiate the details and arrange a visit to the property to see it in person before making the purchase decision.

Step Five: Complete the Purchase
Once you have reached a final agreement with the seller, you can proceed to complete the purchase. You can negotiate the price, payment terms, and any other details you want to include in the agreement. Upon reaching a final agreement, you can complete the purchase and take possession.

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